A few months ago, Key West’s premier citizen David Wolkowsky passed on. Today, his life is being celebrated.

There will be joy. David made it to 99. He led a good and successful life. Performed wonders for his community and its citizens.

Acquired the title Mr. Key West along the way. I personally labeled him the Father of Modern Key West. What exists today would not have been without his vision and efforts. He envisioned Key West as a funky fun tourist attraction and made it so.

The Celebration begins at 12:30 at the Custom House.

Jean and Joe Thornton leave Key West today to spend some time at their home in Birmingham and to travel abroad. They will be missed.

We enjoyed dinner together last night at Berlin’s. Better company not to be found.

New Hampshire’s Joanne and David showed up. Good people. Their tenth visit to Key West. I never met them before and here have run into them 3 nights in a row.

First time for me at Berlin’s since the sale. I was upset smoking had been prohibited. I could only stay away so long. The food, staff, and Bria Ansara’s singing too good to avoid.

Walked over to the Chart Room afterwards. Packed. Chatted with John a while. Also with Rich. Rich is husband to Carrie. Carrie the La Trattoria bartender who saved my life a year ago. I was choking. She was over the bar and giving me the Heimlich in seconds.

Buffalo’s Tom and Fran Dixon have returned. Let the canons roar! Love them! Hopefully we will get together this evening to watch the Syracuse/Georgia Tech game together.

Fran has been away too long. She is concerned for me. Makes sure I am well fed. She cooks meatballs and pork and places them in Ball jars buried in sauce. Freezes the jars. Brings several to me each trip.

Makes for great meals. I am well taken care of.

The Syracuse/Georgia Tech game is at 6. Syracuse underdog by 6 points.

Love Angie Gilligan’s jewelry!

Angie is the proprietor of Crystals and Coconuts at 803 Whitehead. She features some of the finest hand made jewelry from both Key West and distant places.

Finally, some success with a cosmetic shop. Cosmetic store ERA Ageless at 617 Duval has closed. For good!

Congratulations to the citizens who took it upon themselves to picket and otherwise harass a business that was screwing around with credit card bills, etc. Elderly visitors the target.

Sam Kaufman is a local attorney. I have never met him. He has an excellent reputation. He is also an elected City Commissioner.

He has not impressed me with regard to 2 recent matters he has been discussing.

The first is Mt. Trashmore. He thought it time to consider the property for use as an affordable housing site. He was ill advised. The property not economically feasible for housing or any major development. Removal of the landfill itself estimated at $70-150 million.

Not the way to start.

My other concern is his raising of what he perceives might be an anti-Semitism situation. I believe him far off base on this issue.

His concern begins with the cosmetic shops. They are Israeli owned. He fears public resentment might be a reflection of anti-Semitism.

I have been in Key West some 30 years. Not one time have I ever seen, heard, or noticed the slightest anti-Semitism. We are One Happy Family.

I fear Kaufman’s raising this issue and not dropping it is going to open a non-existent wound. He is being a trouble maker in the pursuit of the issue. He is seeing shadows where none exist.

To place matters in perspective, the David Wolkowsky being honored today was of the Jewish faith. The event will be well attended and many sincere expressions of love shared.

“A city on a hill…..A shining city upon a hill.” Metaphors coming down to us from a portion of the Sermon on the Mount. Matthew 5:14.

Other than Jesus first expressing them, the words were not publicly used till 1630. John Winthrop was a clergyman on the vessel Anabella. He spoke them while exhorting future Massachusetts Bay colonists to the task before them.

Two great Americans spoke the phrase in public addresses. John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Bush 41 also in a home made version. Kennedy and Reagan quoted as their source John Winthrop. Bush quoted no source.

We are no longer the shining city on the hill. In 2 years, Trump has destroyed our position in the world.

The wall thing makes the U.S. a laughing stock worldwide.

Besides leaving many federal employees without sufficient funds, Trump has come up with another idea where to get the funds to build a wall few want or deem required. Transfer funds from Army Corps of Engineering monies already authorized for natural disaster assistance. Moneys waiting use for Maria caused devastation in Puerto Rico, Michael Panhandle damage, recovery monies long overdue in the Keys because of Irma, and moneys to assist California because of the fires.

Yes, there are still moneys to be spent and/or owed in the Keys. Especially the southern portion. People still living in tents and shacks.

Trump makes me laugh. People still seriously hurting from natural disasters. He does not spend all the money authorized. He has been greedily hoarding it for a rainy day. The wall must be the rainy day.

Trump has an army of attorneys to defend him re the various investigations. It recently was announced that White House Counsel Cipollone had hired 17 more attorneys to assist in Trump’s defense. I do not know the total number.

Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, and Vice President Pence also are making use of White House Counsel in investigation matters.

Guess who is paying this bill? You got it! The taxpayers!

A 1993 opinion stated the President when sued in any matter is entitled to have the government pay legal expenses. Under the use and observation of the White House Counsel. The opinion applies to certain staff, also.

What a deal! Commit crime or wrongdoing and get someone else to pay your attorney fees.

This situation is similar to that which Congressmen had for years providing them a special benefit. A Congressperson who had sex charges levied against him was permitted the use of tax dollars to pay any settlement. Terrific! Sex for free! Sex without consequence!

The President, etc. also have outside counsel. I could not figure out if they are being paid personally by the client or from the Presidential slush fund described.

I end today with shrimp boats. Love that 1950’s tune…..Shrimp boats are a’coming, their sails are in sight……

Shrimp boats on the horizon beauties to behold. Never appreciated the song till I came to Key West and saw them first hand.

From the 1950’s to the 1970’s, the shrimp fishing business flourished. Some 300 boats. All harbored in Key West. Average catch per day 2,500 pounds.

Nothing is forever. Farm raised shrimp came into being. Key West’s shrimp industry close to being totally destroyed. The shrimp bats moved to Stock Island. Only a handful. The catch minimal.


Enjoy your day!


  1. When you see several shrimp boats anchored up just offshore you know we are in for some strong winds. No room for them to dock on Stock Island anymore due to development. And so it goes.

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