Trump is lucky Mueller was the Special Prosecutor. Mueller who operates by the book. Knows no deviation. Anyone else would have found a path to indict Trump.

Now the world will have to wait 2-4 years more to know if such will occur.

Winston Churchill’s words ring true here: “The end of the beginning.” The Trump investigation is nowhere at an end. Trump still has to deal with certain Congressional Committees, the Southern District of New York, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Barr came out a two faced liar. He sold his soul for Trump. He went into the Attorney General’s job for the second time a man of respect. He has been tainted by Trump. Anyone who comes into contact with Trump comes out dirtied.

Obstruction big. Trump will perish on his own sword.

Though Trump not indicted, the Mueller Report stands as a brutal indictment of him. The Report does not “totally and completely exonerate” Trump as Trump and his attorneys would have you believe.

Sarah Sanders comes out an acknowledged liar. We always knew. Another who has been dirtied by Trump. Or perhaps herself. Her desire for fame and glory making her do whatever was necessary to attain her goals.

The preceding my initial thoughts. More to come.

Laurie Thibaud and I had a great 1.5 hours together yesterday. The show gets better each week. The show’s name should be Fun Time on the Airwaves.

Laurie does the radio show weekends on the street at the new Duval Mall.

She views the Mall a success. Bases her conclusion on those attending. More each weekend. Smiles on their faces. Laurie says the Mall gives Key Westers who rarely go out something enjoyable to do.

Then to the Chart Room. Mary came in. We chatted a while. Ended up having dinner at La Trattoria. Tiffany bartending.

I sat next to Dink. One of the most impressive people in Key West today. A local, a Conch. He knows everything about the Key West of yesterday. His Dad was Hemingway’s driver for 10 years.

An early night. I was home in bed at 9 watching television.

Passover today. Begins at sun down. An 8 day festival commemorating the emancipation of Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.

I have been fortunate for years to be Donna’s guest at Seder. Tonight’s dinner. Not this year, however. Donna and her family are doing Seder in Detroit this year. I took Donna to the airport yesterday afternoon.

One impropriety leads to another. One violation of law leads to another.

The story. A civilian group is policing the southwest border. Specifically, the New Mexico portion. Called the United Constitutional Patriots. A white nationalist group.

Uniformed. Carrying guns. Tell migrants they are a part of the Border Patrol/helping the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol apparently welcomes their assistance.

I do not and you should not. A self proclaimed group. Militarized themselves. Carry weapons. Perform police duties.

The federal government should immediate put the group out of business. Arrest and charge them. Will not happen, however. Trump probably welcomes their support and assistance.

Note carefully that this type white nationalist group operates openly in one area now. If they get away with it, they will rapidly spread across our land.

We do not need this. Smother the operation in its infancy.

Proof of the group’s existence already in video form on the internet. They are proud of what they are doing, video themselves and spread what they are doing via the internet.

The measles epidemic in New York is heading for an appellate confrontation. Two weeks ago, a group of parents  asked a Rockland County Judge to remove the ruling that those non-vaccinated could not attend public places. Schools, malls, parks, etc. The Judge agreed with the parents saying it was improper for government to impose such a ban.

So the measle epidemic was left to spread in Rockland County.

Last week, New York’s Mayor de Blasio ordered mandatory measle vaccinations. Schools were closed. Parents went to court. This time unsuccessfully.

Justice Lawrence Knipel wrote in his opinion: “A fireman need not obtained informed consent of the owner before extinguishing a house fire…..Vaccination is known to extinguish the fire contagion.”

For Christians, today is Good Friday. The day Jesus was crucified.

There was a time before I became a fallen away Catholic that I would attend a 3 hour service in Church on Good Friday. Noon to 3. No more.

I wonder how many still do.

Enjoy your day!


  1. “Obstruction big. Trump will perish on his own sword”
    His own words…”Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f—ed. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.’

    The words of an innocent man? How will this weigh? We will soon know, very soon.

  2. “Sarah Sanders comes out an acknowledged liar. We always knew. Another who has been dirtied by Trump”

    I suspect she was dirty long before, after all she is a Huckabee

  3. “Barr came out a two faced liar. He sold his soul for Trump”

    If not a liar he surely is walking point for Trump. Did anyone think Trump would allow anything but a version of his personal attorney in that position?

    He’s not exactly Roy Cohn reincarnated but he has time to bloom.

  4. I too have “fallen away” from the Catholic Church, but I prefer to call it “ran away.” I cannot abide from how the ‘church’ has dealt (or better described as not dealt) with it’s problems. I’ll find my faith elsewhere, thank you.

  5. I am taking my time working through the Mueller Report….even at this stage of reading it is obvious if the subjects were not connected to high governmental office it would have gone differently. I offer, if Don Trump was Don Italian-guy they would have continued to dig, squeeze and stay firm on the trail, possibly using family as leverage if that was needed. Or, if this was a disgruntled citizen having similar contact with Russian agents the hammer would fall and fall hard. Rank and station in life have privileges.

    • But shouldn’t, in a democracy, to the extent that they now do. Why was that allowed to happen? During the Clinton issues, pre Bush/Cheney, the daily mantra on nightly TV shows was – is the president above the law? And, does Clinton believe he is above the law? It was a relentless mantra. But now there is a double standard, at least for republicans.

  6. Gee, I wonder what will happen in November 2020, when the American voters have their say?

    Russia will probably interfere again and Trump will lose the popular vote, like last time.

  7. Remember when the Russians interfered with the forming of the Constitution, and got the founders to slip in that Electoral College process?

    Then the Russians waited about 230 years, started posting on Facebook, (like any American, Mom’s-basement-hacker can do), and convinced slow-witted voters, who are unable to use reason or make their own choices…to change their vote…causing Trump to lose the popular vote.

    THEN, those wily Russians pulled the ol’ switcheroo with the electoral college vote and got Trump in office. That is some impressive forward-thinking on the part of those slippery Russians.

    Impeach NOW!

  8. Remember when His Greatness, Trump, declared the electoral college a bad idea before it handed him the election after he lost the popular vote to HRC? Hillary would have swamped him by the biggest vote margin in history if Bernie had not run.

  9. Dems choose facts over conspiracy theories which is why they favored the Mueller investigation’s search for the truth, whatever it turned out to be.

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