Turkey began entering Syria yesterday. A small band to prepare for the larger invasion which may begin today. TV and the Internet show tanks heading for the border. It is reported that the Turks will use tanks, foot shoulders, F16 jets, and howitzers to accomplish the invasion.

The Kurds are among the world’s best soldiers today. Trained by U.S. forces. They have distinguished themselves in the Syrian Civil War which has been ongoing for 7 years 8 months.

The Kurds do not have sufficient soldiers nor equipment to defeat the Turks. They will be defeated. A massacre of the Kurd forces and their families is anticipated.

All thanks to the “impetuous” Donald Trump who gave the ok signal to Turkey to go for it. He did so by “immediately” withdrawing the 1,000 American soldiers who had been helping the Kurds.

Seeing the Turkish tanks on TV and the internet reminded me of September 1, 1939 when Hitler began his invasion of Poland. The blitzkrieg. The start of World War II.

Turkey’s President Erdogan reminds me of Hitler. The same type moustache. Narrowed in. The war he is leading similar to the Polish invasion.

Actually, Erdogan and Trump remind me of Hitler and Mussolini. Erdogan Hitler in appearance and war effort. Trump Mussolini in appearance. However the two can be described as dissimilar. Trump purportedly has the brains and could be considered Hitler. Forget not, it was Trump who said in a monday press conference that he has “great and unmatched wisdom.”

World War II resulted in 70-85 million deaths. Military and civilian. Four hundred thousand American military.

It is difficult to determine the actual number of deaths caused thus far by the war in Syria. Syria’s President Assad a mean man in his own right. A killer. Cares not for his people. He has had many killed via the military and while imprisoned. He tortures the imprisoned big time. Many to their deaths. He once had 803 children killed at one time. He has been known to use chemical warfare.

Throw in Turkey. Add on Russia, Iran, and the Islamic State. All responsible in one fashion or another for deaths.

Can’t leave the U.S. out. Turkey and the Kurds our friends. We have been helping each side.

The U.N. estimates overall deaths between 400,000 and 570,000.

My concern is whether the Turkish invasion is the beginning of the end. I worry it may be the start of an even larger conflict. Like a world war.

I have always assumed if there was a third world war, it would begin in the Middle East or thereabouts. Too many war crazy people.

Add Trump into the mix and who knows what will happen. I fear Trump has become the facilitator for the big war. Doing stupid things like he did in telling Erdogan sunday he would pull American troops out.

The joke of it all is that in the entire Syrian War only 4 Americans have been killed. The U.S. does not have a similar track record anywhere else.

Why does everyone want all or a piece of Syria?

I suspect Turkey merely for expansion purposes. Erdogan refers to the land they want as becoming a “buffer zone.” Sounds a lot like Israel and the Palestinians.

Russia and Iran are after the oil. Crude oil. Syria is the only significant oil producing country in the Eastern Middle East region.

The U.S. is not interested in a buffer state or the oil. It is difficult to recall how the U.S became involved in Syria.

The entire situation a scary mess.

In the meantime, Trump is aggravating the hell out of China. He has declared new and significant tariffs. Trump keeps pushing and China is going to send some missiles our way. A people can only be defecated on so long.

My blog has been limited to the Turkey-Kurdish-Syria situation. It is that important.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Donald Trump, along with his sons Eric and Donald Junior, have significant personal commercial businesses in Turkey, for which he himself (Trump) has admitted having a “conflict of interest regarding Turkey.

    One wonders if the irony (Biden smear) is lost on him or his supporters.

  2. where IS THE REST OF THE WORLD? Europe, Russia, China, Africa etc. I am tired of spending my money and blood over there.

    • The rest of the world? Is your head in the sand? The rest of the world greatly benefits from this. This is EXACTLY what Russia wants. It is a gift to them! Almost like we doing them a favor, only my guess is we’re getting something for this gift, or more likely Trump is getting something for this gift, and that ain’t gonna be world peace.

  3. I’m confused. Lou often warns us that Trump wants to be a “war president” and will get us into shooting wars with North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, China, etc. But here Trump is pulling our troops out of a new potential war zone and bringing them home. No U.S. participation in whatever happens there. Can’t have it both ways.

  4. It’s more about abandoning our allies….again. Remember when our “values” counted for something? You know, things like “honor” and “loyalty”. I guess things like that only matter when it is convenient, just like the old “Constitution”.

  5. Lou, you have to cut the proverbial cord. Your blog has drifted far from Key West and into a cable news recap. Cancel your TV service, get out of the house and enjoy life.

    • Stop the BS on that subject, most of us are happy with what ever Lou wants to do with his own blog. It you, just a pesty troll who is obsessed with trying to tell Lou how to run his own life.

      • Sorry about that. Lou, instead of enjoying your golden years viewing sunrises, sunsets and taking in the salty Key West air, lock yourself inside and glue your eyeballs to the Mancow show. It’s a much better way to spend your time on earth.

