A Yom Kippur story.

Sandy Koufax  is one of the greatest baseball pitchers of all time. In 1965, he was the absolute best.

On October 6, 1965, Koufax was playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers were playing the Minnesota Twins that day in the opening game of the World Series.

Koufax refused to play. He was Jewish. It was Yom Kippur, a religious day. The Dodger manager was Walter Alston. Neither he nor any of Koufax’s team mates got upset with Koufax. They respected his decision to put his religion ahead of  his job.

Don Drysdale was selected to pitch in Koufax’s place. Drysdale an excellent pitcher in his own right.

Not that day, however. He did not have it as the saying goes. In less than 3 innings, he gave up several runs.

When Alston went out to the mound to take out his starting pitcher, Drysdale quipped, “I bet right now you wish I was Jewish too.”

Historical genius Donald Trump was at it again yesterday.

Seeking to justify his giving Turkey the green light to invade the Kurds in northeastern Syria, he said, “They did not help us in the Second World War.”

Someone should remind him that neither did Germany or Japan. In spite of the clashes the U.S. has with them, Trump would never arrange to have either invaded.

At least, I don’t think so. Never know with Trump.

Another quip by Trump yesterday was, “They weren’t at Normandy.” An event 70 years ago. An observation by a man who avoided military service because of alleged bone chips in his foot.

It was mentioned yesterday on one of the news shows that Trump has many business interests in Turkey. One hundred nineteen to be exact.

An influencing factor in his decision?

There is no justification for what Trump is doing to the Kurds. He has stabbed a “friend” in the back.

America’s Judas. The best way to describe Trump. Because of him, women, kids and men are fleeing on foot the Turkish invasion. Some in wheelchairs. Smoke is seen billowing over a city. The sound of bombs can be heard. Soon 10,000 plus ISIS prisoners will be released from jail to act out their beliefs again on the Kurds. Perhaps even Americans.

The Turks are invading Syria from the north, Russian backed forces from the south, and ISIS fighters are attacking Raqqa. Trump has unraveled death and destruction.

It was reported that as many as 300,00 persons could be displaced. Talk about immigration problems! Other parts of Syria and other Mideast and European nations will be impacted.

Good job, Donald!

Trump’s war chest is big. He is taking in millions.

Trump’s campaign is spending $1.6 million a week advertising on Facebook. Political ads. Right now directed at Biden. Most of the ads false.

Facebook’s policy was to review political ads before running them to make sure what was being said was correct. Two weeks ago, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg met with Trump in the White House. A couple of days later, Facebook changed its policy re political ads. It no longer reviews them for correctness. Facebook has intentionally excluded them.

I have been opposed to government overseeing the internet. I wonder now if my thinking has been correct. Money talks!

This past week, Vice President Pence was interviewed by Anderson Cooper. This man who holds himself out as a most religious person defended Trump’s call to Turkey’s President Zelensky. He told Anderson that no request was made for the Ukraine to investigate Biden.

Now to Key West.

Lovely sweet Tammy from the Chart Room will be on a float for Fantasy Fest. Her first time.

I told her I had been on one years ago with Howard Livingston. Never again. Too much work. I was exhausted at the end of the evening. It’s the beads. Continuing to throw them to the screaming crowd tiring.

Tammy is 48. Looks 28.

She worked for a time as a bartender at the Garden of Eden. The clothing optional operation. Her time included a Fantasy Fest Week. She was required to go topless. Permitted however to have her breasts painted.

She was lucky.

There are female tourists on the street walking around with their entire bodies painted. Clothing consists of pasties on the nipples and sandals on the feet. Nothing in between.

Enjoy your day!




  1. I wonder if any of Donald Trump’s sons (daughters and sons in law) are in any way involved in any of the President of the United States, some 119 active business interests in Turkey. And if they are, why everybody, particularly the rabid right, isn’t as appalled and on a tither as they pretend to be over Joe Biden’s non being involved in businesses that had NOTHING to do with Joe himself, all those years ago.

  2. Hopefully Hillary gets into this Presidential race. I don’t think Biden has it with all this stuff going on. Warren is great and all, but I don’t see moderate Dems racing to the polls for her. Bernie is a fan favorite but his heart attack has raised too many questions.

      • But Biden has pretty much zero chance now. Warren is too left for the populace. We need Hillary. Biden cannot win, Warren cannot win. Give us Hillary!

        • Warren and the whole lying thing about her Cherokee heritage and now, the “fired from her teaching job for being pregnant” thing will certainly sink her.

          • Her claims to being part Indian were/are more honest and realistic than Trump’s claim to being the “Chosen One” don’t you think?

