Today, strictly Key West. So much to share re our lovely island.

The weather first. Only because the past 2 days found Key West undergoing a cold spell. Temperature at night in the low 60’s. Yesterday in the mid 60’s. I am writing this blog at 9:30 this morning. Temperature 63.

Heat on!

Today’s high 74 and low 69. Tomorrow, a return to normalcy.

Manicure and haircut yesterday. Followed by lunch at Fernandy’s. Sandy’s renamed indoor restaurant on White Street.

Four found me on Laurie Thibaud’s station 107.5 FM radio show. We chatted more than an hour. Topics included the government shutdown, people going without pay, female CEO’s, and Wounded Warriors.

Fun. Laurie was born to do the show.

Walked across the street following the show to the Chart Room.

A Christopher wrote several days ago that he was going to stop in the Chart Room every evening till he caught me. He wanted his copy of Irma and Me signed and share with me an Irma experience. I wanted to save him time. Told him meet me thursday at 6.

I was there from 5:30 to 7:30. No Christopher.

Enjoyed a most interesting conversation with Tim and Madison. Visiting from South Jersey. A young couple. Tim a farmer. By choice. Not a family business. He saw it as a business to get into. Raises soybeans, corn, and barley.

The tariff wars are killing him. He cannot sell at all. Nothing. Fortunately, he is able to store his crops. What they will bring when marketable again, he does not know.

Not a happy camper with Trump.

Madison is a physical therapist.

Both love Key West. Tim’s second visit, Madison’s first.

Joann and Dave in the Chart Room again. Met them the other night. Friends of Jean and Joe Thornton. The were waiting for Janine. The 3 were having dinner at Hot Tin Roof.

Joan and Dave are from New Hampshire. This their tenth year visiting. Stay at the Pier House each visit.

Stopped at Blue Macaw on the way home. Not many people. Cold!

Spent some time with Angie. A lovely person. Inside and out.

She is the proprietor of Crystals and Coconuts across the street at 803 Whitehead. Born in the Philippines. Moved to Japan. Somehow got to Key West.

Her store a place of beauty. She sells handmade treasures such as jewelry, painted coconuts, painted buoys, and other souvenirs. Some clothes. T shirts made from the softest fabric to be found. Fisherman wrap pants.

Angie’s store off the beaten track. If you can find Blue Macaw, you can find Coconuts and Crystals. Her store is across the street from Blue Macaw.

Key West is full of writers this weekend. Many highly skilled professionals. The annual Key West Literary Seminar began thursday and continues into sunday. Certain of the more famous writers will be doing readings.

A good place for writers new and old to meet and share thoughts.

The event is being held at the San Carlos on Duval.

The little bridge that connects Mallory Square to Margaritaville is closed. Under repair.

Two projects underway at one time. The Key West Aquarium suffered damage to its seawall as a result of Irma. Being attended to at the same time that the mooring dolphin which was damaged by a cruise ship is being repaired.

Simonton, Greene, Whitehead, and Fleming names of prominent Key West streets. Named after former owners of the whole of Key West.

The year 1829. Four men owned Key West. John Simonton, Pardon Greene, John Whitehead, and John Fleming. On January 11, 1829, the four entered into an agreement whereby the island was divided into 4 parts.

The last 2 days, the name Angie Aparo has come up. Made me wonder who he is. Turns out many regard him as a great unknown musician. He has been described as “the greatest musician you have never heard.”

A legend in certain circles.

He performed many years ago at Irish Kevin’s. He returns sunday to First Flight Island Restaurant.

My sense is there will be a large crowd.

New Irma information.

Irma resulted in a population drop. The University of Florida conducted a study. Discovered every key, city and unincorporated area lost local residents between 2017 and 2018.

The loss just under 3,000. Present number of inhabitants 73,940.

Tennessee Williams resided in Key West 30 plus years. His home 1 1/2 blocks from my daughter Lisa’s.

Williams is often quoted. One that fits right into today’s happenings: “The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite.”

Me thinks Trump wears both shoes.

Tonight dinner with Jean and Joe Thornton at Berlin’s. My first visit since the new owners decided to prohibit smoking.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Why is money being spent to fix the bridge between Margaritaville and Mallory Square when Margarittaville won’t allow a bridge over admirals cut?

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