Happy Sunday!

I watched the Masters’ opening drives Thursday. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. They looked a bit aged. Palmer and Nicklaus definitely. Player could pass for a younger man. Palmer is 85. Nicklaus, 75. Player, 79.

It dawned on me! They are my contemporaries! I literally grew up with them. From early adulthood on. I am 79.

For the first time, I realized how I look. When it is your own face in the mirror and one you have seen daily for years, the aging process appears slow. It does not hit you as dramatically as it did watching the three golf greats. I do not look as young as I thought!

My day was spent doing further reasearch on this week’s KONK Life column. I will write it today. It concerns Iceland and Iceland’s treatment of bankers following 2008. Iceland did not let bankers push them around. Iceland went for the jugular.

My first stop last night was Louie’s Backyard. It had been quite a while since I was last there. The deck bar is one of Key West’s most beautiful locations.

I met Dan and Mitzie. They have been together five years. Dan has spent time in the keys about as long as I have. He is a retired Michigan marine owner.

We talked of many things. Especially, aging. We have comparable experiences. Like forgetting. The discussion was ultra humorous. I wish it could have been recorded.

Then it was to Tavern ‘n Town for dinner. The season is definitely over! The bar empty. I enjoyed some good food and Bobby Nesbitt. Judy was her usual lovely self.

I was supposed to have dinner with Donna and Terri. They backed out at the last moment.

Walgreens in the news! Walgreens plans to close 200 stores this year. Not sure where yet. Walgreens recently merged with a European drug retailer.

Walgreens is the largest U.S. drug chain. Were you aware? I was not.

Tom Cotton in  the news again. He is on a roll since his Iran letter. He was on a TV talk show yesterday. One of his brilliant comments was to the effect we should bomb Iran now and destroy its nuclear danger once and for all. He failed to see value in the negotiation process.

Cotton is 37. He speaks like a 20 year old. He worries me. Especially since he is being groomed as Presidential timber.

I am reading Elizabeth Warren’s most recent book. A Fighting Chance. I am about two-thirds through it. Great reading!

Warren is one smart woman. Comes from a humble background. Never intended to be where she is. Her efforts over the years and her ability to get things done continue to be recognized. No question in my mind, she will be a serious candidate after Hillary is done.

Enjoy your Sunday!




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  1. “Cotton is 37. He speaks like a 20 year old. He worries me. Especially since he is being groomed as Presidential timber.” Yes, he is very scary. Especially as supposedly sane people take him seriously.

    The juxtaposition in today’s blog about Tom “I’m a buffoon” Cotton and Elizabeth Warren could not be more stark. Is our future the American version of the Stone Age and Taliban all packing heat or enlightenment based on facts, intelligent discourse, civility and a social compact where all share God’s earth? The corrupt Powers that Be are pulling out all the stops to brainwash the masses into submission so they can retain absolute power and privilege while swinging the Stars and Stripes and stoking racial and ethnic tensions.

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