            • Trump was chosen by the american public to be president. Warren chose to lie about her heritage to further her career. Now is lying about her pregnancy situation to garner “sympathy” from the nutjob feminists.

              • Wrong again, can’t you get anything right? Trump was NOT chosen by the public. Hilary was chosen by the public, Trump was “chosen” the Electoral College.

              • Trump was chosen by the Electoral College. The public voted in favor of HRC. Ah, I remember the old days when Trump called the EC the least democratic way to fill the Oval.

        • False Flag, ain’t nobody interested in or even talking about her other than you. And that’s just because you are so obsessed with her, or you secretly know that Trump can’t win without her.

  3. Trump is insane and FAR below the standard of the Oval. The best part is Trump will take all the rope you can give him. Neither stable or a genius.

      • Oh, he’s way past that sort of thing, especially since Epstein is gone. Been awhile since Trump gets any woman without paying and nowadays thats harder to do cause Cohen is in jail and Rudy wants too big a cut in any payoff scheme to cover things up. Besides Rudy is so much more attractive and Trump won’t let any of his girls near him, just ask Ivanka.

  4. There are female tourists on the street walking around with their entire bodies painted. Clothing consists of pasties on the nipples and sandals on the feet. Nothing in between.

    ** they sound overdressed to me. lol

  5. Trump is brilliant! I’ll call this latest, “Trump’s gambit.” Although he has had many gambits, this one tops them all.

    This time he has one of our allies, Turkey, attacking another of our allies, the Kurds. Trump’s gambit is that the news cycle is now talking more about the attack and that takes up news time talking about why he should be impeached. The lead story this morning was about Turkey vs. the Kurds. Impeachment?… now “back page.”

    As he has done many times before, he manages to change the narrative thinking his high crimes and misdemeanors will be forgotten. Perhaps he is right.

    Brilliant… simply brilliant. And if you don’t believe it, just ask him… he’ll tell you, he’s the most brilliant person in the world.

      • Tonite on TV
        Trump rally about making our country great again. Or Liz Warren in her town hall discussing why taxpayer money should be used on inmates wanting transgender surgery. I couldn’t care less if an inmate uses their own money for the procedure, but Warren wants and I repeat “taxpayer money” to pay for it. I can’t wait till he debates her in the presidential debate.

        • Yet Tump wanting taxpayer money to fund a more opulent lifestyle for his rich buddies is somehow fine with you. Some one has to pay the freight to run a country(the deficit isn’t going down) and the wealthy now pay less. Guess what that means for those less fortunate(connected)?

          • I’d like to share with you what lower tax rates for everyone (including the rich) means for the less fortunate. It means business have additional money to buy new equipment and add workers. This is evident by a current unemployment rate in the mid 3% range. Businesses can not find enough workers. If someone want to work, employment is available to him /her. If they don’t want to work, then continue to give the panhandler money so they can continue to sleep on your sidewalks and poop and urinate in your streets. Furthermore, It means personally, we have some additional disposable income and we decided to finally remodel our kitchen of 25 years. That means a salesperson is going to get a commission. A factory worker will be making additional appliances. A tile person will be working installing a new floor just to name a few of the things required to complete our remodel. This is basic economics. As I’ve said before, you want to hate DJT fine do so. But to deny the improvement of our economy is pure TDS.
            PS – I’m sure you were also as worried and concerned about the deficit under Obama as it was skyrocketing.

  6. The “skyrocketing” of the economy began way back in the Obama years and has continued since then. The best that we can hope for is that Trump does not turn it around into a “nosedive”.

    • and the skyrocketing of the debt and deficit took place during the Bush years. It took Obama to deal with that and turn it around. Now look what’s happening, we’re building our house on debt (quicksand) like we’ve never seen before. It’s going to take years, decades maybe and a sane and HONEST government to fix the problem. Anyone can do what Trump is doing (just look at Bush). It will take some honesty and integrity to fix the problem and then sit back and watch those dishonest basta*ds who will selfishly blame the guy or gal who does the fix? That’s called dishonest and we should condemn the Patrick’s of the world who try that sort of thing and then brag about fixing their kitchen.

  7. Most Conservatives and some Republicans are constantly harping on the anti LGBT mantra that marriage should be between one man and one woman. But they are OK with a president who has totally ignored that and has married several different women, by his own selfish choice.

    That’s called hypocrisy, something supposedly considered a sin amongst these same people. And we are supposed to show these people respect?

    • They amended that belief in 2016. One man and one woman AT A TIME. Of course, Trump doesn’t meet that standard either. Perhaps they mean one man and one woman in any given 5 minute period. They are compromised and revealed as hypocrites.

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