U.S. no longer #1 in the world.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof recently wrote an interesting article about where the U.S. ranks in certain matters worldwide. His simply stated response was the U.S. is no longer #1. He stated the U.S. was “#28! And dropping!”

Shocking? No. Realistic, yes.

Many U.S. citizens believe we are the best in the world in everything. Deluding themselves. Trump keeps telling us we are #1 in this and that. He deludes himself and in turn those who believe every word he says.

I want to share Kristof’s column with you.

Kristof begins: “Quality of life has dropped in America over the last decade…..risen almost everywhere else.”

He referred to the newest Social Progress Index. The index assessed 163 countries worldwide. The U.S., Brazil and Hungary are the only ones in which people are worse off today than in 2011 when the Index began.

Kristof quotes Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School: “It’s like we’re a developing country.”

Norway has the best quality of life worldwide. The U.S. ranks 28th. Even worse than 2011 when it ranked 19th.

There is only one area where the U.S. ranks #1: Quality of our universities.

Access to quality basic education. Nowhere as good as our universities. Here the U.S. ranks #91

The U.S. is #1 in medical technology, but #97 in access to quality health care.

The following hard to believe. However Kristof reports it as being the case:  U.S. children receive an education on par with children in Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

The majority of countries have lower homicide rates than the U.S. Also, lower traffic fatality rates.

A majority of countries also have better sanitation and internet access.

Discrimination. The U.S. ranks #100 in discrimination against minorities.

Kristof noted the most recent Index precedes Covid-19. He believes a post Covid study will reflect an exacerbated slide in America’s standing.

Kristof further believes the impact of coronavirus will affect health, longevity and education. Particularly in the U.S. and Brazil.

Problems leading to the present state of affairs pre-date Trump. The problems have festered under leaders of both parties. However, the downward trend has accelerated under Trump.

Kristof referred to Rising Distress and Design. Distress and despair are not observed in other advanced countries. Drugs, alcohol and suicide are “deaths of despair.” Due to dysfunction in the U.S., such problems will be replicated in the next generation.

Kristof views the coming November election much like the one in 1932. The U.S. deservedly rejected Hoover and gave Roosevelt an electoral mandate, including a flipped Senate. The groundwork was laid for the New Deal and the modern middle class.

The U.S. can accomplish positive ends as Roosevelt did. However the U.S. first needs to acknowledge the reality that we are on the wrong track.

Kristof concludes: “Wake up! We are no longer the country we think we are.”

Today a significant one in American history. On this day in 1787, the Constitution was signed.

Not all delegates signed the Constitution. Many refused because there was no Bill of Rights. One because the Constitution codified and protected slavery and the slave trade.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Maine wedding which got out of hand because of guest numbers and that such was causing persons not guests to the reception miles away to become infected.

Some numbers are available. All because of tracking.

Maine has a law permitting no more than 50 guests at a wedding reception. Guests numbered 65. Neither masks nor social distancing was required.

The toll as of yesterday 176 confirmed cases. Nine have died.

Tracking traced the virus as far away as 100 and 200 miles in a camp ground and jail respectively.

Federal judges are not helping. I recently wrote that appeals have to be accelerated time wise. Finally solving a problem 2 years from now no help where an immediate danger is involved. Another problem is the Constitution is supposed to be a living document. It moves with the times. Such was I taught in law school. No more. Especially where Republican judges are involved.

A Federal judge in an Albany, New York case found Cuomo’s 50 limit to a wedding reception unconstitutional.

Today, we learn of a new case. One involving restraint and Covid-19. A federal judge in Pennsylvania decided the State’s shut down orders were unconstitutional. The Governor’s order was that people should stay at home, ordered “non-life sustaining businesses” to close, and placed limits on public gatherings.

The judge ruled Governor Wolfe’s measures were “well intentioned,” but “good intentions toward a laudable end are not alone enough to uphold governmental action against a Constitutional challenge.’

The State is appealing.

A Key West protest this week. Thirty protesters met at the White Street Pier and moved on to City Hall protesting the City’s rule that masks must in effect be worn everywhere.

Signs were carried with messages such as Stop Criminalizing Local Businesses, My Body My Choice, and No Mask Mandate.

My question: Who organized these protesters? I submit they were nor merely good hearted serious citizens. I believe money and influence organizes these events.

Wearing masks in Key West coming up for a vote again soon. Bar owners have joined in the fight to get the no mask bill passed. To them, it has become a take no enemies situation.

Reminds me of the people back in May who protested in a similar fashion at the intersection of U.S. 1 and North Roosevelt Boulevard to take down the U.S. 1 barrier. Definitely organized by people of influence. One prominent Key West business person could be seen running around at the site.

