Today is the 40th anniversary of Syracuse’s first basketball game at the Carrier Dome.

I was there. For that game and many others.

The Carrier Dome was new. It had opened for the football season in September. I was there for that first game also.

I was a die hard Syracuse fan. When the Carrier Dome was under construction, I contracted for  a box. The lease was for 10 years. One of the best things I ever did.

The box was the center of my life those 10 years.

Missed very few football or basketball games.

The box was impressive. Sixteen seats. Bar in the rear. Between the bar and the last row of seats, a standing area that held another 10-12 persons. Needless to say, the box was standing room only for the big games.

There was a catering service. Drinks and food each game.

Friends and clients alike enjoyed the box those 10 years. My popularity grew. Everyone wanted to see a Syracuse game from a box.

It was also a family thing. My children grew up with the box. My grandchildren when tiny crawling around the standing space.

I have mentioned the following in the past. Joe Biden was a guest whenever he was in Syracuse. He needed no invitation.

Biden was a Syracuse law graduate. He was a frequent visitor to the campus.

One thing especially impressed me about Biden. He never came to a game with the local Democratic big wigs. Instead, always with his friends from law school. Said a lot about the man.

By the way, Syracuse beat Columbia that first basketball game.

The box came with seats on the floor also. For basketball, eight immediately behind the Syracuse bench. Can you imagine how exciting it was to hear Boeheim work the team in huddle. Yelled at them most of the time.

Forty years later today and Syracuse opens the season with its first game at the Carrier Dome. Playing Bryant. A warm up game. Syracuse should win decisively.

Boeheim will not be at the game. He tested positive for coronavirus last week.

Coronavirus. How can it be described these days. Definitely out of control. Deaths rising dramatically. Scary.

Lets hope the vaccine works.

The U.S. death toll is 63,000. It has been reported 60,000 more deaths can be anticipated in the next 3-4 weeks.

How many additional cases will the Thanksgiving weekend bring? Whatever, not good. Many did not listen and traveled.

Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Monroe County recorded 47 new cases. Twenty eight in Key West.

Monroe County’s total number of cases as of wednesday 3,204. Of that number, 1,835 were in Key West. The closest Keys city number wise was Key Largo with 406.

Key West is getting the hell knocked out of it. Yet state and local authorities continue to permit tourists. Mask wearing and social distancing have not readily been enforced. Bars and restaurants doing a big business. Making money and spreading the virus at the same time.

I have mentioned often in the past and yesterday as well that Governor DeSantis is incompetent. His brain in the seat of his pants. A true blue allie of Trump.  So much so that Trump refers to DeSantis as the “best governor in America.”

DeSantis came out with a new executive order wednesday. One which provides coronavirus with a free ticket to go and do its thing anywhere in Florida.

Two edicts. The first that local authorities cannot close bars and restaurants that fail to comply with local virus restrictions. The second that local authorities cannot fine residents who refuse to wear face masks.

Chris King was the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor in 2018. He said re the new DeSantis rules: DeSantis “continues the killing spree.”

I believe the U.S. Supreme Court has also with its wednesday night decision that a state cannot limit religious seating as it violates freedom of religion.

I rarely am impressed with Key West Citizen editorials. Today’s, I am. A winner.

The editorial is titled: “Brace For Covid-19 Impact On Florida.”

The editorial notes state leaders have done little to stop the spread. DeSantis and his 2 rulings yesterday perfect examples.

Dr. Alonso is Palm Beach County’s Health Director. She recently expressed some fitting words. She said, “Infections in the County are spiking for the third time…..This spike is different…..It has expotential growth…..goes straight up. There is no curve to it.”

She believes crowded bars and restaurants fuel the infection rate. Especially the young frequenting these establishments.

Dr. Alonso claims State officials are not helping. “They have handcuffed local leaders.”

She views DeSantis and Trump as birds of a feather. DeSantis follows Trump’s words to the letter echoing: “We are not shutting down.”

An excellent column by Susan Estrich on the Citizen’s editorial page. The title says it all: “Drain The Swamp With Trump In It”

I close with “local news” of endearing quality. May Johnson’s life in 1896 Key West.

On this day, it is clear Everest is visiting. Everest her claimed lover. They spent time off and on this day together. Then May spent evening hours with Everest at her home: “Ev. stayed till 11:15, ah!”

Enjoy your day!



    • Haven’t heard that myself, sounds something more like what a troll would make up. Nice try with the “covid will end when Biden becomes President” tag though, even though it will likely become true.

  1. I have heard people calling Covid the “Trump Flu,” the “Trump Virus” and some others using more derogatory references to Ivanka. Nobody is using ‘GOP virus,’ but lot’s of Trump lovers are calling it the China Virus, at least among themselves at cross burnings, trying to deflect blame I guess. But that has never really caught on beyond themselves, mostly because it doesn’t make sense and SO obvious as to intent. My bet is “Trump Flu” will last, even if “GOP virus” is a LOT more accurate.

    • Everybody gets Covid from somebody else. You can’t order it from Amazon and it’s NOT available on Ebay. It is ONLY transmitted from someone else who has it.

      If you get it from somebody who is being (or has been) careless, not wearing a mask and not taking precautions, either when they got it or when they are giving it to you, that’s how you get it.

      Truth is that could be anyone, but statistics have it you are more likely that would be from a Republican GOP than anyone else, because they eschew all safety precautions when it comes to this virus.

      So Yes, you are MOST likely to get Covid from the GOP.

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