A sweet start to the morning. Cannoli.

Roostica has become my tuesday evening dining spot. Roostica basically around the corner. I do not like to travel far from home before my blog talk radio show.

I desired a sweet after dinner. Unusual for me. Amanda suggested cannoli. It has been years since I enjoyed cannoli. I decided to go for it!

Absolutely delicious! Shell crisp, filling a soft chocolate. Told Amanda that when I was a little boy, I used to help my mother make cannolis.

Pre-school. Three to 5 at the time. We lived third floor front. I mention the location of the family abode to assis in visualizing. Top floor. Boiling hot in the summer. Roof flat.

We were Italians. My mother born in Italy. My father here of Italian born parents. My mother cooked Italian. What had been brought over from the old country.

My mother made cannolis. I helped her. A big deal for me at the time!

I remember the dough making. I was permitted to roll some. Then the round sticks around which the dough was wrapped. Sort of like a hot dog. A bit shorter and thicker. Technical name for the round wood sticks dowel rods. Solid and cylindrical.

The rods were easy to pull out after the cooked dough had cooled and crisped.

Then came the filling. I was allowed to help filling the shells. Ricotta. Sweetened ricotta. Then to the ice box for cooling. Note, not refrigerator. The ice man came every two days with a large block of ice. When ready to be eaten, the cannolis were sprinkled with confectionery sugar.

Delicious to eat! Great taste!

Cannolis are not Italian by nature. Their ethnicity Arab. The Muslims controlled and administered Sicily from 831 AD to 1072 AD. They brought cannolis to Italy. The Italians took to the dessert and it spread the length of Italy.

The Arabs considered the cannoli a fertility symbol. Perhaps because the cannoli was first made/discovered in a harem in some Arab country.

Amanda is now six months pregnant. She excitedly showed me an ultrasound imaging picture of her son. He is growing. Amanda is growing. No question she is pregnant. Beaming also!

My blog talk radio show last night. My show controversial. Some comment afterwards. Especially those not agreeing with me.

One of the topics last night was Planned Parenthood. Recent videos have revealed that fully intact aborted babies were being sold. Along with fetus tissue and body parts. A fully intact aborted baby has to be 7-9 months.

I took the position on the show that Planned Parenthood was wrong, that the entire situation was SICK!

A loyal blog talk show listener is a mature woman living in Ithaca, NY. She follows me religiously. Reads also my blog and KONK Life columns. As you will read, she definitely disagreed with me.

I quote…..”I’ll tell you what’s sick–you and your ridiculous gullibility as to the Planned Parenthood fraudulent accusations. I’ve turned off konk radio–I can’t take it anymore.”

I have commented previously re Planned Parenthood and the selling of fetus cells and body parts. The reaction by women has been ten fold. A woman I know well in Key West stopped me on the street, looked me directly in the eye, and in an agitated firm tone said…..Stop picking on Planned Parenthood!

The situation was revealed some 2-3 months ago. Planned Parenthood says they have done nothing wrong in selling aborted parts or now the whole of aborted babies nor selling for a fee. The matter is now in the courts, before Congress and certain State legislative bodies.

This year’s Fantasy Fest parade and Halloween fall on the same evening. Certain City Commissioners wanted Halloween moved from October 31 to November 1 to accommodate the parade and purportedly protect the children. A vote was taken last night. It failed. Both will be held the same evening.

I do not see it as a problem. Most kids do not watch the parade. Trick or treating is done in neighborhoods and not on Duval.

I look forward to today. My screw off day after four consecutive days of research and writing.

Enjoy your day!

8 comments on “CANNOLI

  1. Well this woman is totally incensed at planned parenthood it is filled with vile disgusting people who do inexplicable things. Tired of the argument they provide care to poor women. That may have been true in the beginning but no longer. Women have many choices now. I do not want any if my money to go to this organization. It has become a hysterical p, highly politicized organization that thinks it is above the law. Anyone who defends what they do is as sick as they are.

  2. I agree that planned parenthood has become a disgusting organization and at the very least should no longer receive any taxpayer assistance. Some people just won’t pay attention and continue to drink the kool-aid, including hillary.

    I love Cannoli’s with ricotta [ which we always called ‘ragot’ ] and have them not often enough because I eat too many. All part of growing up Italian.

