Frances Clark Watson was at the Chart Room last night. Fran an author. Wrote the spectacular Key West. A story of our community.

I had not seen her in a while. She is a snowbird. Owns an historic home in Old Town. Visits frequently.

Charming best describes her.

The book’s forward written by Mindy Miles of the Key West Citizen. A small portion of her comments: “The vibrant community…..and significant historic sites make Key  West one of the most interesting places in the United States.”

The book is interesting. Frances  is interesting. Hope I run into her again soon.

John bartending. He is anxious to get to Columbia. He leaves August 12. He previously had a degree of familiarity with Spanish. Has been working on the language for a couple of weeks now. One of those courses that claim it will teach you how to speak the language in a short time. John says, “It’s working!”

A couple of pigeons have taken over the outside of the Chart Room. I suspect because tourists have been feeding them. Whatever the reason, one just had a baby. Everyone feels like a grandfather/grandmother now.

Cindy and Steve at the bar. Great people! Cindy was Jimmy Buffett’s right hand girl for almost a quarter century. His assistant now retired. Husband Steve has been in Key West since the 1970’s. He knows every thing there is to know about Key West then till now.

Mary stopped in. We chatted a bit and then left for dinner at the Pier House’s Pier 1 deck. The food continues to be outstanding. The chef obviously talented. I enjoyed the tuna again. A good sized chuck lightly seared on the outside.

Diana Millikan back in town. A writer. A fantastic researcher. She finds the nitty gritty of things more than 100 years old with ease. A talent.

She is supporting Guy de Boer in his desire to sail around the world. Helping him along. Especially with fund raising.

The trip expensive and long. Around the world means what it says. Guy will be out there without even a telephone for 5 months, if I recall correctly. Whatever, some abnormal amount of time.

The trip begins August 21, 2022 from a French port. It will take him through the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, and Cape Horn.

The best or worst aspect is that Guy will be sailing alone. No first mate or companion.

I think he’s crazy. However, to each his own.

Barry moving slow. Five miles per hour. Taking its time. It will hit land when it does. Now expected to be this afternoon. Louisiana the landfall point.

A low grade category 1 hurricane at the moment. Wind not the problem. Rain. Now estimated to drop 25 inches on certain areas of Louisiana. New Orleans in trouble. Will the levees hold?

Most of the damage is expected from flooding. Picture all those houses under 3 feet or more of water. Some totally submerged.

Climate change has to be involved. Trump is beholden to the fossil fuel industry. Will not admit it.

A “natural disaster” once occurred every 100 years. Now, every year.

What I am about to share is a strange story. Strange because of its facts? My age? Or, a combination of both?

A transgender child involved. Parents divorced or in the process of being divorced. The child was labeled a boy when born. Father says he still is a boy. Mother says a girl.

The court being asked to be Solomon.

The child James. The mother claims he is a girl, identifies as one, calls him Luna, envisions hormone therapy and sex change at 8. The sex change will be accomplished by chemical castration. Between now and then, the mother is engaging James in social transitioning.

James goes to school. No one knows of the gender problem. He is a girl to all concerned. The father is barred from discussing the matter outside the court room.  Publicly, James must be addressed as a girl by the father in front of others.

The father says his son is perfectly comfortable with being a boy.

At the moment, the court has awarded temporary custody to the mother and requires the father to pay for all transgender therapy.

The transgender problem is a serious one. Three percent of the population are thought to be transgender. A significant number.

I don’t know if it is my age, upbringing, or what. I find the whole thing crazy. Especially castrating the boy at 8! And the mother promoting it!

James is not screwed up. The whole system is. Mother and the court especially.

Or, maybe it’s me.

The American dream. Once for real. Began after World War II. Get an education, a good paying job, marry, buy a home, educate your children, retire comfortably. Not so anymore. The reason being the wide discrepancy in growth involving incomes, rents, and house prices.

The numbers substantiate what most believe. Since 1960, incomes have risen 16 percent. Rents have gone up 72 percent. House prices 121 percent.

A society cannot survive unless it has a healthy middle class. Wages must go up, rents and house prices down. Each must meet somewhere. Hopefully, in the middle.

Is it possible? I don’t know. Our country is under a black cloud unless changes occur.

Another problem exists which could adversely affect our society. Result in changes. The immigrant problem. Especially how they are detained.

Americans will not tolerate physical and mental abuse of others.

