As ye sow so shall ye reap. Galatians, 6-7. Stated in today’s vernacular, deeds good or bad shall reward you in kind.

Donald Trump is learning. Unless he is too hard headed to recognize it. He has abused, insulted, bullied, and defecated upon people as he willed. He forgot actions have repercussions. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Make take time, but the inevitable always occurs.

Dayton and El Paso prompt today’s writing. Trump is finally meeting his match. Especially with El Paso. El Paso will cause the tide to turn. Trump’s life will be more difficult. Greater numbers will turn against him. He will be recognized for what he is. A racist, bigot, and white supremacist.

As referred to in a fashion in Galatians, Trump will get what he has coming.

Trump keeps digging a ditch for himself. With him in it. Soon he will have to look up to see bottom.

The Key West High School is about to open. There is a screw up. Security measures were to be upgraded. The work not completed. Total completion a couple of weeks away.

I assume the school board is at fault. Whoever, there is no excuse. The security upgrades should have been a #1 priority. The number of school shootings warning enough. These are our children who attend the high school. My grandchildren Robert and Ally among them.

Two uncompleted items stand out. A gate/barrier is to be constructed in front of the school. No one will be able to gain entrance unless approved by the main office. Another upgrade, all doors are now supposed to be locked by the teacher from the inside. Some completed. Too many remain to be done.

Shame on those who failed to complete the job timely. Our children come first. All the time!

The relatively new Key West Amphitheater seems to be doing well. Located on the Truman Waterfront.

The issue as whom to name the amphitheater after arose. It has been examined and reexamined. The decision made.

The amphitheater will be named after Key West musician Lofton “Coffee” Butler. Ninety years old and still going. Sings and plays the piano. A “headliner” for years.

One of the Committee members to decide who was to be chosen Clayton Lopez.  Lopez best described Butler: “He exemplifies Key West culture. He exudes Key West love. He’s played with the best because he’s one of them.”

The Mall on Duval. Three blocks. Blocked off friday through sunday evenings. For several months now. Street activity and entertainment. Restaurants placing tables and chairs in the street. Etc.

I am not sure it will succeed. Presently in a test run. Some owners say it has not helped business. In fact, business declines when the Mall is open. Others are concerned because it costs the City (taxpayers) too much money to operate.

Key West is not a street mall type community. Duval is narrow. People are accustomed to it being a walking thoroughfare.

I haves been watching the Mall during the time it has operated. Big crowds initially. The numbers have dropped dramatically. Many visitors merely sit at tables placed for sitting alone and chat. Buy nothing. No problem, but if not enough money coming in and too costly it becomes a problem.

I view the Mall as a noble experiment. A great idea that did not work. The sooner it closes the better.

Florida has a habit of doing things too late. Recognizing a problem and dealing with it forthwith is not Florida’s way.

Pythons. A major problem for years. Experts agree too late to eradicate them. Estimated there are in excess of 1 million. Only solution is to constrain. Problem is constraining not working either.

Governor De Santis announced this week the State will deal with the problem anew. Remove the pythons! Good luck! I have watched the python problem develop since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Ain’t nothing going to get rid of the pythons.

Now come the iguanas. A pain in the ass problem for 15 years. They defecate in the pools and eat planted flowers.

What began as a small bunch when first seen in Florida is now whole families. Big ones, small ones, running all over the place.

The State has begun a study as to how to eradicate. Good luck! They’re here to stay! The State waited too long once again.

Names of communities. Generally fit the location. Most Keys communities have “keys” in the name. Other areas of the country have names particular to that area.

I am originally from upstate New York. Oneida County. Saratoga County is a 1 hour 45 minute drive to the east.

I came across 2 Saratoga County names that reflect the area’s history, etc., just as the keys do down here. Coons Crossing and Halfmoon. Coons Crossing in realty a road. Somewhere along the way, there is a small gathering of houses. That community is Coons without the crossing. It is west of Mechanicville.

Coons and Coons Crossing are part of Halfmoon township. Halfmoon fairly big these days. Some 21,000 people.

The 2 names come from a time back in history. Exactly when I could not discern. However, I was able to discover that Halfmoon was first settled in 1680 near the banks of the Mohawk River. Years later, the Erie Canal was built along the southern part of Halfmoon.

Love how Trump operates. While he was visiting Dayton and El Paso  yesterday, ICE entered 7 factories in 6 different cities in Mississippi to arrest illegal immigrants. Six hundred eighty were arrested.

Yesterday also happened to be the start of school. ICE did not take the children into consideration. Who was to take care of them when they got out of school? In many instances if both parents were illegal, both were taken into custody without any thought being given to their children.

A furor developed. School personnel and legitimate community persons were concerned about the children. Finally ICE took over a gymnasium for the night. Reports indicate many of he children were sobbing. Others crying because they had nothing to eat.

Where will the next batch of detention centers be constructed?

Trump had to know of the ICE invasion. The term can be used in many respects. One is that ICE was dealing with the “Hispanic Invasion” of Mississippi.

Trump is maxi talented. He can do more than one thing at a time. Like walking and chewing gum. A wonderful talent for the leader of the free world.

I have to move swiftly. A noon haircut appointment with Lori.

Enjoy your day!



4 comments on “AS YE SOW SO SHALL YE REAP

  1. “Trump will get what he has coming”

    Well, it must be “time release” karma…. the louse has been doing just fine for 73 years.

  2. “ICE entered 7 factories in 6 different cities in Mississippi to arrest illegal immigrants. Six hundred eighty were arrested”

    The Trumps were fined one million dollars for using cheap undocumented labor. He was fine with that when it put $$ in his pocket. One of the reasons there will never be prison time for such an offense. Let’s see what the Fed does to the employer… my guess is not much.

  3. The BEST thing I’ve always felt about Key West was the people watching, mostly while having dinner on Duval Street sitting out doors at one of the restaurants.

    The WORST thing I’ve always thought about Key West while sitting outdoors at one of it’s restaurants was all the same old cars, mostly loud pick-ups or those endless KW vans – all night long. Loud, smelly and obnoxious.

    Please KW, don’t let the locals (who constantly say they hate being on Duval Street and won’t go there) be the ones who decide to close the Duval Street Maul.

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