Western States taking a major beating with the wildfires. In California, Oregon and Washington 5 million acres scourged.

Smoke a major danger. Especially over Portland and Seattle.

A physician on TV yesterday compared the heavy smoke inhalation to smoking 20 packs of cigarettes a day.

What is Trump doing to help? Looks like token assistance so far.

May Johnson has been doing  lot of sewing in recent days in 1896 Key West. Dresses, hats and belts.

Today is Everest’s birthday. Her “love.” No mention whether she sent him a gift, card or what. Maybe nothing? A strange romance.

Enjoy your day!

20 comments on “U.S. NO LONGER #1 IN THE WORLD

  1. Lou, I’m not sure I agree with you about your opinion that Trump “deludes himself” “…when he keeps telling us we are #1 in this and that.” I believe he just says that for political reasons and could care less about the truth on that or just about anything else. His blind followers on the other hand are likely to agree with his lies, on this and just about anything else (that).

    • Trump is in for looting the treasury and saving face. As long as he’s president he’s immune from accountability. The other thing apparently is he sees protective of his legacy, apparently worried about the laughing stock he’s made of himself on just about every issue. Maybe he’ll- pull an Epstein?

    • The problem is that everyman is not an expert or even well informed as to what and or how to do whatever. Sometimes that’s NOT stupid, just not up to it. That’s why we need leadership.

      The governors in some states, NY, IL, CA, etc., are doing a better job than anyone in DC, but much of what they’ve done is being directly contradicted by a divisive and political Trump and his minion.

      We need and deserve leadership from the top, not politics.

  2. You are correct Lou, the U.S. is no longer #1 in the World.

    Can you do a piece on what country everyone is moving to, since this country sucks? Especially the minorities, who are treated so poorly here. Where are they moving to?

    • No country will take Americans anymore. You should know that or are you one of the clueless that doesn’t know the basics, maybe just a troll who is just trying to start an argument.

  3. Seems to be a lot of those people here in America right now. FENA is reporting a 17% jump in Covid cases last week alone. Cases in the Dakotas up 47%, Roving anti-maskers walking through Target stores in Florida confronting and intimidating innocent shoppers to remove their masks, 2 in Texas die from ingesting bleach.

    All while the President of the United States is suppressing Covid numbers

    Basics? Who you kidding? We need leadership from the top explaining the permanent side effects, not someone calling it a Hoax and telling people not to worry,it will all go away soon.

  4. During the time of the American Revolution, the oppressed peoples here did not run away, they stayed and protested, sometimes with violent riots to get a more just and fair treatment.

    Now days we have Americans shooting other Americans they disagree with including police who are supposed to be protecting people.

    Trump has not been able to solve these problems, but he is mostly responsible for creating these problems. How can he be expected to fix anything if reelected, it’s only going to get worse.

    Time for a change

  5. Written history often gives groups of people a more positive image than they deserve. The population of the colonies during the time of the American Revolution was deeply divided about going to war with Great Britain. According to historian Robert Calhoon, only between 40 and 45 percent of the white population in the Thirteen Colonies supported the Patriots’ cause, while between 15 and 20 percent supported the British, and the remainder were neutral or kept a low profile.

    Fewer than 3 percent of Americans served in a George Washington’s army.

    My comment is not intended to show disagreement with you or provide cover for Trump. I simply wanted to add some historical clarity.

    • I don’t see where that adds clarity OR perspective. It is unclear how your data satisfies your predicate. It is just as true in supporting the opposite, as in, written history often gives groups of people a more negative image than they deserve.

      Either way I don’t see how that is germane to any posted topic or comment

      I does however show your Google skills and a need for you to get out more and exercise your brain beyond a need to congratulate your self on, well, no conceivable reason to have added this trivia.

      What the hell is your point? You seem to be just rambling.

      • His point? How about “History is written by the winners”. We defeated the British, but it would be wrong to a**ume that colonial Americans stood shoulder to shoulder in a united effort against them as our kids are taught in school.

        • What the fuc*ing moonbeam mumbo jumbo are you talking about and what on earth does it have to do with anything ANYBODY else on this blog is talking about?

          Are yoyu overdoing your Adderall habit again?

  6. Lou, we will miss you! Make sure to take your winter gear as Norway’s winter lasts 9 months. Oh yeah, take your checkbook too to pay the 45% of gdp tax rate.

  7. Любовь – Norway does not accept American visitors or immigrants. Besides, Lou is not a runner, he’d more likely stay and FIGHT for what’s just and right.

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