Going to be one hell of a day politically! Beginning at 9:30 this morning when attorney General Barr has a press conference re the Mueller Report.

The Report supposedly will be delivered to appropriate Congressional members around noon.

Word is Barr has already reviewed with various White House counsel contents of the Report. A no no. Not proper procedure. Report required to first go to the Congressional Committees involved.

Question whether Congress will see the whole or a redacted version.

Barr fails to understand or has intentionally forgotten he is sworn to uphold he Constitution. He is not personal attorney to the President. Not any type counsel to the President. He is wearing the wrong hat the way he is conducting his responsibilities.

By not going by the book, Barr is sowing political distrust, political discord. Many wonder if he is participating in a cover-up of certain facts.

The country is in jeopardy. Barr by not doing his duty as required contributes greatly to that jeopardy.

A few days ago, I suggested what is needed at this time is a Federal Judge to oversee the whole of the investigation. Someone similar to Judge John Sirica in Nixon/Watergate.

It may be happening.

Already several Federal Judges are involved in various aspects. One is Judge Reggie Walton. He has been assigned the BuzzFeed News’ FOIA request.

Judge Wilson announced yesterday that he should be involved in any redaction issues before any part of the Report goes public.

No determination has been made as yet.

There is a humor involved. Judge Walton is African-American. Trump a bigot. Poetic justice should Walton be assigned to the redaction phase of the case.

Made it to the Chart Room just after 5 yesterday. Seated at the bar were Mike, Jeff, and Gray. All Virginians.  Two from Arlington, one Fort Royal. Mike and Jeff brothers. Gray Mike’s brother in law.

Here with the wives. The men having a couple of drinks while waiting for the ladies to get ready for dinner. They were booked into Seven Fishes.

Jeff described their trip as a “spring break.” Twentieth visit to Key West for Mike and Jeff. Tenth for Gray.

The men have reached the successful time in their lives. Mike manages a software business, Jeff in business development, and Gary wealth management.

They are staying at Sweet Home Angelita. Never heard of it. They praised the accommodation. I googled it this morning. Magnificent!

Speaking of the Green Parrot, Mike thought the Green Parrot had the best Bloody Mary’s in Key West.

Harpoon Harry’s has become my place for dinner wednesday nights. A complete Thanksgiving turkey dinner. So good! Enjoyed last night!

Followed by a walk along the docks by Turtle Kral. Dusk. A comfortable breeze. The views of the boats lined up in every direction. A sight to see in the gray of the night.

More information re the Key West Citizen Building. The people by vote approved the purchase of the building for $5 million.

Only 14 percent of eligible voters participated. Sixty nine percent (1,459) approved. Six hundred forty nine voted no.

A poor turnout considering Key West has 15,000 registered voters.

Turtle time once again.

Marathon’s Turtle Hospital cares for sick turtles from all over the U.S. The place for a very sick turtle. The Hospital’s results outstanding.

When healing completed, the turtle is returned to the ocean.

Yesterday was Snappy’s big day. All better after weeks of care, he was returned to the ocean

So many boats, yachts, vessels of all kinds in Keys’ waters. Infrequently, one burns. Such occurred a few days ago. A 48 foot yacht somewhere offshore of Islamorada was on fire. Big time. A photo shows 3/4’s of the top side totally engulfed in flames. Thick black smoke on top reaching to the sky.

Fortunately, no injuries to those on board. Two adults and a dog. Our efficient Coast Guard quickly removed them before the flames got out of hand.

The weather has been getting humid this past week. Always occurs just before Easter. Today’s temperature a high of 88. Sunny, breezy, and HUMID.

From mid afternoon today busy for me.

At 3, I drive Donna to the airport. She is off to Detroit for the Jewish holiday. Returns sunday night.

Then to radio station 107.5 FM, WGAY FM to guest on Lori Thibaud’s radio show from 4-5:30. We do good together. Have been improving every week.

