I watched Steve Bannon’s most recent podcast. That and everything he has done and is doing lead to the conclusion Bannon is a con man. Perhaps the best.

The portion of the podcast I watched had to do with Bannon sharing the percentages of Americans who believe Biden is not President. Bannon claims 48 percent of Americans don’t believe Biden was legally elected.

Which leads me to the subpoena served on Bannon to appear before the January 6 Congressional Committee.

Bannon said he was not going to appear and kept his word. He failed to appear. He claims he will not appear till a court rules on Trump’s claim of Executive Privilege and his (Bannon’s) decision following the court’s.

The last few words of Bannon’s declination is his “escape clause” if the court rules Trump lacks Executive Privilege. It provides Bannon with the opportunity to further delay his appearance.

The Committee will vote Tuesday to officially begin the process to hold Bannon in criminal contempt.  Assuming he Committee approves, then the issue goes before the full House. Assuming the House approves, the matter is then referred to the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C. to handle.

The U.S. Attorney works under the Department of Justice. The matter will automatically be referred to Justice for its approval. Which means Attorney General Merrick Garland will make the final decision.

The path to the Attorney General is not as a practical matter the final one initially.

Justice has various approval levels within its operation. Each must be involved. All t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

More consumption of time.

In the end, Garland could decide there are not grounds for a criminal prosecution.

It could happen. Recall several months ago, I wrote a blog questioning Garland’s nomination for Attorney General. A judge of more than 20 years might be incapable of making a prosecutorial decision. Judging is one thing. Prosecution, another. Each involves a different belief system and thought process approach.

Time will tell. And that is what is bothering me. Time! The insurrection occurred on January 6. It is now October, 9 months later. How much longer will it take?

Respectfully, the Committee is moving its ass too slowly.

The Committee could have proceeded to issue a civil contempt rather than a criminal one. Such would have short cut the process and could still have ended up with Bannon in jail.

Most would agree the court system is antiquated and requires updating. The same with both Houses of Congress. The rules in each Chamber contribute to excessive delay.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Bannon knows how to use the justice system,

    Democrats know how to comply with that to evade confrontation,

    Republicans know how to declare victory.

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