I have been writing recently how terrific the Key West weather has been for this time of the year. 80 by day, low 70s in the evening. This is normally Key West’s cold time.

The cold finally hit yesterday. Just like that! High around 70. Night temperature in the high 50s.

As I write this blog, it is 59 degrees. The high today projected at 66.

As cold as it is (and it is cold to us who live here), the sun is shining brightly and not one cloud in the sky.

The cold wave will be with us through monday.

I started Christmas shopping yesterday. Immediately knew why I have always disliked it. Hordes of people! A zoo!

After shopping, I wrote this week’s article for KONK Life. I liked it. Decided to publish it on Amazon Kindle, also.

The title: The Conscience of a Nation. Concerns itself with the NRA’s reaction to the Newtown shootings. Wayne La Pierre spoke on national television yesterday on behalf of the NRA. I did not like his looks. I disliked his comments even more.

The presentation was from left field. Lacking in common sense. Connecticut’s Senator Blumenthal described it as “tone deaf.” I had a further thought. La Pierre spoke as the Romneyites did in the campaign. They did not get it. He does not get it. All from another era.

Let me share a few numbers with you.

In 1957, 54 per cent of households had guns. In 2010, only 32 percent. Which means we are dealing with a minority. A vocal one, however. Typical of our country, those that shout the loudest seem to get the most attention.

The mix of this minority is further interesting. Most are white middle aged men from Southern states. Fifty per cent are Republicans, 22 percent Democrats.

The numbers make sense.

I got out last night! Mingled with the rest of the world!

I went to the movies. Saw Lincoln. Excellent!

The movie left me with two thoughts. First, politicians are politicians regardless of the era. Second, Lincoln was an adept politician who did what he had to do to get things done. Including lying.

I did not stop at the Chart Room, Don’s Place, or anywhere else. I know my temptations.

Syracuse basketball today! Syracuse plays Temple at noon at Madison Square Garden.

Syracuse presently ranked #3 nationally. The team has a 10-0 record. Temple has a decent record, also. 8-2. One of Temple’s loses was against Duke.

Should be a good game. Showing on ESPN2. I can watch it from my home which is what I plan doing.

Last night was the first night in almost a month that I was out. I liked it! Plan on going out again this evening.

Remember to listen to my blog talk radio show Tuesday morning, if you can. Seven my time. Christmas morning so you may already be up. A call in show also. So call in! We can chat about anything and everything. The telephone numbers to listen and/call in are set forth.

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Enjoy your day!




7 comments on “COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. “ONLY” 34 % of American households have guns today? What your statement overlooks is the number of guns per household! People are hoarding firearms and ammunition..
    The day of the Newtown murders turned out to be a record day for gun sales too.

  2. Well, you’re right. The minority that shouts the loudest does get the attention. After all, liberals make up 20% of our population.
    If anyone knows of a mass shooting in this country that wasn’t done by a mentally impaired/disturbed person I’d like to hear about it. I don’t recall one. But rather than make waves we would rather blame the guns and implement more gun laws that are unnecessary and don’t work rather than do anything regarding the mentally ill.
    I have no problem with changing/tightening some gun laws, but, those who make these laws have no idea what they are doing. I have a real problem with politicians making laws regarding issues they know nothing about.

  3. Ooops, sorry, I got distracted. I meant to speak of the weather only. We are in the middle of a blizzard right now. Can’t wait to get the Keys.

  4. I can think of no rational reason why a citizen needs an assault rifle (named for assaulting human life outside of doing the effort, time and training to be a cop (like I did) or in the military. They really make a big mess of a white tail deer, a slug and shotgun puts them down much better (done that many a time).

    I am all for the militia (assuming we are all militia i guess) and hunting weapons, rifles, shotguns, handguns, etc. But why let people, perhaps deranged, buy guns unfettered at a gun show? Why? Why sell military weapons to any fool who can shoot?

    I say EARN the dam right to a Bushmaster by putting YOUR life eon the line in the milkiary or police. Learn what a weapon is and what it does and respect it. And by God, can we not keep the crazies from buying even guns? Twenty innocent, beautiful children just were buttered horrifically, justify that.

  5. How can anyone not feel horrified and angry at any of the mass shootings/massacres.
    And I don’t have a problem with changing certain gun ownership requirements. Our citizens really can’t own ‘assault’ weapons which have the capability of fully automatic operation. What we now seem to call ‘assault’ weapons are mid-caliber semi-automatic rifles incapable of automatic operation. Any other rifle or shotgun is really no different and many times are of a more powerful/larger caliber.
    Nothing has been done to address the known abnormal/disturbed mental state of the shooters.

    • Agreed as to problems with the mental state evaluation. We must do better. So how do we do that better and screen out maniacs? But the CT killer used a semi-auto Bushmaster, what is necessary with having that? Yes, he could have used a pump 870 but why argue as to weapon du jour of mayhem and child killing anyway? Who cares? You want more splatter eh? Great NRA blood spray.

      I say ban assault weapons, magazines over 15 rounds, screen every weapon applicant intensely no matter where they buy and make any crime with a gun a mandatory life sentence. Perfect? No. A step in the right direction? Indeed. Will there be mayhem in the futue? Probably. Will there be less? I hope so and the child saved is a blessing unto Jesus.

  6. I favor licensing the gun owner country wide similar to New York. The licensing includes full back ground checks and registering of hand guns. I believe in a limited magazine size and favor a smaller/lesser size for rifles than hand guns for obvious reasons.
    The mental issue is difficult, how does one separate the mentally ill from the maniacs. In New York the mental health ‘industry’ became ‘liberal’ many years ago and also because of funding problems. Most of the ‘institutions’ were closed and problem people are allowed to ‘roam’ free.
    The most recent Newtown massacre was committed by a mentally ill person [ as where the other such incidents]. His mother told him she was about to do something regarding his problem just before he shot her in the head 4 times. His mother had those guns and it appears didn’t do much to keep them secure.
    Maybe this isn’t the proper forum for this discussion, but, I find it interesting.

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