Much furor yesterday. The news that Trump was under investigation by the FBI well before the Mueller investigation. The issue Trump’s alleged chumminess with Russia.

Depending how this development plays out, it could make Benedict Arnold look like a patriot.

I attended David Wolkowsky’s memorial service yesterday. Held at the Custom House. The perfect venue for a farewell greeting to a man committed to art and history.

The event well attended. Standing room only by the time I arrived.

The love and respect for David evidenced on the faces of those in attendance. Everyone laughed and some had a tear in their eye as David’s life unfolded.

I consider my relationship with David to have been rare. Yesterday’s event was rare.

Stopped at the Ocean Key pool early in the afternoon. Wanted to say hello to my dear friend Fran Dixon who is in from Buffalo. Knew she would be by the pool. Always is.

A beautiful woman working on her tan. Sleeping. My hello woke her.

First time in the pool area at Ocean Key. Never went inside the fence. What a place?! Well done, large, a bar, etc.

Made arrangements to meet at 6 at the Chart Room to watch the Syracuse/Georgia Tech game with her husband Tom joining us.

Then to the Pier House Beachside Bar for lunch. Packed. Tourists. Some beautiful women prancing around in their bikinis. One less than a bikini. A thong.

Good for this old man to see and remember.

Game time at 6. John had the corner TV set up for the game. The three of us sat at the round table and lamented. Syracuse sucked! Lost 73-59.

Georgia Tech threw up a tight zone defense. Syracuse could not penetrate. The 3’s were not falling in sufficient number. Buddy Boehiem looked better. Made three 3’s.

Syracuse plays Duke Monday night. Duke ranked #1 nationally. I fear Syracuse is going to get killed!

Fran a true friend. Concerned that I am well, have enough to eat, etc. She brings me goodies each trip.

Always sauce and meat. This trip 5 Ball jars with pieces of pork and sausage buried in the sauce. Two loaves of protein bread. She knows I eat low carb bread. She has a Canadian source that provides a protein bread with only 4 carbs per slice.

The best her lack of concern for my health when she handed me several small bags of home made chocolate candies.

Dan and Nancy at the bar. Canadians. Met them in September when they were visiting. One of them is involved with Dow Chemical.

I could not talk long. The Syracuse game was beginning. Dan and Nancy will be here a week. We will have an opportunity to chat hopefully before they leave.

Today, Sunday. Means Hot Dog Church and the Gardens.

Toni Tarracino is the daughter of the infamous and well liked Captain Tony. I wrote a bit yesterday about shrimp boats. Toni commented something this morning I did not know.

I was under the impression the shrimp boats were docking at Stock Island. Toni says not that many any more. Recent Stock Island developments took away the docks. Now when a storm approaches, the shrimp boats anchor off shore.

Key West has a tendency to jump into new things. Not particularly wise. Significant consideration should be given when dramatic changes are suggested.

Sunscreen the issue.

Apparently there are 2 ingredients in most sunscreens that are harmful to coral reefs. So say certain authorities. Then there are those that claim the 2 ingredients are not harmful to coral reefs and that failure to incorporate them into the sunscreen would leave users susceptible to skin cancers. The 2 ingredients are those that best block bad sun rays.

The issue re the 2 ingredients relatively new. Only 2 places have barred the sale of sun screens containing the ingredients feared. Hawaii and Palau.

The choice simple. Human health v. coral reef health. Death could very well be the outcome from both perspectives.

My suggestion to the City Commission is take your time. Look before you leap. Study the issue well before you decide.

I am not impressed that because 2 places have determined death to coral reefs that the rest of the world should be quick to accept the findings. Especially where human health is involved.

I like Angie Gilligan’s store Crystals and Coconuts. It reflects her special taste and beauty. Stop by and take a look. 803 Whitehead Street.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. The most effective sunscreen I know of is the inside of a bar, away from the sun, ecological too! The best version of that is a bar on a beach.

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