Big announcement! The Noble House Hotel chain has purchased 50 percent of one of Key West’s most elegant hotels and its fine restaurant. The Marquesa.

Noble owns some 30 plus hotels and spas world wide. I have stayed at several and always considered Noble a quality operation. Locally, Noble already owns Ocean Key and Little Palm Island Resort.

One thousand Australian school cafeterias are offering snacks for their students. Snacks containing bugs. Like Australian cockroaches, banded caterpillar parasite wasps, blue ants, Christmas beetles, daddy long leg spiders, and dragonflies.

Parents are furious. Especially since their kids love them. Probably because they’re reported to be delicious.

The bug snacks are healthy. Laced with proteins, vitamins and nutrients.

Bugs are a recommended food source. Famine threatens many parts of the world. Bugs are a food supplement requiring a very small portion of land and water to develop.

Two billion people from 130 countries already are consuming bugs as part of their diets. Thailand being one of the world’s leading consumers.

Iguanas are as much a part of Key West as chickens. In fact, there are significantly more.

Steve Thompson writes about the “Iguana Guy.”

The iguana man was a sight to see. At the bottom of Duval by the big shade tree. Iguanas all over him and I think he knew. He may have been part iguana, too.

A station wagon full of iguanas. And a body covered with tattoos. For a very small amount, he’d take a picture with you.

Queen Elizabeth II’s body lies in state in Westminster Hall. Till Monday. Twenty four hours a day.

The line waiting to pass by her casket is 4.9 miles long. The time to reach the Queen 14 hours.

Three words fit the feelings of those waiting to show their Monarch honor: Love, respect and pride.

Janis Paige was a movie, stage and television star in the 1940’s through 1970’s. Lovely. A talented voice. Most remembered for her role in The Pajama Game.

She graduated high school during World War II. She was “discovered” while helping in a Hollywood Canteen during the war.

Today is her birthday. One hundred years old. Impressive.

She is one of the last of the Stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Happy birthday, Janis! May you continue to be with us for years to come.

History will recall Vladimir Putin as one of the major governmental screw ups of our time. The Ukraine marks his downfall.

He is running out of soldiers. Grabbing 18-60 year olds to fight.

Russia employs a mercenary group. Named Wagner. Wagner is soliciting recruits from Russian prisons.

The deal simple. A get out of jail card available if the prisoner agrees to serve. Following 6 months of duty, the prisoner will receive a pardon. At no time thereafter will he be required to return to prison.

Somewhat like The Dirty Dozen.

Syracuse plays Purdue tomorrow. At Syracuse. Kickoff noon.

Syracuse is 2-0. Purdue 1-1.

Syracuse a 1.5 point favorite.

Enjoy your day!





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