A change of pace blog today. No politics or heavy stuff. What better subject to begin with than sex.

A few old wives tales revisited.

Masturbation will make you blind, hairy or cause you to have a weak brain.

Source old time religion. From centuries back.

No negative effects. If true, the whole male population would need walking canes.

Nosebleeds mean uncontrollable sexual arousal.

The theory being that “pressure” during sex causes a build-up in blood. Semen not involved in the theory. Japanese in origin. Totally false.

Can’t get pregnant if you have sex in the water.

The reasoning is that water flushes out the vagina and “floods sperm.” Poor drowning sperm cannot make it to the cervix, uterus or fallopian tubes.

Wrong! Sperm are very good at what they do. Last 3-5 days in the vagina. Swim like hell to get to their goal.

Big feet and hands mean a big penis.

Science has proven over and over such is not the case. A man with size 16 shoes does not guarantee 10 inches anywhere else. A University of London study in 2002 found no correlation between feet/hands size and penis size.

So much for sex.

Never got out last night. Spent the evening watching old movies. Third day of Greta Garbo flicks on Turner Classic Movies. A beauty. Even better, an outstanding actress. Watched Garbo involved with Napoleon. Napoleon played by Charles Boyer.

Started my yesterday at 4:30. Rose early because I had a full day ahead of me. Had to get the blog out before I went out.

Research and writing of blog completed by 10:30. Quick shower. Haircut at noon with Lori. Manicure at 12:30 with Tammy. Followed by grocery shopping at Publix. Home at 3. With groceries yet to be put away.

I had no energy left. Remember, my day began at 4:30. Took a nap.

Tonight dinner at Donna and Terri’s. Donna cooking. No doubt it will be an exemplary meal.

Then home to watch the Final Four. Will probably miss the first half of the first game.

I had the good fortune of attending 3 Final Fours. Two where Syracuse played. One I went to just for the fun of it.

A Final Four exciting! Like a Super Bowl. Hard to believe, but I attended 11 consecutive Super Bowls.

The Super Bowls were easy. I was in a position to do a major favor for a Vice-President of  one of the professional football teams. His younger brother needed assistance.

The V-P never forgot. Every year thereafter he sent 2 Super Bowl tickets. Great seats all the time. I assume they are still coming and my son is using them.

The V-P reciprocated also in another fashion. My oldest granddaughter Sara graduated from college some 15 years ago. He gave her a job in his marketing operation. She is still with the pro football team.

The Schooner Western Union was launched in Key West on March 7, 1939. It was the last large schooner built in Key West.

The Western Union is still around. Sitting dockside near Schooner Wharf. Needs a ton of work. Needs a ton of money to do the work.

The Western Union has been a problem for years. Always needing repair work. Several groups have tried to take care of the situation. Generally however, a band-aid solution.

A not for profit presently responsible for the boat. Looking for money.

The schooner must be self-sufficient. Whoever is caring for the vessel this time should work it out along those lines. Otherwise, let it go. I hear too many people who are no longer sympathetic because the vessel always needs more money.

A few days ago, I wrote about the Vietnam War and the Vietnam War Veterans Day in Key West. Unfortunately, an unpopular war. People were not happy with it.

Several comments have been received. I want to share 2 with you.

“I lost my brother in Vietnam and to this day I don’t know for what or for why.”

Another by a wife. The government had 2 programs. One a 2 year draft. The other a 3 year voluntary sign up guaranteeing you would not serve in Vietnam.

Her husband opted for the 3 year offer. At some point after he was in, the government reneged and sent him to Vietnam. She commented, “I know that one was my husband and he never came home. We never got to have daughters, Lou. I wish I too had done what your wife did. In the end, you did the right thing.”

I have several times written and spoke regarding the theft of Social Security funds by the federal government. Funds borrowed, never to be paid back.

One of these instances was a blog I wrote on November 5, 2015 titled The Theft of Social Security. You might want to find and read it. Eye opening. Go to www.keywestlou.com. Right hand column has my blogs listed by month and date. Go to November 2015 and scroll down to the second 11/5.

When I wrote in November 2015, the national debt and intergovernmental debt totaled $18 trillion. The intergovernmental portion was $5.1 trillion.

Intergovernmental is taking money from one agency and loaning it to another. Includes the federal government dipping into the Social Security Fund since Reagan’s days and never paying back.

The intergovernmental loans are set up so there is no legal obligation to repay. The federal government gives the equivalent of an IOU in return for the money. You can’t take an IOU to court or to a bank.

