An unhappy voice this morning. On the second page of the Key West Citizen. The Citizens’ Voice column. People write in to air the good and bad of our community.

The writer was unhappy with gridlock. Yes, we have it. However the writer hit on the issue where it is not that disruptive.

The person’s unhappiness has to do with 3 major events being scheduled on the same day. The Islamorada Island Fest, Seven Mile Bridge Run, and the Cow Key Bridge Run. The events occurring miles apart.

My concern is with the writer’s description of the Cow Key Bridge Run. Calls it “ridiculous.”

I feel for the person. Suggest he/she get out on the streets and walk Key West. Happy people abound. Key West is Paradise! You ain’t going to find better in the U.S.

It is difficult to comprehend gridlock as concerns the Cow Key Bridge Run. The bridge is only 300 feet long. The race takes about 5 minutes. Runners up front do it under 30 seconds. Others take it less seriously. Dressed like cows. Push costumed babies in carriages as they walk across. Some ride decorated bikes. People of all sizes make the run. More than one thousand. Mostly locals. A fun time. A time to play dress up and act like a kid. One of the things that makes Key West great.

Writer friend, a suggestion. Ease up and smell the roses. Life is short.

I have been dieting again. Lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

Recall I ended my one year diet in October. Knocked off 62 pounds. I was ok till the Christmas holidays. Did not watch what I consumed. Ate it all!

I have gained 15 pounds since Christmas. Decided to try knocking it off.

I eat little. Less than that. Getting to me. Tonight, a meal!

Last night, the Chart Room. Glad I stopped in. Jean Thornton has returned! The island a better place when she is here.

Dan was sitting next to Jean. Dan from Birmingham and Fort Lauderdale. During my Irma escape to Jean’s home in Birmingham, he provided us evacuees with a home cooked Mexican meal.

David and Sheila. They were there. I see neither that much lately. Me thinks they have found another spot to enjoy a drink or two.

Met Amy. For the first time. Lovely lady. A decided accent. From Dublin. Has been in Key West 3 months. Works at the Saint.

A small world. Amy is living next door to Lisa on Duncan. They have already met.

Matt Babich is one terrific guy! Always the gentleman. Always a kindly hello.

Matt and I arrived in Key West about the same time. Matt 31 years ago. During that time he has had one job. Managing the Southernmost facilities. General Manager first at the Southernmost Motel. Then the Motel’s successor, the Southernmost Beach Resort.

Matt and his wife were especially good to Lisa.

Lisa had been in Key West a few years. She had been Development Director first at the Custom House. Then, Mel Fisher. Her next position was with Southernmost. She blossomed while there. Gained the experience to do what she does now in her own business from her home.

Matt is retiring. Enjoy!

My neighbor in Key Haven for 20 years was Andrew Lippi. Owned the MTV house across the water. One of the nicest guys I have ever met.

Andrew turned the MTV house into a mini-resort. Calls it Real World. A successful venture for years.

Andrew has been involved in some large real estate matters over the years. His most recent the Knight property called Thompson Island. Bought it for $8 million. A magnificent property on the water on South Roosevelt Boulevard.

Looks like a million dollar property from the road. It is. Though more. Eight million dollars.

Andrew plans on initially living there.

The saturday/sunday night Mall on Duval  is apparently working. The City commission extend its life to July 14. The merchants supported the move.

With something new, unanticipated problems arise. Regarding the Mall, the cost to Key West. The expense $5,200 per night. Effort is underway to figure how to pay the tab.

When the Barr memorandum came out, I said I was “uncomfortable” with it. Did not feel right. More recently I have been concerned that Barr on 2 occasions mentioned that Rosenstein and Mueller were helping with the reductions in Mueller’s report before sending it to Congress.

My gut feeling Barr had something to hide by mentioning these 2 were assisting him. Sounded like a cover. If evil was being done, he was not alone.

Now appears something stinks in Denmark. It was reported yesterday that certain unidentified Mueller investigators were unhappy with Barr’s memorandum. Did not tell the whole story. Trump apparently did not come out looking lily white. Succinctly stated, the investigators felt that Mueller’s findings as reported by Barr were understated.

Going to be interesting how this all plays out.

Congress is going after Trump’s tax returns. They eventually will get them. The law permits it.

Trump is not the only candidate who has failed to supply tax returns. Several Democrats specifically. The primary one Bernie Sanders. He did not supply tax returns last year. He has promised for the past 5 weeks to supply them. The world is waiting!

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Sanders is and has always been an Independent. An aggressive one. I have always admired his grit.

The National Democratic Party announced a couple of months ago that the Dems would not participate in any debates sponsored by FOX News.


It was announced yesterday that Sanders is going to appear in a “town hall” sponsored by FOX News. Brings to mind the adage that if you go to bed with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

I have to move my ass. A 10:45 doctor appointment. I started this blog at 5:30.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Lou, totally agree with you about too many grumpy people in the Keys, particularly Key West. It is partly about the absurd that makes Key West so great.

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