Sheila Cullen is part of the Chart Room round table. The place where several of us resolve Key West and world problems several nights a week.

Sheila is on the staff of the Key West Citizen. One of her responsibilities is the Citizens’ Voice column which appears daily on page 2. It is the place where readers can give vent to that which is aggravating them. Some comments are favorable and laudatory, though a rarity.

The comments sent in for Citizens’ Voice publication are numerous. Too many for all to be printed. Sheila’s job is to read all and decide which are to be published. She tries to do a good job. Actually, she does. So many letters and so little space.

One thing Sheila is proud of his her fair and balanced approach. If there are two sides to a story, she endeavors to publish both.

One of the comments this morning was right on…..Politicians are like baby diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reason.

A perfect choice, Sheila!

This is a Key West Citizen morning. Bottom right hand corner of the comic page carries The World Almanac. Things that occurred this date in time. One of the items involves birthdays of the famous, dead or alive.

This morning Engelbert Humperdinck was listed. His years 1854-1921. Could not be! I know Engelbert Humperdinck. A singer of international fame back in my days. The 1960s and 1970s. Must be a mistake, I thought.

It was not. Turns out the Engelbert Humperdinck listed was for real. He was a famous German composer. Including operas. One of his most famous Hansel and Gretel.

The more recent Engelbert Humperdinck was and still is an English pop singer. His real name and the name he initially performed under was Arnold George Dorsey. His manager said Arnold needed a new name. So he took the original Engelbert Humperdinck’s.

Both men successes. Both big time during their respective eras.

I started my yesterday on the anti-gravity treadmill. The best thing I have done exercise wise in years. I go a bit faster each day.

Then to the Marriott Beachside Beach Bar for lunch and the newspapers. Simon bartending. Originally from Poland, he has resided in Key West 11 years.

Simon likes to travel. He does it as often as possible. His goal is to see the world. He returned two weeks ago from Hawaii.

I spent the afternoon preparing for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Interesting topics. Most, revealing.

Topics include Congress failing to fund the U.S. Navy sufficiently so that we are now way behind China and Russia in naval vessels, the Eurounion willing to pay African countries 1 billion euros each to take back immigrants, a new study bolstering the bad effects of Roundup, food stamp use dramatically on the rise under Obama, a one month old new Middle East war the American media fails to report, Illinois not having the money to pay a $250,000 lottery winner, and more.

Join me at 9 my time for a fast moving half hour.

Last night, the Chart Room first. Sheila Cullen, Jean Thornton and I the round table group. Met Dan. He is the new political cartoonist for KONK Life.

Jean and I had dinner at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. It has been a while since we dined together. A most charming woman. Found gold and emeralds when diving with Mel Fisher years ago. Has not worked since. Enjoys life.

Obama in Alaska today. A global warming trip. The issue needs to be emphasized and I am glad Obama is doing it.

The President announced yesterday that Alaska’s Mt. McKinley was being renamed. to Denali. Republicans are up in arms. Let me share the facts and you make up your mind.

Mt. McKinley is the highest mountain in North America. When McKinley was running for President back in the late 1890s, the mountain was named after him. A political move. McKinley never visited the mountain before, at the time or thereafter.

The people of Alaska have historically referred to the mountain as Denali. The High One, The Great One. In 1975, Alaska by law renamed McKinley Denali. The people of Alaska preferred it that way.

Sounds to me like an ok judgment by the President.

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “SHEILA CULLEN

  1. “Congress failing to fund the U.S. Navy sufficiently so that we are now way behind China and Russia in naval vessels”

    Obama has worked to defund the military since he was elected. In addition to eliminating funding and demoralizing our remaining servicemen and women, he found ways to erode our military leadership. Lots of trumped up examples, but the most glaring was Petraus. I will always believe Petraus was set up because he was “presidential timbre” and was seen as a credible threat to Obama and the democrats. Chicago- style politics. No way Hillary can’t be indicted because of how they went after Petraus. Anyway, you cannot blame Congess when Obama doesn’t event request adequate funding. This is all on Barrack. Frankly, what difference does it make when Barrack is going to release billions to Iran so they can turn around and use it to kill us and our allies? This Iran “deal” is the most damaging thing to happen to this country in Our history.

    • If she isn’t, it shows you just how corrupt this country is. She broke the same law as Petraus. He was indicted and plea bargained it down to a large fine and probation. What she has done is far worse with a multiplier effect. She will be indicted, but obama May issue a pardon on his way out the door. The reason she will be indicted is obama hates her more than anyone and thru her poor judgement she has damaged our security and left herself totally open to blackmail. Either way, she is toast, just waiting for her to pop up. Only liberals would vote for such a damaged person, dishonest, conniving and corrupt. Try putting the country before party for a change.

  2. hillary has broken more, far more, laws than Petraus and has been doing so for decades. It is beyond any reasoning how anyone can blindly follow that disgusting woman. Her husband isn’t any better, he’s just smoother and somewhat smarter.

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