So many great writers. So many outstanding articles. Every now and then however a writing appears which is a step above the others.

SALON published on July 6, 2019 such an article. Titled: Searching for Ernest Hemingway in Cuba. The author: Andrew Feldman.

Whereas Hemingway spent 11 years in Key West, he lived in Cuba 21 years. His home Finca Vigia. A long bus ride outside of Havana.

Feldman spent 2 years researching in Cuba the book finally published. Ernesto: The Untold Story of Hemingway in Revolutionary Cuba. Feldman’s article in SALON can be found at https//www.salon.com/2019/07/06/searching-for-ernest-hemingway-in-cuba/.

I suggest you read at the very least the SALON article. A great piece!

A calm sunday yesterday.

Enjoyed a late breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s. Season over. Not crowded.

Then a walk around the waterfront.

The remainder of the day at home. A sport day.

First the championship game for the Women’s World Cup. Outstanding soccer. The USA team won 2-0.

In my young days, no one had even heard of soccer. Then as refuges and immigrants found our shores, the game started picking up. First on dirt fields with no line demarcation or anything. Followed by better improvised playing fields. Came a time when the popularity of the sport was growing. Schools began sponsoring soccer teams.

Today soccer has to rank as  a major sport in the USA. An example being the fact that the USA Women’s Team has won the world championship in 4 of the last 10 years.

Golf later in the afternoon. The final round of the 3M Open.

An unusual result. The winner Matthew Wolff. Twenty years old. His third pro tournament. He won with a 20 foot eagle putt on the 72nd hole.

A player to watch.

The history of Key West and the Keys in general is unending.

About 30 miles outside Key West is Little Torch Key. To help place it in perspective, the next Key after Little Torch is Big Pine.

Several miles off Little Torch Key on the Atlantic side is what is known today as Little Palm Island. One of the best and most expensive resorts in the world.

Little Palm Island took a big time beating with Irma. Completely destroyed. Still under repair. Actually, a rebuilding. Hopefully will be completed by year’s end.

Little Palm Island has had several names over the years. At one time, Munson Island. In the late 1950’s and into the 1960’s it was owned by John Spottswood. A prominent Democrat. He served as Sheriff and State Senator.

President Kennedy was visiting Key West to inspect the U.S.’s fortifications during the Cuban missile crisis. He was driving around Key West. Spottswood and the President sitting together in the back seat of a convertible.

The men knew each  other. They had previously met.

At the time, Hollywood was planning to film PT-109. Kennedy’s story when his boat was shot out from under him in World War II and the subsequent days he and his crew spent on a little island awaiting rescue.

A locale for the movie had not yet been selected. Spottswood suggested that Hollywood might enjoy making it on his island, Munson Island.

It came to pass. Munson Island is where PT-109 was filmed.

The Spottswood family continues to live in Key West. The father John Spottswood is long dead. His children now in their 50’s at least run things. Their business interests have expanded.

Good people. I especially know Robert and Elena Spottswood. The best.

Trump continues to not recognize the rule of law. Without it, the U.S. is nothing. He is in the census battle at the moment. The Supreme Court ruled against the Trump proposal a couple of weeks ago. Nevertheless, Trump is still pursuing it.

The Justice department lawyers who handled the case have been fired from it. A new set appointed. I assume the first group told the President the issue was dead and it would be wrong to pursue it further in view of the Supreme Court decision.

What Trump is doing in effect is mocking the Supreme Court and its decision. Trump fails to understand when the Supreme Court speaks, that’s it. At least for a substantial number of years.

Trump is going nowhere with the continuing litigation. Wasting time and money.

Putin is Trump’s friend. Trump would have us believe that Putin and Russia are our friends.

If such is the case, why did Russia’s state media make fun of Trump’s July 4 celebration?

The Russian media mocked the military equipment that was part of the parade. Out of date, they said. Correctly so. The tanks alone were put to rest in 1957. Russian media said the tanks were held together with “adhesive tape” and covered with “peeling paint.”

The parade itself was described as “low energy” and “weak.”

Some friends!

Following the Women’s Championship Soccer match yesterday, FOX News had a reporter in a Lyons, France sports bar. As the reporter began speaking on TV, someone shouted “Fuck Trump!” Everyone immediately joined in. “Fuck Trump!” loud and clear!

