When I was a young and lived on Jay Street, there were no backyards or lawns. We played on the sidewalks in front of our apartment dwellings. The concrete was our lawn.

We did not miss lawn covered backyards. We could not miss what we did not know existed. We were totally unaware there were kids who had backyards and lawns to play on.

One of the many games played involved the use of chalk. Only white. We did not have other colors. We would draw huge pieces of art on the sidewalks. We would also use the chalk to outline games on the concrete.

This coming week Key West will sponsor its Third Annual Chalk Festival. An international event. Artists from Holland, Italy, and Russia will participate. Those from these three nations are considered stars in the field. Additionally, more than 20 locals will be participating. Part of the program includes artists who paint in 3-D.

Sidewalk chalk art has come a long way.

I was a home body yesterday.

Watched the Alabama/Mississippi State game from the couch. I only watched the first half. Then became bored. Alabama was winning 19-6 and out playing Mississippi State. When I returned to the TV after the game, I learned it turned out to be a close one. Alabama won 25-20. Apparently the final minutes were the most exciting of the game.

I was very impressed with what I saw of Alabama in the first half. It was the third time this season I watched them. I would not be surprised if they won the national title.

I have no idea what this Sunday will bring. I do know I will be getting out of the house for a while.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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