Since the intergovernmental will never be paid back, it should not be considered a debt. However the federal government does for accounting purposes.

In 2015, I subtracted the intergovernmental debt from the national debt. To me, and to you it should also, represent actual dollars owed. Not make believe ones that will never be paid back. Subtract $5.1 trillion from $18 trillion and it is $13 trillion the government actually owed.

The $5.1 trillion in 2015 included $2.7 trillion owed to Social Security.

Works the same way  today, except the numbers are bigger.

The last generated figures are for 2018. The national debt was $22.2 trillion. Of the total, $5.9 trillion was owed to intergovernmental agencies. Monies that did not have to be paid back. A total of 230 agencies involved.

Subtracting the intergovernmental from the national debt leaves a “for real” debt of $16 trillion. Not the $22.2 trillion the federal government always talks about.

Social Security is not insolvent. Won’t be for a number of years. Would not be threatened if the federal government paid back the monies borrowed in full or over a period of years.

Every day Social Security takes in more than it pays out. What a deal! The federal government borrows daily and never worries because it knows it will never be legally required to pay back.

I took the time to spell all this out because someone asked in a comment how much I thought the federal government’s real debt today was.

What really pisses me off is that most of our Senators and Congressmen do not even know about this sweet borrowing deal and theft. They actually believe Social Security  is going insolvent. Too many old age free loaders getting paid from Social Securty. They further forget the old foggies are being paid out of monies they paid in.

Again, read my November 5, 2015 blog The Theft of Social Security. You will say at the end…..For real?

On this day in 1917, the U.S. formally entered World War I. The war to end all wars!

A joke! Count the number of wars we have been engaged in since 1917.

My personal feelings are that men love war. Thrive on it. Macho men. Otherwise, there would not have been so many wars since World War I nor in all of history.

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  1. If Trump was President way back when, there would be no Social Security today. He would have eliminated the forced FICA payroll deductions just like he got rid of the Individual Mandate part of Obama Care, thus crippling it, all done in aid of gaining a few more votes.

  2. And don’t forget our old old friend, “the time value of money”! We paid into Social Security with “dollars” that were worth more than the “dollars” we get back. Thanks to our “friend” The Federal Reserve System

    The Federal Reserve Bank is a misnomer. IT ain’t “federal”. It reserves nothing. And, it ain’t a “bank”. It is a private cartel of the elite banks run for their benefit and that of the entrenched politicians.

    the “dollar” has lost, depending upon who’s numbers you believe, 99% of its purchasing power. The FED’s 2% inflation target robs savers and rewards borrowers.

    Thanks to FDR who took us off the gold standard nationally and Nixon who did it internationally, the Gooferment is free to spend willy nilly.

    And, it gets worse, AOC and her fellow D’s want to embrace “Modern Monetary Theory” that tells them they can spend as much as they want until price inflation becomes “intolerable”. This Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and the old German Weimar republic.

    I’ve ranted about this before in blog often. Once citing anecdotally my sainted Father-In-Law’s fifty dollar bill that he kept in his wallet (i.e., when he put it in, it would have housed and fed his family for a month and when he died his daughters didn’t realize what had been lost), the three silver dimes for a gallon of gas in 1963 that could buy two gallons today (i.e., loss of purchasing power), and — my personal favorite — the Smithsonian exhibit of the French gold Franc over the time of the French Kings (i.e., from hockey puck to shirt button). https://wp.me/pg9z-3HC

    So, the Social Security system is another example in the “penny candy” scam of inflation. It hurts all the little people — savers, the old on fixed incomes, everyone at the bottom of the economic ladder. Those at the top invest in stuff that floats with the value of the dollar (i.e., art; gold; equities).


    Thanks for getting me wound up again. I’m going to the garage to look for my pitchfork and torch.

    • It is Angry old men like you, who pine for the old “gold” ways, we need to fear. That and unbridled capitalism is what we need fear.

      It is not AOC and her fellow D’s who are the ones who are calling for spending as much as they want until price inflation becomes “intolerable” (er, why the quotes?). That was Bush and Cheney (Cheney actually said “Deficits don’t matter”) and their financial guru Phil Gramm, and now Donald Trump and his swamp rats that are actually doing the damage with precisely that attitude.

      And BTW it is NOT “Those at the top invest in stuff that floats with the value of the dollar (i.e., art; gold; equities” as the smart ones, it is those in power who manipulate and are corrupt that cause all the problems.

  3. I remember reading how Genghis Khan’s Mongol warriors used “famous art” in their camp fires to keep warm at night while conquering most of Eurasia.

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