    I’m surprised at the lack of any mention of the recent shootings of police officers. My count is 9 in past 11 days. The lame stream media is being very quiet about this. My feeling is that the organization calling themselves black lives matter is nothing more than a hate group and should be treated as such. Even the recent shooting of 2 officers while patrolling the ‘hood’ in Troy NY has not received any local attention.

    • “I’m surprised at the lack of any mention of the recent shootings of police officers. My count is 9 in past 11 days. The lame stream media is being very quiet about this. My feeling is that the organization calling themselves black lives matter is nothing more than a hate group and should be treated as such. Even the recent shooting of 2 officers while patrolling the ‘hood’ in Troy NY has not received any local attention.”

      It is pretty obvious to me, blue lives do NOT matter or make political hay so they are overlooked for the more sensational minority shootings where a scapegoat, preferably white) can be found and hung out to dry by the “Crusaders for Justice” our fabulous press corps.

      As for the Planned Parenthood issue, I’ll wade into this Right Wing v Left Wing issue as a moderate myself with Libertarian tendencies. Selling any human tissue is not a good thing but it is not much different than signing the human organ donor card on a driver’s license donating human organs. PP claims they only use fetal tissue with a Mother’s consent who, I presume, wanted something good to come from the very sad abortion she obviously south out. PP is also only supposedly recouping costs in the transfer of tissue to research universities and hospitals. It is illegal to profit.

      It should be noted that the 1954 Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded for work with fetal tissue that led to developing a vaccine against polio. The National Institutes of Health spent $76 million on human fetal tissue research in fiscal 2014 on diseases such as Parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy, HIV, and spinal cord injuries. Stem cells do not are not interchangeable with fetal cells in this research area. So some real and very positive good does come from the sad situation.

      Fetal tissue also comes from miscarried babies, once again with the parent’s consent, who I can see wish for some good to come from that very sad event as well and who are WE to tell them they can’t do so with their baby? Bottom line, abortion and the fact women feel the need to turn to it in this sick society is a sad indictment on our system. But in the real world, women will continue to get pregnant with babies they never wanted and cannot afford and will abort, be it legal and in a clinical setting or in some illegal backroom outfit. That is just reality and all the preaching will not change that one bit.

      In my opinion, surgical abortion should be illegal except for cases where a Mother may lose her own life and I do not want the Guvment forcing her to use her own body against her will. Sounds like George Orwell and Nazis to me. That said, I would only support the pharmaceutical early term abortion medication as the mother should be able to deal with her situation in the first few weeks or learning she is pregnant and make her decision. Once again, it should be HER choice but only at this very early stage. After that, she carries to term and hopefully can raise the baby with support from a society that cherishes life and puts its money where the pontification is or places it up for adoption IF a real, genuine loving family can be found and supported. It is easy to rail against the sad state of an abortion but hard to do viable things to actually limit it by making the procedure unnecessary for an expecting women who never planned to have a baby.

      • I understand the need for fetal tissue [ I guess], but, late term abortions are wrong unless the mothers life is in danger. This tissue is and can be obtained thru early abortions and miscarriages. Consent is not always obtained for the sale and there is money being made on these sales. PP is an organization that has a lot of money and a lot of money at taxpayers expense. This organization has been involved with killing live babies and has tried to cover it up. One such doctor is now in prison for it and there probably may be more eventually.
        I have stated my belief and change on abortion in the past. Technology should change anyones mind.
        I’m amazed at the people that care more about animal rights than human fetal rights.

        • OH, and, to me, donation of your organs is completely different. Organs being used from a recently deceased person I think is noble. And I have flown many organs for years at a moments notice at my cost because of my feelings toward this practice.
          I find this 180º from killing a live human being just born or about to be born not having the chance at enjoying a life as a person carrying a donor card has.

  3. You do stir some controversy, Louis! I, a mature woman, have to take your side on the PP issue. I agree with your point of view 110%.

    I must say, not being Italian, but married to a 3rd generation Italian, I never had the pleasure of eating Cannoli until I met my husband nearly 30 years ago. After having eaten that first Cannoli, it made me sad that I wasn’t born Italian and been enjoying the confection for the first half of my life. Now you tell me that it is really not an Italian confection at all. I’m devastated. I don’t dare share that bit of trivia with my husband! He would be more than devastated!! My mother-in-law once gave me a boxed set of Cannoli forms with a recipe for making them. Sorry to say, I never have attempted to make them.

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