The shortest run/race/marathon in the world takes place sunday. The challenge the Cow Key Bridge in Key West. The Bridge connects Key West with Stock Island.

The Run referred to as a 0K. The zero operative. The race is a mere 300 feet.

More than 1,000 will participate. They have been training the past few days. Will continue tonight. Consuming as much alcohol as they can. A lot of shots involved.

Uniforms a bit different. Most will dress in some sort of cow costume. Some will be pushing their little ones in carriages. Others riding bikes.

The best time so far 23.1 seconds. Most will take 2 minutes to cross the bridge.

Some runners will play music, others dance their way over the bridge. A few ladies will be in heels. Some will mock/make believe they are running.

Not Fantasy Fest. Breasts covered. Some men will carry signs reading “Show Us Your Teats.” It will get them nowhere.

Party time following the parade. All day. On the Sunset Green Lawn behind the Gates and 24 North hotels.

The athletes will cool down with beer, etc. There will be a full bar. Also, food trucks, door prizes and Run prizes. The after party not named. Should be. I would call it the Cow Ball.

The beauty of the Run is one does not have to get up early. The Run is at noon. No one will raise a sweat doing the 300 feet.

I wrote briefly yesterday in response to a comment in Citizens’ Voice. Someone described the Run as “ridiculous.” Of course it is. Quirky, also. This is Key West! Many are retired here because living in Key West is to return to one’s youth. Play games, wear costumes, act goofy.

Love it!

Saw orthopedist Dr. Perry yesterday morning. Remember my fall 5 weeks ago where my left elbow swelled to the size of a grapefruit. Fluid. Not all of it went away. Still had a golf ball sized water bag on the elbow. Hurt when accidentally placed on the arm of a chair. Did not look normal either to have something like that hanging.

Doctor took a large cylinder container. About 6 x 1 inches. Put a big thick needle, which was also a bit long, on the front. Sucked out the fluid. Shot some steroid into the space.

Doctor said it will not all disappear. Some will remain..

It did not hurt. I did not cry. I did not get a sucker afterwards.

I ended my year long diet in October. Sixty two pounds. Held off any weight return till Christmas. Then blew it! Have been eating ever since. Gained 15 pounds.

Decided to lose the 15 before it became any more. Back to the diet. Basically, starvation. Minimal food each day. Lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

The diet was tiring me out. No fuel. I decided to eat yesterday. Lunch and dinner. Feel better today.

A busy noon ahead. A haircut with Lori. Then a quick trip down Flagler to Lee Nails and Tammy for a manicure.

Stopped at the Chart Room early in the evening. Ran into Rochester’s Debbie and Eric. They return home saturday. Eric’s face red. He is sunbathing without a sun screen. Wants to go home tanned. Burned may be more like it.

Doug showed up. Had not seen him in weeks. Doug my friend from the Hemingway House.

Suddenly hands on my shoulders. I could tell from the touch and perfume it was a woman. I did not feel my space was being violated. In fact, I enjoyed it.

The lady was Charlotte.

Charlotte lived in Key West several years ago. Among other things, she is a long distance runner. Does marathons all over the country. She is in Key West for the Cow Key Bridge event sunday. An easy one for her.

Charlotte and I enjoyed a leisurely dinner outside at Pier 1. She was scheduled to meet friends after dinner. One showed up early. Met Dave Jackson, Program Director at 104.9 FM.

I always seem to be learning. Was chatting with Dave at the Chart Room wednesday night. We were into Irma. He mentioned that Big Pine was hit with 9 tornadoes the same time Irma was going over the area.

No wonder so much damage to Big Pine. A category 4 hurricane and 9 tornadoes all at once!

The past few days, Trump has claimed windmills cause cancer. He’s serious. He also does not believe in exercise. Obvious.

I briefly discussed the Vietnam War in saturday’s blog. The country was not pleased with our involvement.

Vietnam in the news today. On this day in 1969, 100,000 anti-war demonstrators marched in New York City. Thousands marched also in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and other cities.

Even the Quakers got in the act. They held sit ins at draft boards and committed acts of civil disobedience in more than 30 cities.

Enjoy your day!




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