  6. A few bizarre things about the Turkey “deal.”

    1. For those of you in the peanut gallery… I’ve been there. In the late 1980s I was deployed there (Incirlik Air Base) with the USAF as part of joint operations with the Turkish.
    2. Turkey is a US ally and member of NATO. (2nd largest standing force.)
    3. During Desert Storm (Gulf 1), the US was forward based and flew combat missions against Iraq from Incirlik Air Base. (I know… I was there again.)
    4. Again in “Gulf 2” the USAF flew combat missions from Incirlik Air Base.
    5. Turkey participated with and provided support for the US against the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Isis.

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

    This requires knowledge, understanding, skill, and experience in dealing with the situation… none of which Trump has.

    • Oh… did I mention… there are tactical NEUCLEAR WEAPONS stored at Incirlik Air Base. The Turkish Air Force has access to those weapons.

  7. The Turkish leader is a virtual dictator, just the kind of guy Trump admires and, maybe, aspires to be himself. Lately he is tending to blow off the significance of the provisions of our beloved Constitution [if he even knows them]. Ben Franklin and John Adams and Jefferson, where are the men like you when we need them more than any time in our history?

      • My guess is that Franklin, Jefferson, Adams and everybody else who wrote those early amendments to the constitution would, if alive today, would much more VERY vocal and unanimous in loud voices with- YOU IDIOTS, THAT’S NOT WHAT WE MEANT WITH THE SECOND AMENDMENT !

        • I think you probably believe the second amendment was written into our constitution in order to allow people to use arms to hunt for food? Why not add “The Right of The People to Keep and Bear Arms, and Fishing Poles and Gardening Equipment, Fertilizer and Seed Stock Shall Not Be Infringed”

          • No, the 2nd amendment was specifically written into the constitution so as to allow people to bear arms for the purpose of maintaining a well regulated militia. No where in the statute doe it sat anything about hunting for food? or Fishing Poles and Gardening Equipment, Fertilizer and Seed Stock Shall Not Be Infringed. Why are you distorting what was said or what is in the statute? Are you deliberately trying to start an argument?

              • My point is, given your lack of comprehension, that if Franklin, Jefferson, Adams and everybody else who wrote those early amendments to the constitution would, if alive today, be VERY vocal and unanimous with loud voices saying: YOU IDIOTS, THAT’S NOT WHAT WE MEANT WITH THE SECOND AMENDMENT !

                Stop trying to twist what people are saying.

  8. You are either ignorant of the reality or a tool of the right wing news police. I’m guessing the latter because you are using their official talking points almost verbatim.

    The objections from almost everyone objecting and that includes several of the more intelligent republicans in Trump’s own government, is not so much that he did this, bit how and when it happened.

    It happened (when) abruptly just after a telephone conversation between Trump and Turkey’s dictator Erdoğan, suggesting some sort of either threat Trump was worried about, suggesting some sort of quid pro quo, in a place(Turkey) where Trump and his sons have business interests (property and hotels) and without (how) any consultations with his (Trump’s) State department, military, or other effected partner governments. Further suggesting collusion (Russia and Israel) or quid pro quo, as in help with Trump’s upcoming election campaign.

    This is serious stuff, worthy of concern and debate, not some sort of spin by misguided worshipers.

          • Patrick is that troll bully that posts on this blog all the time, nowadays mostly under false names and mostly throws grenades around just to start fights. He almost always tosses out really oddball conspiracies and twisted theories or just plain spin on things that have been proven wrong. He was a big supporter of Roy Moore and other loosers and doesn’t mind insulting Lou, when he’s not pretending to be Lou’s friend and bragging about it. He also cries like a baby every time he’s caught in a lie. A lot of people believe he’s a Proud Boy, who knows, could be!

            Oh, he REALLY hates Hillary and loves to use acronyms, things like TDS (Tiny Dick Syndrome)in places it never makes sense, or when he’s caught with lying or not comprehending something.

              • I can answer that with a yes definitely. patrick has in past posts specifically said that he hates hillary Clinton and belittled many women who have posted things he disagrees with, including me. He seems to have a real hatred for puerto ricians and doesn’t mind saying do in often cringe worthy ways he has referred to people who dont agree with his political views as libtards he has mocked anyone who has misspelled something including lou himself and this list goes on and on, patrick really has no right to accuse anyone else about the subject of hate without first examining himself

      • No, those are are actual discussions I watched on Fox News. I think it was on Bret Baier’s program, forget who was his guest but that was pretty much what they said. Maybe they were just theories, but that was what’s being talked about and that what I was saying.

  9. Can’t believe Biden can be guilty of using his office for cash after all Obama was president and he would not permit this abuse of power on Biden part. Where is Obama voice on this matter? If he stays quite it looks like he may have been in on it all.

      • …er, Obama doesn’t actually have a mansion, or home on Martha’s Vineyard, at least not yet. There’s talk about that, but nothing actually done.

        A little premature with your intended smear, aren’t you.

        • So, if Obama closes on the house on Martha’s Vineyard, that is a smear?

          Seems like that is a pretty relevant point in these times of rising oceans and some people telling the rest of us how to live.

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