Pence was at a political rally in Georgia yesterday. He told the crowd that there would be 40 million vaccines across the U.S. before year’s end.

He proudly said, “We’re in the miracle business.”

He continues to delude himself, his Master and 74 million voters. Pence and Trump rather have been in the business of death and destruction. The Four Horsemen again.

Think of the number of coronavirus dead and those made sick. Think also of the many businesses and jobs lost.

Simply because Pence and Trump were grossly ineffective in the job they were doing. They did next to nothing as far as coronavirus was concerned.

The U.S. recently passed the 13 million mark in confirmed coronavirus cases. In less than a year.

The number would not be so high had Pence and Trump performed as political leaders are expected.

In the next 4 weeks, the 13 million will rise exponentially. Thanksgiving weekend will be the primary cause. Not everyone wanted to follow the rules. Now many will pay. Some who did what they wanted. Others who followed the rules but became infected anyhow by those who brought the virus home with them.

The Supreme Court’s wednesday night decision re churches and synagogues will also contribute big time to the larger numbers coming. It is difficult to understand the decision. Freedom of religion superseding the health of the nation.

CNN referred yesterday to the decision as the “Supreme Court’s scientifically illiterate decision which will cost lives.”

Trump, Pence and now the Supreme Court! Who worries and cares about the people?

Trump as a litigant is not doing well. He really needs a lawyer! Not the team he has which is lead by Rudy Giuliani.

The team lost another case. Trump and the team’s record 1-31. Would you hire a team of lawyers who lost 31 cases concerning a particular issue? You have to be crazy!

The Federal Circuit Court sitting in Pennsylvania ruled the case before them consisted of “claims having no merit.”

Most if not all the 31 losses were decided on similar grounds.

There comes a time when any common sensed person would say no more! Not Trump and his team of legal geniuses. They know everything!

New York is suffering from the surge now ongoing. New York reported this week the most coronavirus cases in a single day since April 14. Eight thousand persons tested positive.

Some things close to my heart are not working out. Especially at a time when I have thus far spent 298 days in self-quarantine. I don’t ask for much. Just a little bit.

Like Syracuse doing well.

The football season is close to over. Fortunately! I cannot bleed orange every saturday.

Hope was on its way, however. The Syracuse basketball team.

The team played its first game yesterday against Bryant. A nobody, a non-entity. Well, Bryant only lost by one point 85-84.

Please Lord, not with the basketball team too!

Shoestring Weekend Blog an interesting read. It publishes once a week on Feedspot. The blog shares strange unknown things about the Keys.

This week’s especially good. The blog revealed 2 things I knew nothing about.

First, there is a President Franklin Delano Roosevelt flag pole on White Street. Which brings into play the second item. The flagpole is located at the intersection of White Street and White Street.

I never knew of the existence of the flagpole. And the intersection blows my mind. White at White. The next time I have a medical visit, I will search the information out and advise.

No question May likes Everest. Perhaps loves him.

Everest apparently was vacationing this week in 1896 in Key West. May wrote in her diary: “Ev. and I had the piazza, he didn’t want to go when the clock struck eleven. Oh!”

Something we all have experienced. Love is wonderful!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Well, that’s definitely not true. They lost this 2020 election and there is no evidence that this election was rigged, yet they lost it bigley. Biden won by over 6 million votes, which was twice the wining margin that Clinton racked up in 2016.

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