Set ’em up Joe. Another round of Clorox shots. No Clorox, then any kind of bleach.

Texas has been Republican for a number of years. Beginning to trend Democratic. Texas for Trump at the moment.

As President, Trump speaks and many follow. After all, he is President and should know. Recall the Clorox/bleach episode a couple of months ago. Ingest or shoot it in the arm. Kills the coronavirus in a minute.

Might kill the person also!

The Texas Poison Center Network announced during the past month 46 persons in North Texas drank bleach.

Go Texas!

The Poison Network believes that some people believe bleach will prevent or cure coronavirus. The 46 did.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

The Poison Network added that in recent months there has been a 71 percent uptake in calls involving bleach products. A 63 percent uptake in calls involving other household cleaners.

All lanes on Cow Key Bridge will open September 25. Hooray!

Credit must be given where earned. Whoever did the work on the bridge did an excellent job keeping the traffic moving. Much better than the company working on North Roosevelt Boulevard a few years ago.

Road surfacing will still have to be done. It will be done at night when there will be lane closures.

Before anyone writes and says there was less traffic because fewer visitors this summer, I agree such helped. There is however heavy traffic between 7 and 9 in the morning and 4 to 6 in the evening. Locals. Coming to work or returning home.

A good job is a good job and should be recognized!

Sloppy Joe’s reopening!

Sloppy Joe’s is to be commended for not rushing to reopen. It has remained closed because of the pandemic the past several months.

Reopening was either yesterday or will be next thursday. I could not determine exactly which thursday. There was little news re the reopening.

I occasionally suggest May Johnson is quite the woman. She has her “love” Everest working out of town. Does not refrain her from dancing several nights a week with some local men at La Brisa. She even goes to La Brisa with a male companion.

I am beginning to worry about Everest now. Not because of my May suspicions. Rather what May reported in her diary for this day in 1876.

She was given letters to Everest from the following ladies to mail to Everest: Corinne, Bertha and Myra.

Are May and Everest both playing the cat away, the mice will play game?

I have a strong feeling that before the diary ends, we will discover May has been philandering.

Washington Post columnist Paul Walden in a recent Opinion piece suggested Trump can’t decide whom he should tell the people to hate.

He keeps moving/jumping from one group or person to another.

Trump has no respect for rules and tradition. He considers himself all knowledgeable and the final answer on everything.

The CDC has a website. It first publishes new rules and guidelines on its website.

Today is publication day. A new set of testing guidelines will appear.

One problem between the CDC and the President is they cannot agree on testing. The Trump people say no testing required unless a person evidences Covid-19 symptoms.

The CDC has and continues to disagree. Test, test, test!

Makes sense.

Anyhow, without the knowledge or approval of the CDC, Trump’s people added the new testing language. Pin pointing the issue between Trump and the CDC: Less testing or more testing.

My home town Utica, New York recently experienced a “protesting situation” worthy of sharing.

On thursday a week ago, rumor had it that a BLM protest scheduled for saturday might tun into a Portland.

An unknown group had published in Craig’s List an ad looking to hire people to protest at the New Hartford Shopping Center. New Hartford is Utica’s immediate and connecting neighbor.

The Craig’s List ad also said those that did protest with them would be paid. Additionally once we get the present tenants out, the blacks will move in rent free.

Advance notice! New Hartford Shopping Center stores were boarded. The police got ready.

The BLM march was to be a peaceful one. Its march was labeled a Utica March for Justice. A one mile walk down Utica’s main thorough fare chanting whatever they intended.

Nothing happened. Fortunately.

Now comes the amusing part. The leader of the March was a Utican that has been involved in bettering the lives of black people. A well respected black. She said her group was not upset with Utica. The Mayor and Police have always been straight forward and cooperative.

I write about the situation primarily because of the Craig’s List ad. We have all read in the past the suggestion that paid protesters were brought into a community to intentionally cause trouble. Utica an example that never got off the ground.

Dr. Fauci. Probably the most respected doctor working on the coronavirus problem. Public health one of his fields of expertise. For more than 20 years, the people of the U.S. have known and respected him.

Fauci was asked what was the proper time to get this year’s flu shot. He said he gets his “towards the middle or end of October.”

I learned something. The reason he gets it mid to late October is the flu shot only has roughly a six month life. He wants the shot to give him protection as far into the new year as possible.

Another I never knew is that Boston’s original name was not Boston. It was Shawmut Village. Indian derivation. The name was changed to Boston in October 1630.

I’m going to Boston sounds a lot more favorable than I’m going to Shawmut for the weekend.

