It never fails! Once again, the Conch Republic defeated the forces of the United States in a great sea and air battle!

The Conch Republic never loses!

I watched the battle from the porch of the Hot Tin Roof. I was worried the first time I saw the Coast Guard vessel. A big one! Powerful water guns. The best yet. I feared the U.S. might overcome the Conch Republic with the new guns. The Conch Republic Navy hung in there. Conch pirate ships showed no mercy. It was the same with the Conch Air Force. The toilet paper bombs did a number on the Coast guard vessels.

An exciting event! As usual!

I was at the Hot Tin Roof bar prior to the battle. A couple dining at the other end of the bar. The gentleman asked if I was Louis. Louis Petrone?

His name H.B. Barrett. Call me H.B., he said. His lovely wife, Grace. H.B. said he reads this blog. Though that is not why he recognized me. He and Grace are long time friends of Lisa. From when she was at the Custom House. A small world.

H.B. and Grace own a home off Duncan near Lisa. Rent it out. Their real home is in Islamorada. They were in Key West for the battle.

The battle. The battle was terrific! One of the hardest fought yet. There did not seem to be as many people watching , however.

The Ocean Key Dock is a popular place to watch from. Only about half full. With a canopy. Unusual. I discovered later there was a private party on the dock.

I walked over to the Pier House Deck. I could not gain entrance. Another private party.

I was looking for Jean and Stephanie. Could not locate them.

I ended up in the Chart Room for a drink. A new bartender covering for Emily who is on her way to the Kentucky Derby. Dave. John Lukas and a couple of his staff came in. John is one of the nicest people in Key West. The Big Ten Sports Pub is his operation. We chatted briefly about college basketball. His Wisconsin and my Syracuse. He has great expectations for Wisconsin next year. Four of the starting five are returning.

David showed up. I have not seen David in a couple of months. He was at Aqua prior to the Chart Room. I like David. A great guy! A good friend!

I walked Duval on my way to Kelley’s. Duval was packed. The reason twofold. The battle brings people in. Additionally, the season is over. Accommodation and restaurant prices are down.

Kelley’s overwhelmed me! I have never seen the place so busy. Chris was getting slammed. He said the night before there was nobody.

On the way back to my car, I ran into Sean and Katherine on their bikes. Not literally.

I worry about the Russia/Ukraine situation. Putin is on a roll. Russia just made its first oil shipment ever from the Arctic. No country owns any significant part of the Arctic. Putin is making claim for Russia. He just moved ten warships and four nuclear powered ice breakers into the area.

Obama has to do something. Otherwise history will view this era as another Munich.

Enjoy your day!



  1. “Obama has to do something. Otherwise history will view this era as another Munich.”

    Obama reminds me more and more of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. In 2016 we need to elect a leader who really has America’s (not corporate, not 1%, not union/welfare masses) interest at heart.

    Does anyone see he or her yet?

  2. I don’t like Christy either, he’s just another RHINO. Just a reminder, He didn’t have anything to do with the bridge thing though.

    • Hey, Christy was a contender until the bridge to Jersey scam. Patrick – he was the boss and in charge, I find it really hard to believe he “knew nothing” like Sergeant Schultz.

      What we need is a Teddy Roosevelt.

  3. Well, Marty, whatever we believe, the panel of ‘investigators’ cleared him. That means he didn’t do it.
    Teddy Roosevelt was a Roosevelt which means he was a huge secular progressive. His politics also showed that, whether good or bad.

  4. I’ll agree he carried a big stick. America was a big stick back then. Not sure he spoke softly though [ smiley face].
    obama must be carrying a calculator, a political calculator if there is such an animal. And I thought all he needed to carry with him was a tele-prompter. [ another smiley face]

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