Trump’s bravado and tough guy image have made him the hero of many Americans. Especially the older white uneducated male population.

Many have formed into alt-right groups. One is Cowboys for Trump. The group is located in New Mexico.

A video ran a week or so ago of a meeting in New Mexico. The speaker an Otero County City Commissioner. He was attired in western garb. Hat and all.

He said, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” Realizing he may have gone a step too far, he followed it up with the admonition he was speaking “figuratively,” not “literally.”

Two nights ago, Trump came upon the video which had been tweeted. Trump retweeted the video. He felt the video was the kind of message people needed to see. Trump said, “Thank you.”

The City Commissioner went even further. He suggested certain top Democrats be executed for treason. Naming as examples Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Both Democrats of course.

His message to the 2 Governors included the following: “You pick your own poison. You either go before a firing squad, or you get the end of the rope.”

Trump’s kind of people! He encourages them!

I worry that someone or some group is going to go too far and actually cause physical harm to some persons.

Minneapolis is a disaster. The year 2020 and we are still fighting the Civil War.

Major fires as of this morning. A police station and a block of small stores. There will be more fires and damage. Someone will probably be killed.

Trump disparaged in no way the demonstrations, protests, their actions, etc. If anything, his conduct gave the distinct impression he thought them good.

Trump has threatened to call in the National Guard. I don’t think he has the power to do so. He promised to “take control” if the situation did not improve.

Uttered words that will be attached to him even after he is gone: “When looting starts, shooting starts.”

Twitter did not think Trump’s comments proper. Stated they violated Twitter Rules “about glorifying violence.” However, Twitter determined that it might be in the “public’s interest for the tweet to remain accessible.”

Twitter has no balls! They decided the day before to fact check Trump’s tweets. They found something wrong with the comment described. Instead of eliminating the tweet, Twitter merely added an admonition.

Jimmy Buffett. The man who made his fame in Key West and added to Key West’s exciting background in the process.

Buffett mentioned this week that he had stopped drinking margaritas. Horror of horrors! The song, the restaurants, the hotel chain.

Actually he stopped in 2018. His drink of choice now is straight tequila on the rocks. He only enjoys his drinks on the weekend.

Age has its drawbacks.

Buffett said the reason he changed drinks was because margaritas got too sweet for him.

Hurricanes, hurricanes, hurricanes. I am getting uncomfortable. The season begins in a few days on June 1. The media has been publishing various hurricane concerns for 2 weeks.

The experts say this season may be one of the worst.

One of the concerns involves coronavirus. How could any area handle coronavirus and a hurricane at the same time? Rescue shelters, travel, etc. all involve people grouping together in close proximity.

May the experts be wrong and the Keys miss a hurricane of any consequence this season.

Trump has had a good year thus far. One hundred thousand dead and forty million unemployed. All in 5 months!

He is responsible for a myriad of reasons. May we never have a President like him again. May our people not be so blind and stupid to elect such a person as President again!

Trump got mad at Twitter this past week. Signed an Executive Order which would negatively affect social media companies.

The law appears not to have any validity. It changes a statute and only Congress can do it.

Trump signed the Executive Order as a retaliatory action because Twitter decided it was going to fact check his tweets.

The blockade at the entrance to U.S. 1 did much good. A contributing factor to Keys numbers re coronavirus being as low as they are.

In the last 2 weeks, certain Key West business persons began protests, etc. to get the Keys open to business by removing the blockade.

A lawsuit followed. A Duval merchant and his wife said in the legal papers they were owners of 5 “apparel shops” on Duval, their business was being affected by the blockade, etc.

The County Commission capitulated. The blockade is or will be removed June 1 at the same time that Key West in is reopened.

This morning’s Key West Citizen in its Comments’ Section carried an interesting observation: “The guy with the five ‘apparel’ shops in the Duval lawsuit to open the roadblocks, is an Israeli with 5 tee shirt stores cheapening our main drag even more. His money is just heading overseas.”

Boeing was having financial problems even before the coronvirus hit. The virus made things worse.

Boeing announced yesterday it was cutting its work force by 12,000 immediately. It further announced it intended to cut several thousand more by the end of the year.

Reason given by Boeing: The company is “restructuring.”

Probably are.

Interestingly, Boeing received no stimulus monies. Better phrased, refused to accept any such funds.

I am assuming Boeing knew what it was going to do. Made financial arrangements so they did not need to take any monies. Now they can do whatever without any negative comments. The formula they followed did not involve taxpayer dollars.

Enjoy your day!

25 comments on “COWBOYS FOR TRUMP

    • Dear Leader will con them into acts which will end badly. Trump, of course, will be amused he can still find others to fall on their sword for his pleasure and benefit. The list is long indeed.

  1. I guess Amy Klobuchar is now out as a VP candidate. She failed to prosecute Derek Chauvin (the officer who killed George Floyd) in a previous encounter Chauvin had; where a man was shot by a group of cops… Including Chauvin. Bye bye Amy

      • I don’t think she was ever really in the running. Who cares anyhow? She alone is more qualified than Pence AND Trump combined and not ever going to be on the ticket with so many better people in front of her.

  2. Keys beware, Wisconsin opened it’s flood gates abruptly two weeks ago. Yesterday it had it’s highest spike yet with new Covid Virus infections.

      • People in Wisconsin couldn’t find Florida on a map if they were even asked too! ‘Cept of course for Dizzy World, which the people of Wisconsin think is it’s own state anyhow!

    • Covid Infections? or Covid deaths?

      You do know, the more people get tested, the higher the infected numbers will show. Did the number of Covid deaths increase in Wisconsin?

      • So we’re OK if those who are infected aren’t all tested, therefore the numbers are low, ditto for deaths? Because in both cases the NUMBERS are only what count?

        What if 100% of the people in Wisconsin (or anywhere else) were infected and died, but it was only reported that 10% of the people in Wisconsin were infected, would YOU be OK with that?

        • You have answered your own question – NO it is not ‘only’ the NUMBERS that count, it is the PEOPLE who are infected and died that actually important, they can’t be manipulated as is happening with the numbers, just to make things look better than they actually are.

  3. “This morning’s Key West Citizen in its Comments’ Section carried an interesting observation: “The guy with the five ‘apparel’ shops in the Duval lawsuit to open the roadblocks, is an Israeli with 5 tee shirt stores cheapening our main drag even more. His money is just heading overseas.””

    —-The “guy” is actually an American Marine who served in Afghanistan, who happens to be of Israeli descent.

  4. You know that guy brought the whole thing on himself. Just shut up and do what the cops say and settle it later.

    • No I don’t know that and neither do YOU. You should shut up and stop being a troublemaking dick, until we all know more.

  5. Trump is withdrawing from the WHO. He might as well quit the UN and NATO too. His base will be over the moon.

    • And disbnded the pandemic task force here in Amwrica, all on a day with record increase in the number of new cases

  6. You ever been arrested? It’s totally up to you how it goes down. You can make it easy or you can make it hard. One way or the other, the cops will have their way. It’s their job.

    • And sometimes those cops go to jail for “having their own way” especially when having their “own way” is when they were wrong and sometimes when they were very wrong. This time the cop needlessly killed an already handcuffed man. This particular cop has history. Perhaps you should measure your position with some common sense, before you attempt at pretending you know what you are talking about. Perhaps it is your arrogance doing the talking, perhaps it is racism, perhaps it’s hatred. Now Lou’s readers will make up their own mind and judge YOU on what they think you are really trying to say and do. Please spare us your false indignation on a fight you are attempting to start and will not win.

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