Pence and a handful of Republican Senators visited 2 detention facilities on the border. One was in great shape. Large uncrowded rooms, air conditioning, cots, games being played, children watching animated movies and eating snacks.

Everything kumbaya!

Such I expected. Clean the place up before the inspection. Let Pence ask what the problem was. Question whether something was wrong with the Democrats, etc.

The other, horrible conditions! The worst!

Sweating, hot, no showers, smell of sweat and overcrowding, no room for cots, men sleeping on concrete floors under mylar blankets. This was the for real. Shown to make America aware it was happening because of the Democrats. Give me a break! Typical Republican cover their ass claims: Democrats won’t give us enough money!

The truth is simple. Trump does not care about these people. They are persons of color, a group he appears to not be particularly fond of. They are “immigrants.” Trump made them an issue during the campaign and he keeps pushing the issue. Cares not that he punishes the innocents while so doing.

Tomorrow could be a bad day. ICE is going to seek out some 2,000 immigrants who should have been deported long ago. Opposition groups have formed throughout the country. Purportedly, they will be in the 9 cities ICE will be working tomorrow to capture certain people.

I worry. Today, a protest. Tomorrow, a demonstration. Next on the agenda, physical conflict. It is inevitable.

One of the group “protecting” the immigrants tomorrow said, ” You have to come through us.”

Them’s fighting words!

Enjoy your day!





  1. I have been following a youtube vlog which is about a sailing gentleman from England. He has been sailing around the world single handed for some time.
    At youtube google “old seadog”.
    Might be interesting if Guy would video parts of his trip as well.

  2. Pence

    Be honest people….central casting could use him for a 1940 German war movie…. I thinking an officers uniform with hat. Providing “Mother” would allow it.

  3. I think I agree you about the sex change. Sex change at 8 years old, come on. That judge is crazy and things just keep getting crazier.

  4. The truth is simple. Trump does not care about these people

    Ya think? I’m waiting for Trump or one of his “enraged” brown hating cohorts to mention the many white europeans that are here without papers…. I will not hold my breath for that one.

  5. Lou writes his blog and then goes on about his business. I’m quite sure he reads the comments and just shakes his head and smiles. Smart.

  6. Trump won’t admit it ??? Trump likes fossil fuels and has continued to say it. Fossil fuels are what we have and are here to stay for a couple more decades. Wind power isn’t really working as expected. Solar is working but needs improvement which will take time. Natural gas is still the cleanest fossil fuel and we have plenty.

    • Good Lord Almighty – Get your facts straight before you dump this garbage. Just a bunch of right wing talking points.

  7. Right wing talking points that just happen to be true. So tell us just how you power your car and home and how much longer you’ll be doing so.

    • Your ‘talking points’ are distortions of the truth and simply not credible. Believe what you want, but don’t push your politics on the rest of us.

      • Once agin, there can be no facts stated here. You just need to continue with your unrealistic views and pat each other on the backs about how enlightened you think you are. Heaven forbid that someone disagree with you.

        • Once again, your posts are not informative or useful. You simply post something for the sole purpose of complaining that ANY response is an illegitimate attack on YOUR statements and opinions. Your only interest is in stirring up an argument you wish to control based on false and distorted information and opinions. Clever you are NOT.

          • No need to be clever, you wouldn’t understand that anyway. There is a need to be truthful since most comments are not, especially yours. Start stating some facts and there is no need to stir up an argument.

          • Bull Sh*t, totally. You are only here posting to create a problem, if you wern’t you would state facts, instead of distortions or outright lies. Your “opinions’ are NOT facts. Your OZONE post is just about the worst example of a poorly written post I’ve ever seen. And your reply to an actual “Fact” (the EPA thing) is a wiggle beyond comprehension. Very hard to take you seriously with your phony complaining after that stunt.

  8. Didn’t you know that electricity just magically appears in your wall outlets and electric motors don’t have any emissions, except for all the ozone they produce. Ozone isn’t a pollutant is it. its strange what some consider as fact.

  9. Of course ozone is a pollutant, that was the point ! Apparently some idiots don’t think electric motors produce it.

  10. My opinions are facts. ‘ozone isn’t a pollutant is it’ went with the previous sentence which apparently you can’t understand. Of course ozone is a pollutant, most people and evidently even you don’t realize electric motors create.

    I remember a network news channel years ago showing a series called The Dumbing of America. They stopped the series because people couldn’t understand it, now I understand why. I guess Fox should have run it.

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