It cannot be denied Trump continues to be a power. Though things are happening that reflect the power diminishing.  As respect for him diminishes, so too does his power.

One example is Truth Social. Trump announced this week his personal social media was in the process of becoming a reality. Its purpose to follow the truth. What a joke!

The site would officially begin in November. However Trump immediately posted a test version where people could sign in merely by providing their names.

The fact that the site will provide Trump with broad access is a disgrace. His large number of followers will subscribe. He will have immediate access to them and the world via the site. It will be Trump’s tool to spread lies.

Though despicable in itself, Trump will reap a harvest.

Trump is doing the project with DWAC, a special purpose acquisition company. DWAC sells stock with the intention of buying private firms. The announcement reported DWAC would invest $293 million in the Trump project.

The announcement caused the price of he stock to triple in one day.

A major DWAC investor SABA Capital announced it was bailing out and selling all its stock. It wanted nothing to do with Trump. SABA’s principal said the the decision was “not even a close call.” Some people will not go to bed with dogs that have fleas.

Another “adverse” occurrence is Trump’s new site has already been hacked. Within hours, the unreleased test version was invaded. A picture of a defecating pig posted to the “donaldjtrump” account.

Truth Social was pulled off line immediately.

The site will return with all the necessary bells and whistles to hopefully protect it from similar hacking in the future.

The House of Representatives voted yesterday to hold Bannon in criminal contempt. Nine Republicans joined with the Democrats in the voting. The matter is now in the hands of the Attorney General as to whether the criminal contempt charge should be presented to a grand jury.

What a waste of time! The matter should be moving swiftly. Not doing so. I worry Merrick Garland will take forever and in effect sit on the contempt charge forever while deciding what to do.

Recall several months ago I warned of my concern when Garland’s nomination for Attorney General was announced. An honorable man without question. However, an appellate judge for more than 20 years. I advised my concern that a judge who served that long was not the best choice to be a prosecutor. His thought process had changed in those 20 years.

My fear was that in crossing every t and dotting every i, Garland would take forever in getting things done. And now as far as Bannon is concerned, decide in the final analysis Bannon should not be criminally cited.

My concern was reflected yesterday when Garland apparel before the House Judiciary Committee. He expressed his concern for the “jail problem” as Bannon’s contempt matter might affect it. He explained something we all know. The jails are full off gangs. Some whose members on the outside may have been perpetrators on January 6.

Were they to be arrested and convicted, the jails would have increased problems as a result.

Not the way to think! The judicial system was not set up to worry about impacts resulting from arresting someone. The way it is done is to arrest forthwith and convict a perpetrator and thereafter deal with the resulting problem.

No one should be permitted to spit in the face of the United States and get away with it. Bannon was and is part of the January 6 problem. The subpoena should have been approved by Justice yesterday.

These are dark days. So many things either not moving in orderly fashion or not not moving at all. Most elected officials by their actions reflect little care for their country. And more. Everything is a mess government wise.

There is a need for joy in the land. A smile. Some kumbaya.

Several months ago, I shared with you the Italian Grocery Store video. A happy work. Provided me with a smile and laugh.

I am replaying the video today. I hope it brings you some momentary joy.


Enjoy your day!


  1. We have an italian grocery store like that here in Chicago – “Caputo’s”. Well, they do play Italian Opera on the PA system, although I have never been there when everybody sings.

  2. Lou – some facts re COVID 19 in FLorida as per worldometers
    While Florida has 3 most cases- here are stats per million people- a better way to evaluate.
    California has most cases and has had very restrictive policy
    US ave cases- 78,663
    FL cases. -77,651

    US deaths. – 1318
    FL deaths. – 1195

    So Florida is slightly below US average

    • Florida statistics (cases and deaths) are notoriously under reported and famously distorted. There is NO WAY Florida covid information can be taken seriously. Even FOX news laughs about it.

      Just last night, FOX news reported that Florida had yet to immunise most of it’s First Responders, yet had given 50,000 shots to Canadians and other “tourists” not residents of Florida. 50,000 is more than the entire population of Key West, where not all First Responders have even had their shots.

      Florida is a Joke on this subject.

      • Mike an Conch Scooter blog, finally got his 1st shot a day or two ago. He’s a 911 first responder and just vaccinated. Weeks behind others on this very blog, Florida is a joke alright!

      • Florida isn’t the only idiot Republican state. FOX News is reporting an AP story about “The Oklahoma attorney general’s office is attempting to return $2 million worth of a malaria drug once touted by former President Donald Trump as an effective treatment for COVID-19.”

        I wonder if they know Donald Trump isn’t the President anymore and as such will not be able to approve a refund. Besides it would only have been a reduced refund, after he had taken his cut, anyhow.

  3. Now the GOP is calling for unity. Problem is that there is no more United States, their boy Trump ended it. It’s over and the fat lady is warming up.

  4. Unity come with people uniting. GOP is making no effort to unite, quite the opposite. McConnell threatens total resistance on everything and the MyPillow idiot won’t shut up with his unhinged twitter conspiracy theories.

    Unity take the effort of BOTH sides and the Republicans are just all talk and insincere deeds.

  5. Most legitimate news sources are reporting three members of the alt right supremacists group Oath Keepers, have now been arrested for advance plotting and coordination of the Capitol insurrection violence on January 6th. They specifically stated and framed the event as a last chance to help “President Trump’s fight to defeat the enemies foreign and domestic who are attempting a coup.”

  6. I don’t think it’s “Old Dominion”, just Dominion Voting Systems? Now, there is an Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. (Google Taylor Heinicke, for all you sports ball fans!)

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