I have not done a Morning stew since early December. My aching body has caused me to miss a day or two. This blog is catch up time. I am going to spell out items in the order they appear in my notes.


The IRS will begin forwarding the $1,400 stimulus checks this weekend. Some already have arrived. Direct deposit will be first to receive.

Question: If culture wars are over, why is Dr. Seuss all over FOX News.

Most Republican Congressional persons are complaining the stimulus is too big. They forget the crisis is big too!

I have had one vaccine shot. My second the 27th. Vaccine distribution has been a problem in Florida. In addition to availability overall.

Spoke with a person yesterday who said he was in a chain drug store locally to pick up a few things. An employee asked him if he would like a vaccine shot saying that the vaccine would “spoil” if not used. The man got his shot. In fact, he has already had both.

Interestingly, he is not close yet to qualifying off an eligibility list. Including age limits.

I was unaware the vaccine could spoil. Did a little home work. They can.

Pfizer advises its vaccine has a life of 120 hours (5 days). If vaccine is older, Pfizer recommends the manufacturer be called for guidance.

The CDC maintains a COVID-19 Expiration Date Tracking Pool to follow the age of the vaccine at different levels.

What continues to bother me is that we have insufficient vaccine supply in various parts of Florida. Never the less, vaccine is apparently getting old/stale and may have to be disposed of without use. A disgrace.

The entire vaccine situation is in disarray. Not just in Florida. All over the U.S.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key west loves Harry Truman.

Truman arrived in Key West on 3/12/1950 for a one month vacation.

Biden has ordered the deployment of 4,000 active duty military to help reach vaccine targets. Biden is handling the problem well. It is a war!

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops reveals a “near obsession” with abortion in its opposition to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Spring Breakers are arriving. Key West beaches filling up. Many more expected.

The largest influx of college students is expected to hit Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Many believe a significant number will be unhappy with those two cities and move down to Key West.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale still have restrictions in place. The kids will not be happy.

For example, Miami has a midnight to 6 am curfew. Alcohol is prohibited on beaches.

Key West has been touted as an “open town.” Hordes will arrive.

Key West police are ready. Even horseback police officers will be involved.

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. The problem will be the same.

The virus will be around longer than it should because many deviate from the restrictions. Merchants as well as college guests and other visitors.

It is proper to disrespect someone who does not perform properly. Even those who lack the capacity to do good.

I speak of Florida’s Governor DeSantis. A horses ass no mater how you view him. You can’t make good out of bad.

This past week DeSantis issued an order for fines persons and businesses have paid or might have to pay for charges already made be withdrawn. Included are mask violations.

Query: How are safety rules to be enforced during Spring Break?

The “ass” is considered Pesidential timber for 2024. Amazing!

Note this is the same individual who “arranged” for vaccine to be provided to  two affluent communities in Florida because they represented some of his heavy financial supporters.

Trump has said many times that DeSantis is the best governor in the U.S. Understandable. Trump was DeSantis’ Pied Piper. He did everything Trump wanted. Bad guys. Sinful under the skin.

While everyone has suspected Trump’s financial problems n New York City would bring him down, it now appears Georgia may do it first. He is being examined down to his underwear for issues involving ballot counting durnig the Presidential election.

If such occurs, and I suspect it will, Donald’s own recorded words will do him in.

A new restaurant in Key West. The Southernmost Fish Company Restaurant. Recently opened where Michael’s did business for many years. I wish Southernmost good luck! Can’t wait for my quarantine time to be over so I can try it.

Syracuse, my Syracuse! What a lousy basketball season!

One week ago, Syracuse was off the bubble. Then Syracuse beat North Carolina State 89-68. Back on the bubble!

Two days later, Syracuse played Virginia. A better team. The game was tied. Virginia dropped in a 3 pointer at the buzzer.

Syracuse now off the bubble? Maybe not. Virginia a much better team and yet Syracuse almost defeated them. The word now is that Syracuse is an if.”

If Syracuse makes it, it is anticipated it will be as #68, the last team invited to play in the big tournament.

We will know tomorrow when the tournament choices and rankings are announced.

Merrick Garland was confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee this past week for the post of Attorney General. The Senate will confirm him, if it has not already done so.

Garland has been touted as “best” for the job for two reasons.

First, he headed the Oklahoma investigation 25 years ago. Second, he has been a respected federal judge for more than 20 years.

Both experiences qualifying on their face. However, I question such.

Twenty five years is a long time ago. No one can tell whether he is as good investigatory wise today as he was then. A good judge does not necessarily make a good prosecutor. Especially after 20 years as a judge. The mind changes. In some instances, the drive also.

I hope Garland does well and I wish him well. However, he causes me concern.

What does Joe Manchin really want? I think he wants his ass kissed. He wants to be considered a big guy in Washington circles. He  fortuitously has been placed in that position.

It bothers me.

Biden has a tremendous opportunity to accomplish much. The stimulus bill evidence of the ability he has. To move on, Biden needs Manchin’s support. More succinctly, his Senate vote.

He is the fly in the ointment.

The vaccine. Demand exceeds supply in many parts of the country. Florida, especially.

DeSantis this past week dropped the eligibility age from 65 to 60. He could drop it to 40. Would make no difference. There is not enough vaccine for the people already eligible.

Proof of the pudding are Miami, Florida City and Tampa. Lines long waiting for shots. Get to the head of the line and told there is no more vaccine. All out!

Many of these people waited hours.

“Promises made, promises kept” was a joke when it came to Trump. The only “promise” he ever kept was the tax cut for the wealthy which kept millions of dollars in their pockets.

DeSantis no better. Makes a promise. Cannot deliver. Not because he is devious. Rather he does not check facts out before he speaks.

Anyone recall Katherine Houghton? She was the lovely young daughter who planned to marry Sidney Poitier in Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn played her parents.

A terrific movie. I can’t see it enough.

Katherine is now 75 years old. Hard to believe!

An interesting fact which many may not be aware. Katherine Hepburn was Katherine Houghton’s aunt. Hepburn was instrumental in helping Houghton launch her career.


Enjoy your day!

16 comments on “MORNING STEW #48

      • I know someone who drove up to Florida City last week. Got to the FEMA center at 3, no appointment, 10 minutes later he was in a chair being offered the Pfizer or the JJ shot.

        • Another example of Florida’s excellent Covid vaccine program.

          No wonder Florida is so behind the ball on this stuff. Just show up somewhere, anywhere – won’t matter. Get the shot go home and tell everybody.

  1. A good news summery Lou! I believe that you are too tough on DeSantis. All states are struggling to have vaccines available everywhere, but he has kept the state open, businesses thriving, and the health stats are some of the best in the country.

  2. Don S., you are delusional. Virtually all responsible reporting says that Florida, even with it’s corrupt stats, is one of the worst states with it’s vaccine response. How many times does DeSantis have to be caught diverting supplies before you will admit you are wrong.

    • Lenny on March 13, 2021 at 8:50 pm said:
      Don S., you are delusional. Virtually all responsible reporting says that Florida, even with it’s corrupt stats, is one of the worst states with it’s vaccine response. How many times does DeSantis have to be caught diverting supplies before you will admit you are wrong.

      Its you that is delusional.

  3. You didn’t know the vaccine can spoil ? How can one not know that ?

    Thats why its been said numerous times to just go to a site in late afternoon and use what has been left as extra for the day. Walk in, get a shot, walk out. This is now readily available in Florida.

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