The radio station is across the street from the Pier House. I walk over to the Chart Room and imbibe for a couple of hours. Always meet friends or make new ones. I suspect I will end up having dinner with one of the old friends.

Almost another Columbine.

Columbine was 20 years ago. The 20th anniversary of the tragedy 5 days hence.

An 18 year old female high school student flew to Denver to celebrate the event by killing more students.

Her name, Sol Pais. She had been talking about Columbine in a strange fashion for days before. She was obsessed with Columbine. As soon she was off the plane, she drove to a store and purchased a shotgun and shells.

Various agencies became alerted. Traced her down. She committed suicide before they were upon her in a forest.

The various police agencies have to be complimented. They were ready for something like this. Picked up on the clues and went to work. As a result, another Columbine averted!

This day a significant one in history.

On this day in 1906, the Great San Francisco earthquake. An 8.0 on the rector scale.Hundreds killed. Two hundred fifty shock waves following the hurricane.

In 1775, Paul Revere and William Dawes gained notoriety. They rode their horses all over the countryside warning of the British moving on Concord and Lexington.

Dawes actually rode much farther than Revere. However Revere was made famous by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem Paul Revere’s Ride. Recall the stanza: “One if by land / Two if by sea.”

The U.S. achieved its first revenge on Japan for Pearl Harbor. The year 1942. The event Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo.

This day in 1982 the Conch Republic was born. The Border Patrol blocked U.S. 1 at Florida City. Caused a 15 mile backup. The authorities checked everyone going north. It was thought persons illegally in the U.S. were bringing drugs into the U.S. through the Keys.

The event touched the humor bone of many Keys persons. A group organized itself into the Conch Republic. Immediately attacked the Border Patrol blockade. Followed with an equally immediate surrender to the U.S. and a reparation demand of $1 million.

Key West celebrates the occasion with a week long party each year.

Have to hustle. Started early. Want to catch Barr on TV at 9:30.

Enjoy your day!




  1. The Trump reign is changing the whole nature of American life. It will never be the same. I’m glad I lived the best of it.

  2. No mention here of Mueller’s finding that no one in the Trump administration colluded with Russia. The report will not prevent continued political bitterness of course, but Americans should be very happy to know that there was no election interference collusion with a foreign power. The remaining issue of obstruction will likely be debated and litigated for years. But this time the debate will be ours alone, not fueled by some perceived influence from outside our borders. I’m okay with that.

    • Are you on drugs? Mueller said he was unable to conclusively establish a “criminal conspiracy” between the trump campaign and the Russian Government, but clearly said the Russian government interfered with said campaign. As did nearly every other person in our security network at the time. It doesn’t take anyone with more than two brain cells to see/know that the Trump campaign was mingling and involved with Russians (close to the Russian government) during the campaign and that their intent was to directly help the campaign. That’s clearly collusion, regardless of any criminal culpability. One has to wonder why you would make the statements you just did (above), especially within only a few hours after this highly redacted report was released and not yet fully analyzed.

      • Oh, sorry. I was talking about actual findings from the Mueller Report.

        Mueller’s report concludes that it “did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in the election interference activities.”
        CNN 3:49 pm, Thu. Apr 18, 2019

        This was CNN, the media source for my “no collusion” comment. What’s yours?

        • Ron – The source of my response to your seemingly prejudicial original post about “Americans should be very happy to know that there was no election interference collusion with a foreign power.” was/is the truth, based on what the Mueller report actually said on the subject, not your immature interpretation of CNN’s apparently premature pronouncements on that subject.

          Mueller never actually talks about “collusion” but rather about “conspiracy” an entirely different prosecutorial issue than “collusion.” Furthermore, Mueller actually notes that the lack of a conclusion about whether there was a conspiracy between Trump and Russia “does not mean there was no evidence” and goes on to explain the dubious roadblocks he faced with those issues (suspiciously deleted emails, etc.)

          My beef with your post is that you took one bit of information and manipulated it into a totally different meaning in order to support your message, which by is self was just plain wrong. Russia (as in the official Russian government, something you also neglected to clarify in your original post) DID interfere with the 2016 election (Mueller specifically identifies this instances) and is something that we “Americans” should continue to be VERY worried about.