I have another hospital test scheduled for this afternoon. I have been self-quarantined close to 200 days, except for doctor visits and hospital testing. Though I suspect I am getting a little stir crazy from the self-quarantine, the hospital tests are an absolute mental pain. It is always whether something will be found and the waiting a week to see the doctor again for the results.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Trump’s own HHS office officially released a statement that (according to them and they usually only publish something favorable and consistent to what Trump has said) that 93% of all protests and demonstrations since the Minneapolis shooting of Floyd, have been peaceful and WITHOUT violence.

    But Trump himself wants everybody to believe otherwise, be cause he LOVES public panic.

    • That’s his answer about everything when pressed, because he really doesn’t know very much about anything. Remember when he wasn’t calling covid a hoax he was telling everybody not to work about it, that it would all be over by March when it warmed up? Then after that didn’t happen he kept sayin it’ll be over by summer, then the end of summer and so on.

      We can do better, this guy is just wasted space. I’d say even Pence would be better and he makes Gerald ford look good.

  2. My lawn sign for all those who “Follow the Science” and really believe in it— if the entire United States were to cease carbon emissions today, the climate would be just 0.17 degrees C less hot by 2100. On second though, I rather have a cold beer with the woman lawyer from Harvard who supports environmental Joe. I follow the science!

  3. sandy, who also posts on this blog using under other fake names, has a habit of posting untrue and dishonest information which he seem to just pull out of thin air. More importantly he has publicly admitted, on this very blog, to posting for the sole purpose of creating controversy and starting fights and could care less about accuracy. He also has no problem with racism and hate rants and seems to have no problem with disrespect, sometimes vulgar, towards Lou

  4. Obviously Trump knows that the sensible people who want to avoid getting covd19 by using mail in ballots are mostly Democrats so he is sabotaging the Post Office.

    • More likely he’s setting up a scam, as in “I told you so” or the “election” is nullified” (if he loses) “because all votes were not counted/received” or “Democrats voted twice” kind of stories.

      • Constitutional note: no matter what happens to the election (nullified, invalidated, rescheduled, sent to the Supreme Court, or whatever) Trump cannot continue in office while the election results are sorted out. The language of the Constitution is very clear. Unless re-elected, the terms of the President and Vice President end at noon on January 20, 2021. They have no authority to continue, and must step down.

        • But John, Trump has rewritten similar language whenever it got in the way before, has he not and can be expected to do that again, if HE chooses, because who can stop him?

          Are you the one that will go to the White house and force him out?

          Is there anything in the Constitution that actually says a president cannot be charged or prosecuted while in office? No, of course not.

          The Constitution is a worthless piece of crap when flouted without accountability. The prevailing libertarian ‘Federalist’ interpretation of the Constitution says that the president cannot be prosecuted while in office, thus making any Constitutional breach, un prosecutable and therefore accountable. But this is just policy, not law.

          One more unworkable “be careful what you ask for” blunder by the “oops” not so adroit Libertarian know it alls.

          But then you objectivists libertarians already know that and are spending too much of your time and energy arrogantly trying to lecture everybody who hasn’t bought into your perverted way of thinking, to do much about the pickle we’re in with your stupid Constitutional crisis to actually do anything to save our country’s collective azz you created in the first place with all these unworkable ideas.

          • Your argument is a good one, showing some thought, which is rare on this blog. But I’m not talking about Trump being charged or prosecuted while in office. That situation requires legal interpretations and conclusions that I am not qualified to make. I’m not a constitutional lawyer.

            My point was that the President has no constitutional authority to remain in office after January 20th unless he has been re-elected to the office. Period.

            So, for Trump to do so would require some sort of hypothetical scenario where he defies Congress and the Supreme Court, revokes the Constitution, uses armed forces to enforce his will, etc. etc. if something like that happens then the Constitution becomes, in your words, “a worthless piece of crap”. Our government would be in the same category as Venezuela. Libertarians like me would have no voice and no options. My new address will be among the expats in Costa Rica.

            • Or you could stay and fight for what is right and just.

              Maybe your own feelings about America gone wrong (and getting worse) will help you a little with better understanding how many other Americans feel right now, especially those like BLM, Hispanics, Muslims, LBGT, Native Americans and especially women.

              But I am troubled on how you are so quick to “cut and run” when ever you are faced with criticism or a reply that makes sense. It makes me wonder if you are sincere and honest with your posts or just trying to agitate and ignore.

              Get a backbone man and stop throwing out adroit platitudes you eventually spend more time trying to wiggle out of than you did with your original statements.

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