He’s nuts! Narcissistic! Our President. Donald Trump.

Forty eight hours ago, he stabbed our friends the Kurds in the back. He ordered the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from northeastern Syria. Gave Turkey’s President Erdogan the ok to attack the border where the Kurds are stationed.

It is anticipated a massacre will result. Kurd soldiers and their families.

Trump made the decision without consultation with anyone he should have. Like Defense, the Pentagon, CIA, etc.

None agree with his move. Many Republican Senators also.

Such reflects how bad Trump’s decision was.

Apparently Trump and Erdogan had a telephone conference sunday. Erdogan was already extremely upset with Trump. Trump had not met with him privately at the U.N conference. May have caused Erdogan to lose face.

Whatever, in the call Trump agreed to the withdrawal of U.S. forces.

Some say Trump was “rolled” by Erdogan. Typical of Trump. He gave something of value and received nothing in return. Takes me back to the campaign when Trump was proclaiming he was a negotiator, knew how to negotiate, etc.

Withing hours of the decision, experts were on Trump’s back. A bum move on his part.

He had to walk his decision back a bit.

At a press conference, Trump said he would “totally destroy and obliterate Turkey’s economy (I’ve done before) if it takes unspecified off limit actions.”

Trump also said that “…..if Turkey does anything that I IN MY GREAT AND UNMATCHED WISDOM CONSIDER TO BE OFF LIMITS,” Turkey would receive the economic destruction and obliteration previously described.

One of our problems is Trump believes his wisdom is “great and unmatched.” He knows not how limited his abilities are.

The U.S. has been involved in Syria for years. In an assisting capacity. Assad forever. Joined by Iran and Russia. Can you imagine! We have been helping Assad’s forces who have been totally aligned with those of Iran and Russia. We knew it all the time.

Strange in itself. The U.S. was in Syria to destroy ISIS. Somehow we got tangled with 2 of our worst enemies, Iran and Russia.

Why has Assad been so hot in taking over Syria? Why also Iran and Russia? The answer the same as with many present military engagements. Oil. Syria is the only significant oil producing country in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Oil is gold!

Respectfully, Trump is an asshole. He continues to remind me of Little Jack Horner. Recall, Little Jack Horner sat in a corner eating his Christmas pie. He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said, “What a good boy am I.”

I am sure Trump thought oh, what a good boy was he. He had pulled out a plum when he made the deal with Assad sunday to pull U.S. troops out.

The man is incompetent and inept. And those words give him too much credit!

Attorney General Barr belongs in Washington running the Justice Department. Not running around the world looking for dirt. Something to overturn the popularly believed concept that Russia was not involved in the 2016 U.S. elections.

He has recently visited Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom searching for wrongdoing by Democrats which would help Trump in the 2020 election. Interestingly, he has been coldly received in all 3 countries. Deciding rightfully that U.S. politics are none of their business.

Barr is doing such at the behest of Trump. Not his job. He should stop sucking up to Trump. Get fired or quit, if necessary. His reputation has become severely tarnished and gets more so with each passing day.

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Join me at 9 my time for a quick moving and interesting half hour. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

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  1. Didn’t we go to war with Iraq twice using the need to avenge/protect the Kurds as our excuse? Both time under Republican leaders. Now we choose to expose them, also under Republican leadership. Can’t these idiots get their stories straight?

    • Maybe so, but so much more so by us and our constant bumbling and self serving ways. I worked there (oil) in the late 60s and I can tell you that we caused then what we’re paying for now. We treated them like low life. It’s pay back now!+-

  2. In his “great and unmatched wizdom,” Trump has alienated our allies all over the world and embraced our enemies.

    That’s not a typo… wiZdom is intended because he wiz’ed on himself once again.

    I’m sure, as he said in his campaign, he knows more than all the military Generals combined. I mean, a game-show host is sure to know more because of his vast experience in such matters, right?

    Once again, this is typical Trump. When he’s under fire, the impeachment this time, he finds a way to deflect away from his crimes and turn attention to something else… to blame someone else… to lie his way out.

    But not to worry… I’m sure his supporters will deflect by saying what evil others (Dems) have done. They are sure that by pointing out someone else is evil, then it’s OK for Trump to be evil.

    OK Trumpsters. It’s your turn to deflect and tell us of his great and magnificent wizdom on this one.

    • ” This Time”– The first time impeachment was mention was two days after Trump’s election. They have been after Trump since the start. They do not want the swamp drained. The swamp is political connected families. Biden, Clinton, Kerry, Guns for Mexico Holder.

  3. I wonder if Trump consulted our own Military masterminds before he pulled his latest Syria move? Maybe they are OK with it.

    • … er, they don’t have a choice. Trump is their commander and chief. Key word is commander, they have do do what he tells them to do. It’s part of the constitution.

      See why we need to be worried?

      • Actually, the military is not committed to obey Trumps orders in every case. The Nuremberg trials of 1944-45 included prosecutions of German military commanders who said they were only following orders from Hitler. Twelve of them were hanged.

  4. Joe Biden’s son is on a board
    and who else is on a faraway board?
    The son of Nancy Police is on a oil and gas board!!!
    Next news to come out!
    Was not Joe’s son washed out of the Nave.

  5. Wow, how can people defend his behavior? He’s unstable, self absorbed, no boundaries, I’m for scared for my grandkids. Impeachment! Please!

    • Because they’re Russian bots?

      Or just trolls who only want to toss bombs onto Lou’s blog because they are confused (maybe just embarrased about their own purpose in life.

  6. As I said… the deflecting began… and continues. Sandy Feet; you didn’t let me down. Let’s see… the devil is evil, so you shouldn’t pay any attention to Trump’s abuse of power.

    And ummmmm… Sandy Feet… I hope there’s an AA chapter near you. Pay them a visit.

  7. A long and exhausting 4 years of deconstruction and tarnish is nearly over. Culminating in impeachment and likely removal by election. Seems like 40 years. Many nations had one of these madmen rise and history wasn’t kind to them. Let’s hope we don’t have another.

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