          BTW, I for one believe that because Donald Trump, President of the United States, was officially made completely aware of the official Russian Government deliberate interference in the election, and his inaction to do anything about it (let alone refuse to even comment), could be argued as some sort of Quid Pro Quo evidence of a conspiracy or at least unspoken collusion. Furthermore that even if you might disagree on that point, you most certainly would have agree that is would be troubling to Americans worried about further election interference collusion with a foreign power, in the future, this in conflict with the main point of your original post.

          • Wow! I am so impressed that my little six lines of comment has generated such an outpouring of emotion. I was tempted to ignore it and move on, but you obviously put much thought and time into your criticism, so I suppose I should reply.

            My casual comment regarding Mueller’s inability to connect anyone in Trump’s campaign with the (obvious) Russian interference in the 2016 election referred only to that election. Obviously, future events in this country and, indeed, worldwide will be subject to electronic tampering and interference from those wishing to disrupt societies, whether they be foreign governments or a 15 year old hacker in his family basement. As to Trump being briefed on the interference and his failure to stop it, I would remind you that the attempts all took place during the run up to the election. Trump was a candidate. The President who failed to stop it was Obama.

            Here are some truths as I see them:

            There will be no more indictments from Mueller’s team.

            AG Barr is extremely unlikely to issue any further indictments in this matter.

            Dems will flail away mightily for months to come seeking evidence of Presidential misconduct that may or may not lead to an impeachment proceeding. If impeached by the House, Tromp will be acquitted by the Senate.

            Republicans will also flail away at attempts to investigate and prosecute those involved in the handling of the Steele Dossier, FBI improprieties, and many other perceived attempts to bring down a sitting President. They, too, will fail to indict anyone.

            The 116th Congress will produce nothing – not a major health care bill, no immigration reform, no prescription cost relief nothing on gun control.

            Donald Trump will win the 2020 election by default because neither the Democrats nor Republicans can get their sh*t together.

            God help us all!

          • Yeah, blame Obama – and Hillary too while you are at it, troll baby troll.

            BTW – Obama would have immediately OK’d an FBI investigation had the Trump campaign or anyone in the RNC filed a notification of Russian interference, had they done so as required by law.

          • The reason your post got so much attention was because it was so obviously inaccurate and offensive. You right wing trolls are really not the brightest bulbs on earth are you?

            …and you just can’t seem to control yourself with your idiotic logic. On the one hand you want to investigate the Obama administration for “spying” on the Trump campaign regarding so called Russian interference – then when it suits you, you want to complain that it was the Obama campaign that should have investigated the Russian interference in the first place. Can’t you get your snowflake BS straight before you open your duplicitous mouths?

            And you just can’t get over your constant negative downer predictions. Your screed about all of this is like some sort of CPAC speech. Get one your self with all this negative crap.

            BTW – aren’t you they who predicted Roy Moore would win his election and you couldn’t wait for our “libtard” heads to explode?

          • One last comment before moving on. I don’t usually reveal my political leanings, but I am a Libertarian. I didn’t vote for Trump (loose cannon). I didn’t vote for Clinton (too much baggage). I enjoy observing our political scene, and I hold a masters degree in Political Science (for whatever that’s worth). I strongly dislike Trump’s personality, unguarded tweets, and impulsive actions.

            I have never understood how or why a political opinion can so quickly draw angry insults and name calling such as I have received here. Is there truly no room for civil discourse anymore?

            Ronald Baldwin
            New Smyrna Beach, Florida

    • The report is damaging to Trump. The ” I’m F’d” comment alone is enough to convince most people Trump felt he had something to fear. People free of illegality do not react like that. Add to that all the obvious and blatant attempts by Trump to do all he could to sidetrack during the investigation. This will haunt his next campaign like the email issue did for HRC. This will go to the court of public opinion and I’m okay with that.

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