The man lacks respect in most parts of the world. Not the U.S. however. He continues to maintain that roughly 40 percent who follow him blindly.

Not healthy.

Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of minors in the news again. It will be for a long time to come. Don’t be surprised if many Democratic and Republican politicians are named who will have been involved peripherally.

I have not talked about robots in a while. They are back in the news.

Robots are increasingly being used in many areas. Replacing humans.

The newest area. Space travel. Our next bunch of space explorers will be robots. There will be no more Neil Armstrongs.

Enjoy your day!


18 comments on “HEMINGWAY IN CUBA

    • It was a bunch of fans in a bar FOX stupidly chose as their sports segment piece. After all, FOX wants only positive Trump spins. They could not censor the chants out. LOL!

    • Not exactly the first. Unpaid Union workers in Atlantic City, NJ used to chant that 20-30 years ago! I’ll bet lot’s of others have said the same thing, including a lot of the women he’s accuse of attacking!

  1. I read a long time ago that any major space exploring will be done by robots. Humans are just too fragile. The robots that go into space will be built by the robots down here on Earth, along with everything else. God only knows what Humans will be doing. Maybe paddle boarding around on a flooded Earth.

    • Robots have been sent to do mankind’s explorations for decades. The Mars Exploration Program, for example, began in 1976 with the two Viking landers. More recently, in 2004, the Spirit and Opportunity landers began their long term exploration and sampling. Humans will always have a reason to go into space, but the robots are useful.

  2. The point of the OP was who it was that started that chant. Who cares who reported it, but, as everyone knows, Fox is fair and balanced.

    • But the irony, and that’s the real funny part, is that it was on FOX news this all happened. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, even though your intentions were otherwise motivated?

      • What I find pathetic is the Americans here who cheerfully applaud the patrons in a French bar who are trashing and cursing our President. Do you really believe it stops there? Or are they also showing their disrespect for our country and our citizens?

        • I disagree. Trump has disrespected the office, disrespected many here and abroad. Why would any sensible person foreign or domestic hold back disapproval?
          Removing him isn’t politics, it is preservation. We have worked hard to raise up this nation. Other nations depend on that exemplary model and standard. It will get better when he is gone in 2021.

        • Yes, Americans rightfully showing disrespect for a corrupt and disrespectful president Trump, in the same way that it would have been helpful if the Germans had done the same thing to Hitler, before the war. Like Teddy Roosevelt said, it is not only our right, but its our duty.

          Trump goes to France and disrespects Macron, he also doesn’t go to the cemetery of our fallen soldiers because (his words) “it was raining.” He goes to Germany and disrespects Angela, to England and disrespects EVERYONE, to Japan, etc., etc. What part of this disrespect thing DON’t you get!

        • Hey Snowflake, maybe everybody was laughing and cheering because FOX news was getting punked and had nothing to do with your phony outrage. Why does this have to be explained to you, is it because you have your head so far up Trump’s butt you can’t see how badly he has tarnished America, both at home and abroad?

      • Also ironic that Trump criticized Fox News yesterday. He blistered Fox for hiring Donna Brazil and slammed the weekend anchors. Gee, what are all the Fox News haters going to do now that Trump agrees with them?

  3. First the championship game for the Women’s World Cup. Outstanding soccer. The USA team won 2-0.

    Both teams played well.
    I enjoyed this competition more than the male version…. far- far less feigning of injuries.
    I do hope equal pay is the result …. they surely earned it.

    • The men make 9% of the proceeds while the girls get 13%. They just draw far less, maybe that will now change. Regardless, if the gals can wrangle even more pay, good for them.

      • What???..no mention of how many more hundreds of thousands the men make in bonuses over the women…. for reaching the same championship?

        Equal pay is TOTAL compensation.

      • One more fact to consider…A recent Wall Street Journal report pointed out that since it won the World Cup in 2015, the USWNT’s games have garnered more revenue than the US men’s games have. According to the audit, the women generated $50.8 million in revenue between 2016 and 2018, while the men brought in $49.9 million. And still they are in the backseat to men.

  4. Who is trying to make an argument for keeping the total income lower for the girls ? No one. Its now up to them to work towards it. As in any negotiation, it isn’t simple.

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