Two outstanding Key West personalities are Clayton and Valerie. Husband and wife. Liked by all.

Hard workers. Visionaries. Not afraid to dream. Never fearful of trying.

Five years ago yesterday, Clayton and Valerie opened Vinos on Duval. Mid Duval. 810 Duval to be specific. After much aggravation with the City over building permits. A story unto itself.

They have worked hard. Vinos on Duval is a success. Unquestionably.

Success is a motivation in and of itself. Clayton and Valerie have opened two additional Vinos. In major venues. One in coconut Grove and the other on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale.

My congratulations to them.

I rarely stop into Vinos. Sadly so. I do not drink wine. I am strictly a gin drinker. I do not enjoy sipping a Diet Pepsi while everyone else is getting on a buzz.

I enjoyed a couple of drinks at the outside bar at Aqua’s last night with Mark Watson. Met Carl and Stacey. Nice people. Key Westers through and through. Enjoyed my conversation with Carl.

I have become a recent fan of Latitudes on Sunset Key. A five minute boat ride from Key West to Sunset Key where Latitudes is located. The island additionally has a resort called Sunset Key Cottages. Part of the Westin operation.

Diane Schmidt is General Manager of the entire Westin operation which includes Sunset Key Cottages. A professional in every respect.

Sunset Key Cottages is also a Luxury Collection Resort.

Sunset Key Cottages was recently named the #1 resort in the continental United States and #8 worldwide by Travel and Leisure magazine. Quite a distinction. Congrats to Diane and her highly qualified staff.

Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. A big one! A category 5! Terrible! Winds 200 miles per hour, tides 18-20 feet, just under 400 people killed.

You never know.

Supermarket carts seem to find their way all over the island. The supermarkets losing money. They have come up with a solution.

Some kind of modern day item has been implanted in carts being constructed today. The carts immediately and abruptly become inoperable when pushed past the perimeter of the parking lot. Locally, Publix at Sears has them.

The supermarket cry…..Leave my carts alone!

Bocce tonight. A tough match. We play Hell’s Rangers. They are hell!

Hell’s Rangers generally ends the season #1. They lose anywhere from 0-2 games. Impressive!

They are tied for #1 this season. Their record 6-0. We are tied for second. Our record 5-1. Records at this time mean nothing. Too early in  the season. All I know is that tonight we will have our hands full! One win would be a victory. Two, off the wall.

Yesterday’s blog affected many. The comments were overwhelming. The two issues that did it were Planned Parenthood and cannolis. One stormy, the other pleasant.

Enjoy your day!




  1. We are also big fans of Latitudes and Vino’s. I’m not much a wine drinker but variety is the spice of life. When in Rome,,,,

    OMG, we agree on a few things. Don’t let that get out ! [ smiley face]

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