I ate last night at the Beachside Cafe. It is part of the Southernmost complex. Sits on the Atlantic. I could taste the salt in the air.

Ordered a cheeseburger. As I devoured it, my mind went back to the Dennis Drug Store. Corner of United and Siminton. Gone several years now. A bank in its place.

I occasionally stopped by for lunch. A cheeseburger, of course. Bar stools at the counter and oil cloth covers on the tables. A from yesterday place.

Dennis had gained notoriety because of Jimmy Buffett’s Cheeseburger in Paradise. He wrote the song with Dennis in mind. He was a customer.

Don’s Place first last night.

Met Hershel’s sister. An attractive woman. Apparently here visiting. Chatted with Don. Talked with Jimmy. Said my hellos to Grant, Clara, Stan, Tony, and more.

While I was talking with Don at the bar, Dan showed up. My Skaneateles/Syracuse friend. He stopped in to say hello. Saw my car in the parking lot. Was on his way to the gym next door. As I was leaving Don’s, I decided to walk over and see how hard Dan was working out. I caught him seated at a table reading a magazine. His back was to me. I said…..Uh, uh, caught you doing nothing! Dan turned around. He was soaking wet. Sweaty as could be. Water running down off his forehead. He had just finished some machine. He was working out!

The Chart Room was relatively quiet. Emily, Che, Sean, and I talked. We agreed we all missed Peter. We are concerned about his well being.

I spent yesterday afternoon researching next week’s KONK Life column. It is going to be about the recently passed farm bill which is on its way to the President to sign. There is no question the President will sign it.

I consider the bill a rip off in many respects. A disgrace. Devious. You will find my thoughts interesting.

Christine Cordone has an exhibition this evening of her water colors. In her senior years, she has become a Key West fixture in the art field. Her exhibit is at the gallery next door to Harpoon Harry’s on Caroline. I will be there.

My recently published book continues to be on sale. The World Upside Down can be ordered from or

Enjoy your day!




  1. Re farm bill – I and Americans for Prosperity will be yelling at the person signing the bill today at my alma mater ug school Mich State in E. Lansing. Milk prices already jumped and will go even higher imo.

      • Good point Lou. I hear the direct farm subsidies have been rolled into the Can’t Lose” insurance program. Funny how so many RED state Republicans benefit from that program; sounds kind of socialist to me.

  2. Politicians need to buy their votes whether red or blue. The farm bills fit that bill. Just a sneaky way to do it and these bills tend to benefit the big farmers rather than the little ones.

    • Patrick…..We finally agree perhaps totally on something. I believe it goes even farther. Our political leaders are benefiting by being “farmers” and getting big checks! They or their wives. Even a former President. It is not right. My column this week in KONK Life will discuss the situation.

  3. WE AGREE ON SOMETHING ! Oh my gosh ! Well, thats good. Keep that in mind. We’re late this year, should have been there by now, but, Maybe we’ll go to the Chart Room more than usual this year. I can’t remember being at Don’s [ maybe was drunk if I was], maybe this year.

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