Every now and then, a special person arrives. In this case, a woman who left her mark on her country.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Justice Ginsburg died yesterday. She was 87.

The Justice will best be recalled for her decisions regarding gender rights. The rights of women.

An area close to her heart. One she knew only too well from her own experiences. The Justice was a woman and a Jew which made beginnings jn the legal profession difficult. She understood discrimination.

Unfortunately, her passing also leaves a hard political situation. It provides Trump with the opportunity to nominate another conservative Republican to the Bench. The result of which will be 6 Republican conservatives sitting on the nine person Court.

Let me say this simply and to the point. It will take at least a generation for the balance to equal out or the Democrats have a one vote plurality.

Every significant case which provided protection to certain persons will be reversed. Absolutely. For real. Roe v. Wade will be down the tubes. Abortions will return to a coat hanger and a back room. Forget same sex marriage. Obamacare gone! What’s left of it, that is. Even Brown v. Board of Education which opened our public schools to students of color.

Trump now has a “terrible” opportunity to accomplish it all.

If he can get it done before the election or before he might have to leave office, he will be elevated to a tall pedestal in the eyes of many conservatives. They might even erect a statue as tall as Thomas Jefferson’s in his honor.

The Republican politicians are whores. Only 46 days to the election. They will refuse to leave well enough alone till after the election. I cannot envision Trump or McConnell missing this opportunity.

There is a reason for everything. God gave us Justice Ginsburg. Why he didn’t leave her with us till after January 20th only He knows.

As is said, out of every thing bad something good comes.
I hope so!

Donald, our Donald: “He pledges allegiance to the flag of the red states of America, and to the Republicans who who stand for him, his nation, totally divided, above God, with liberty and justice for some.”

To really understand the diabolical nature of politicians, one only has to read certain Niccolo Machiavelli’s writings: “Politics have no relation to morals.”

It was test time for me again yesterday. It was about 12:30 when I was done. I decided to drive to Duval and see what was going on.

Some tourists. Less than 10 percent who would usually be walking at that time during this time of the year. Only half wearing masks.

When I rose this morning, the U.S. was 122 deaths short of 200,000 coronavirus deaths. Two hundred thousand will be reached and passed today.

Nothing to be proud of. I blame Trump and my fellow citizens who refused and continue to refuse to follow the simple guidelines of wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing their hands often.

I have piles of notes for the books I wanted to write and never got to. Even began writing some.

One involved a man older than me. I met him 15 years ago in Key West where he was then living. He has since died.

I fail to divulge his name because he has family who might not want this story told.

I was reading an article concerning German occupied France during World War II. A portion of my friend’s story brought him to mind.

He was 15. He had just joined the French underground. He had to “make his bones.” His job was to slice the throats of 2 German officers who were scheduled to be in a whore house at a particular time.

He had never sliced anyone’s throat before.

He did it!

He told me when first I met him, once you cut anyone’s throat, you can do anything.

Someday perhaps I will get to write his whole story showing how he got to the U.S. and became friend to the rich and powerful.

Syracuse is at Pitt today. Interestingly, Syracuse is a 21.5 point favorite.

Did not make sense initially. Let me explain.

Syracuse lost to North Carolina 31-6 last week. The game was close at the end of 3 quarters. Score going into the last quarter 10-6. North Carolina scored 21 points in the last quarter.

Pitt by the way is already ranked #25. They played some small school I never heard of. Pitt won 55-0.

Pitt should be favored today. Not so. The odds makers say Pitt played a non-entity. Syracuse on the other hand played well till the last quarter.

Hopefully Syracuse will win.

Enjoy your day!



14 comments on “A SPECIAL WOMAN

  1. Vote in EVERY election and press your representatives to abolish the Electoral College. At least with the Popular the will of the people will be done.

  2. You mean violence by the Biden supporters? Illness from the Chicoms? Laughingstock? More like winning as others cower. Move to Cuba. The weather is great and they have free healthcare. It’s a socialist paradise. They even vote! But never flee. Never risk your life in a man made boat it patchwork raft… to get the hell out of that shot hole. Stay. It’s your shangri la. Enjoy!


    • No I’m staying, it’s my country. I plan to fight and I won’t need a gun. I plan to fight with ideas and solutions and not having to use violence or with hatred of the Chinese, Jews or Hispanics. I also plan not to listen to you Sandy, although I do get a chuckle how you are consistently (look it up) wrong about everything.

  3. When Justice Ginsburg died, a Canadian friend asked “With Trump, Barr and McConnell, and the deaths of John Lewis and Ruth Ginsburg, why does God hate America?” I didn’t have an answer for that.

        • Ignore my answer, if you actually don’t wish an answer to your friend’s question, with the selection I chose to help you with, but were merely expressing your frustration for not having the intellect and good sense to have done so.

          However, if that’s the case and I made the mistake that you were just pontificating with rhetorical statement for political poison, let me criticize you for your cheap arrogance instead.

      • I had a similar experience in 2017 when my minister asked the congregation why god sent so many truly devastating hurricanes (three of the five costliest) to America that year. Harvey, Irma and Maria. I didn’t have an answer for that either, although electing a godless president, Trump, did cross my mind.

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