Yes, there is a growing anti-Semitic movement world wide. Why, I cannot understand. Perhaps man needs a particular group to look down upon and abuse.

Then there are Muslims. Frowned upon, warred against, for years. Today the anti-Muslim movement appears to be growing with rapidity. World wide. Speed depending on the geographic area.

The U.S. still in the slow stage. Were it not for Trump, there would be far less anti-Muslim feeling than exists. He has fostered and nurtured anti-Muslim feelings in the U.S.

The nation at the forefront today is China. Insanely so.

China has “re-education camps.”  Gulags. Supposedly to change the Muslim’s religious way of thinking. More like Hitler’s concentration camps, however.

China’s Xinjiang region has 1 million Muslims so incarcerated. The 1 million making up 7 percent of the region’s population.

The anti-Muslim movement forcefully separate parents and children, incarcerate children in state run orphanages. China’s methods have been described as “a ruthlessly efficient Nazi-like systemic oppression.”

The world hears little of China’s treatment of its Muslim population. Two reasons therefore.

The first has to do with money. China a place for  world elites to make money. Big dollars. Why upset China. The opportunity for riches could stop. U.S. business persons part of the elite who want to continue doing business, could care less for the Chinese Muslim persecutions.

The other, the media. For some reason, the media is reluctant to address the problem.

Trump obviously anti-Muslim. It appears also he picked up some of China’s tricks.

I am always home tuesday evenings. Podcast time! I broadcast from my home.

Fun to do. The show informative. If you are not a listener, join me next week. You may enjoy the show.

In a quick hard hitting half hour, I covered the redacted Mueller report due to be released tomorrow, the Notre Dame fire, Appalachian coal miners becoming beekeepers, the F 35 expose, 20 veteran suicides a day, Trump’s retaliatory plan for sanctuary cities, words by the prophet Isaiah, and Steve Miller.

The people of Key West have spoken. In a vote, the people voted to have Key West buy the Citizen plant. For $5 million. Only 2,109 voted.

I was one of those who did not exercise my right to vote in this instance. Nor did I speak about the proposed sale at any time, except personally with people.

The property is not worth $5 million. The building has many problems. Though too late, I would like to know the anticipated cost for renovations.

Yemen, oh Yemen! Food and medicine shortages. On the brink of famine. Many killed every day. Primarily by Saudi planes dropping bombs and strafing.

Yemen a far worse humanitarian crisis than Venezuela.

The whole world has known and condemns the Yemen massacre. The U.S. does not. The U.S. provides military assistance to Saudi Arabia. Primarily in the form of the bombs dropped.

The House and Senate worked together in a bi-partisan fashion to cease supplying military equipment to Saudi Arabia. Trump vetoed the bill.

I hope Congress has sufficient votes to override the veto.

Congress passed the bill in an effort to finally stand up to a bad scene. Thousands killed. People starving. No medical care.

Congress is also extremely upset with Jamal Khashoggi’s killing. Recall, the Washington Post journalist whose body was chopped up in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul.

Trump vetoed because Saudi Arabia is his friend. Recall how they treated him when first he visited after his election.

Add Trump’s veto to his record of failures.

The Assange problems has so many twists and turns. Truth, exaggeration, lies, make up the story/package.

You recall that Assange had remained in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for years. Ecuador surrendered him to English police last week.

Many countries want him. Including the U.S. Looks like the U.S. will get him.

A hearing was before British Judge Michael Snow. A trial trial. Assange was charged with publishing materials specifying U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The trial took 15 minutes. Assange only spoke once and that was to say “Not Guilty.” The Judge found Assange guilty.

Assange will be returned to the U.S.

His attorney described the proceeding a kangaroo court. Sounds like one to me.

In the long run, I am not sure exactly what Assange did that makes more than one country want him and want him desperately. The U.S. wants him for more than the charges he was found guilty of in the English court.

A strange outcome. Not the final result. I am sure the U.S. will hit him hard with additional charges when he returns.

Not the American way to get him. This whole matter over the years has left me confused.

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  1. The whole World is heading toward a humanitarian crisis due to overpopulation, automation, extended human life spans, income inequality, and climate change.

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