First a personal reflection. It is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to me and all you Dads out there.

The telephone call came early. Lisa and family. All talking at once. Even Jake getting into the act.


Love it!

Now for a difficult topic. Abortion. Abortion has been more prominently reported these days by the media. The reason involves the Catholic Church, the U.S. Conference of Bishops and President Biden.

I begin with “Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone.” John 8:7.

The Biblical reference will play into the theme of today’s blog as it develops.

The U.S. Conference of Bishops. There is a need to know who and what they are. A conglomeration of Catholic bishops in the United States. Its organization comparable to our Congress in that its members cannot agree. Most items a close vote.

The group is made up far right thinkers. Very few middle of the road liberals. The Bishops’ group dislikes Pope Francis I. They constantly work in the background trying to come up with a winning procedure to dump him.

The Vatican is a state and operates with the same scabs and boils as any other government.

Two lay confidants are Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich. Their affiliation with the Bishops though informal says it all.

A certain group of the Bishops should have been politicians rather than clerics. They are deeply involved in U.S. politics.

Political influence began building in the Catholic Church in the 1960s. Along the way the Bishop Conference came into play. At some point, the Bishops Conference and far right Republicans married.

The Catholic Church is buried in the abortion issue. As is the Bishops Conference.

A very important meeting of the Bishops Conference was held friday. The world was aware before hand that abortion and President Biden would be the prime topic.

Biden, though Catholic, supports the right of a woman to choose. The Bishops group do not. The Group decided to go after Biden and embarrass him with his position. In a down and dirty manner.

The world was aware the Conference wanted to put forth a preliminary document, whose intent would be to rebuke Biden and other Catholic lawmakers from receiving Communion while supporting abortion.

The U.S. has only had two Catholic Presidents. Kennedy and Biden. Though abortion an issue in Kennedy’s time, it was not so much in the forefront as it has been the past 40 years.

Respectfully and with no intention of negating Kennedy in any fashion, Biden is not only the most Catholic person to be President, he wears his religion on his sleeve. Mass and Communion each week. What he does in private is for him alone to know.

The Bishops intended to submit a “draft” of a “teaching document” for approval. If in its final analysis it passes, technically it would prevent Biden from receiving Communion.

Note I earlier advised not everyone supports the Bishops position. The Bishop of Washington several weeks ago in no uncertain terms said no one was going to prevent Biden from receiving Communion in his Washington Diocese.

Francis I had a strong sent to the Bishops to cease and desist. Everyone thought that would end the problem. As you can see, it did not.

The Bishops group is like our present Congress. Most of the Republican Congress do not respect Biden. Most of the Bishops group do not support the Pope.

The vote approved the “draft.”

The cry by those not supporting the group’s position is “stop the partisan politics.” One prominent cleric described it as a “right wing hit job.”

We are at the let him without sin cast the first stone portion of this blog.

The Catholic Church has not been the most moral of organizations for centuries. The Church has either sinned all over the place or put its nose where it did not belong.

A wrong is the Church’s active efforts to influence political decisions. Centuries ago, it was wrong in promoting the Crusades. A sin as grave as the one to embarrass Biden.

Something rarely discussed is the Catholic Church’s involvement in the 20th century with nationalist states. Then there is financial corruption seemingly in an ongoing basis with the Vatican Bank.

In yesteryear, many bishops and archbishops in addition to being clerics were feudal lords equivalent to counts and dukes. They lived in opulence. treated their serfs badly.

The French Revolution was a direct shot at the Catholic Church. Louis XIV was not the prime reason the French government was overthrown. It was the Church philosophy that “monarchs rule by God’s will.”

In modern times, the Church in many instances supported or remained quiet when an autocratic leader took over a government. Pope Pius XII provided little assistance to the German people, those suffering at the hands of the Nazis in other countries, and Jews.

Spain’s Franco enjoyed the support of the Catholic Church.

The Church’s misdeeds in relative times involves the abuse of children (primarily young boys) and an issue receiving public attention since 2019: Nuns having sex with priests, becoming pregnant and then an abortion.

Priests have been forcing themselves on nuns for centuries. Or, enjoying consensual sex with nuns. Either way a no no.

An Irish saint whose name escapes me performed abortions on nuns by taking a cross and pushing the cross down with force on the nun’s stomach until the fetus evacuated the nun’s body.

“#metoo caused many nuns to go public. The nuns even have their own hashtag “#nunstoocarespeaking out.”

Francis I came forth also in 2019. He issued the First Remake on Sexual Abuse of Nuns by Priests.

Many nuns have spoken out, formed societies whose sole purpose is to reveal sex by priests with nuns. One of the nun leaders claims priests felt free to do what they wanted with nuns because their power was extremely strong when compared to the power a nun had. She said, “It was abuse of power, they climbed up a career staircase of evil.”

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Me thinks that it will be the Catholic church which is ultimately most embarras*ed.

    Biden is not pro abortion and has never advocated for that. Nor has he ever been involved in any abortion. EVERYBODY knows that.

    This action by the church, by the doing of Bannon and especially known unfaithful Gingrich will look like the azzholes they really are.

    The Catholic Church wonders why they they are losing members, this is only going to make it worse. A pox on them and those behind this.

  2. The catholic church is in trouble and it’s not hard to see why.

    But at least they’re trying, if only by mimicking the bat sh*t ways of evangelical American churches.

    Never thought I’d see the time come when the Catholic Church hired a former operative from the fringe press to help them figure out what to do.

    It is so hard to have ANY sympathy for them.

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