Last night was not the best of nights. A major national protest. Riots. Over the Minneapolis police killing of a black man. The indignation fueling the demonstrations proper.

There was something different also. The protests were in major cities across the U.S. The blacks finally had it with the police. Their anger justified. Though I do not agree with the damage and physical injury done.

To be noted was the composition of those demonstrating. A mix of colored and white. Most if not all young.

The voices of the affected and concerned have been heard. The rioting must stop now. Before even tonight!

The last 2 months have found the U.S. a nation coming undone. Widespread disorder. A long hot summer of unrest could be ahead.

How dark will things become?

The beginning of a new civil war?

Could be.

An online militia movement has grown. Unquestionably gearing up for the heated summer ahead.

There is a far right militia group out there whose identity has only recently come to attention. Boogaloo Bois. Worked in the shadows before. Now in the light. Very anti-police. Thought to be instrumental in last night’s riots.

Boogaloo Bois hopes for an armed confrontation with law enforcement. A confrontation that will build momentum. The organization’s goal a new civil war in the U.S.

Pay attention to Boogaloo Bois. Do not let the name fool you. They are intelligent and committed. Also capable of raising large funds of money. In the past year, allegedly $50 million.

Last night’s riots an indication local and state police organizations may not be able to cope. Trump has to love this. He has been looking for a reason to get federal troops into the cities. The man is looking  to martial law to help him run the country. No question about his authoritarianism if it happens.

An emergency meeting was held friday night in the White House. To discuss how to deal with the riots.

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 prohibits the use of active duty troops to police U.S. cities. Federal troops. There is an exception. The Insurrection Act of 1807. Last used in 1992 in Los Angeles following the Rodney King trial.

There is another avenue that might be described as an “exception,” also. It does not require the use of federal troops.

In the years following 9/11, Bush 2 signed the National Guard Under Federal Control Act into law. A provision provided that a President could federalize the National Guard.

The President can thereafter declare martial law in certain or all areas of the U.S. He would not have to, but could. It would depend on the nature and mindset of the person President at the time.

Martial law requires an emergency situation. All civil rights are suspended. A mighty tool for the misguided. One safeguard is martial law cannot be used to stop or impede an election.

News reports are brief this morning as to the use of U.S. troops to quell the riots. The best sense of things is that the friday night White House group decided on the use of a “rapid deployment” under authority of the 1807 Insurrection Act.

The word is “get ready orders” have already been issued. The deployment would involve 800 troops. From 2 federal bases: Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Drum in New York.

Minnesota’s Governor called in 500 of Minnesota’s National Guard last night. They were unable to handle the situation. He has not made a request for federal troops or any type federal assistance as yet.

The Insurrection Act could be troublesome for those not involved in the riots. It is vague and its grant of authority broad.

The very foundation of our government is being eroded. How did we get to this point? The reasons are more than one.

Enjoy your day!

16 comments on “IT CAN ONLY GET WORSE

  1. It is quite possible that Trump will do what ever it takes to retain in office/power and if activating the national guard is what he thinks that is what it takes to do so, he will probably do just that.

    There are many in the police who are right wing nuts, including some who contribute to this blog, they will protect Trump before they protect their communities, same goes for the National Guard. Boogaloo is coming!

  2. Can you point us to a riot torn city run by a Democrat Mayor?

    It is apparent that there is small well funded and controlled group who is starting the trouble. Why was not the old FBI looking in to them and not wasting time on Trump?

  3. I support demonstrations and peaceful protests. But there is no acceptable justification for rioting, looting and burning. Martin Luther King participated in many demonstrations, but he never burned down a building.

    • Word is now coming out from responsible people, the Gov of Minnesota, The Mayor of Minneapolis and the Mayor of St Paul are reporting that those they have arrested are all outsiders, mostly white and completely organized. This part of this riot is beginning to look pretty rotten.

    • I think we’re finding out that the problem is organized white rioters among black protesters actively trying to create a problem that isn’t the protesters fault.

  4. King and Gandhi used peaceful resistance because they realized violence begets violence, a lesson we never learned from political interference in the matters of other nations. When the backlash comes we play the victim. Respect isn’t the result of taking something by force, animosity is. I can think of a dozen ways to protest, cause inconvenience and make a strong political statement.
    Trump is trying to play politics again, supporting peaceful protest but admonishing thuggery. Tell me, wasn’t taking a knee peaceful enough for him?

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