The fog of war is thick this morning.

Whoever bombed Saudi Arabia is drooling. Trump is anxious to jump in. The Saudis are playing poor me. Yemen says not me. And no one gives credit to Putin.

Trump back to retaliatory threats. The U.S. is “locked and loaded.” Depends of course who is ultimately determined to have been responsible.

What do I think.

Not the time for Iran to pull something like this. On the other hand, Iran is backing the Yemen rebels who the Saudis are fighting.

Putin had the New York Times reporter killed and his body dismembered. Putin has been a troublemaker consistently for several years. Think Crimea.

Whoever bombed the Saudi oil has excellent equipment. The ten strikes were described as “precision hits.”

I do not think Trump had anything to do with it.

I could care less about the Saudis.Fifteen of the 19 Twin Towers perpetrators were Saudi citizens. When no planes were flying the day after 9/11, a group of Saudis were permitted to fly out of New York City and back home. The Saudis at the time supported al Qaeda.

The Saudis gave us $4 a gallon gasoline. Our friends! Who needs them!

If Trump opts to go to war to support the Saudis, he is endangering the U.S greatly. He would then be placing us directly in the path of harm’s way.

A comment to someone’s writing this morning (not mine) said the U.S. was “goin to war for the cocksuckers who took down the Towers.”

What a mess!

I do not recall Trump ever complaining about his alleged bone spurs.  Assuming they have gone away, as the U.S. leader he should have an up front position. He should be the first off a landing barge or the first to parachute out of a plane over enemy territory.

Someone has to do it.

The General Motors strike bothers me. Tens of thousands of GM employees from Michigan to Texas left work at midnight.

One fortunate thing is negotiations will continue even though there is a strike. Teams from management and labor are meeting at the moment.

GM cannot stand a strike. The last strike in 2007 cost the company $6 million. And it only lasted 2 days!

Our government bailed GM out when it looked like it was going under. The employees cooperated at the time to keep GM afloat. Trump’s tax cut helped major corporations significantly. It did nothing or next to nothing for GM’s workers.

Trump said he was going to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. How about keeping what we have here?

M gut feeling is the strike will not last long. If they are sitting together this morning, it is a sign they are close.

I hope.

Citizens of Key West and the lower keys. Oxitec has been found to be wanting again. At a time when they are seeking permission to begin a new study here.

A recent Yale study claims Oxitec does not work. In fact, may have some adverse affects. In an article published in the Activist Post 9/15/19, the Yale study found the mosquito offspring more robust and eventually being birthed in larger numbers.

A team of Yale students studied the genomes of both the genetically modified strain and the wild species before release, and then 6, 12, and 27-30 months after the releases began.

We went through Oxitec and its genetically modified mosquitoes 3 years ago. The people of the keys were opposed. It took a public vote to get the Oxitec plan knocked out.

Oxitec is back. They are talking with the State and the Mosquito Control Board. Be aware. It is time to man the ramparts again!

Country music singer and songwriter Billy Currington was in Key West last night. He did a free concert. The crowd of 2,500 stretched from the foot of Duval to Ocean Key’s Sunset Pier. The entire pier packed.

Prior to the outdoor show, Currington did a donation appearance at the Key West Theater. All monies raised were for Key West’s sister city in the Bahamas, Green Turtle Cay.

Part of Currington’s performance included a song he wrote about Green Turtle Cay some time ago.

I was having a late Sunday mid afternoon breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s. The place almost empty. A woman sat a couple of seats from me at the bar. We began talking.

Her name Gail Schulte. Married name. Ancestral name Pratt. Her husband Mark Schulte.

They have been residents of Key West for more than a year. Lived in Sandwich, Massachusetts where they ran a guest house. Sold it and bought one in Key West thereby fulfilling a lifetime dream.

The Key West guest house is Suite Dreams Inn at 1001 Von Phister.

Sandwich is near Chatham on Cape Cod. I frequented Chatham many times over the years. Ergo, the conversation drifted into the Cape and Gail’s descendants.

Gail’s great, great, great, great grandfather was Edmund Freeman. I am not sure I have enough grandfathers. Whatever, Edmund came to our shores in 1635.

The Mayflower was the first boat to come to the new land. It arrived together with 2 other vessels in 1621 landing at Plymouth Rock.

The Abigail led groups of ships to the new land. The Abigail’s second trip in 1635.

There were religious difference with those who had landed at Plymouth Rock several years earlier. England was aware and did not want the 2 groups to live together. Edmund’s group was way of course in any event. Ended up even further than its original landing place.

The landing was on Cape Cod in what is now Sandwich.

Edmund’s group elected 10 men to be their leaders. Edmund was one of them. He later served as Assistant Governor of Plymouth Colony under Governor William Bradford.

The Cape and Sandwich land increased in value over the years. Some of Edmund’s descendents became very wealthy. I don’t know if Gail was so fortunate.

There is more to the story. Involves Key West locals.

When I first purchased my Key West home 25 years ago, I was fortunate to meet Woody and Joan Cornell. A great couple. They had met during World War II when Woody was stationed in England.

They prospered, but worked hard in doing so. They owned and operated a country house/resort in New England. I recall Woody telling me once that he and Joan were lucky to have had their daughter Greer before they went into the hotel business. He said there would have been no time thereafter. It was work, work, work, and more work for he and Joan.

Woody and Joan eventually sold the New England operation. Moved to Key West in 1995. Bought either a former home or guest house. Their intent to get back into the resort business in a much smaller way.

They spent 8 months “configuring” the place.

Woody was extremely talented. He and Joan could build, renovate, etc. anything. The result absolute beauty.

The building Woody and Joan configured and made into a guest house is the Suite Dreams Inn Gail and her husband purchased last year.

I met Woody and Joan through my daughter Lisa. She was good friends with their daughter Greer. Greer today is in the hospitality business as her parents were. I first met Greer when she was at the Casa Marina. She is associated today with 24 North on the Boulevard.

Small world. Everything interconnects.

I finish with climate change. An item of great concern.

A Swedish scientist has arrived at a theory whereby an insufficient food supply problem could be remedied. Eat human flesh. The bodies of dead relatives.

The scientist is big on his theory. Certain it would work. Problem is how people would react and accept/not accept it. The scientist believes people have a resistance to cannibalism. He describes it as “conservative” and “selfish.” I think it “sick.”

Enjoy your day!



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  1. Hey, isn’t everyone into recycling these days? What’s the problem? “It was mild, good meat with no other sharply defined or highly characteristic taste such as for instance, goat, high game, and pork have.”

  2. Lou, you state “i could care less about the Saudis”. The correct use of the term is
    “I COULDN’T care less…” this means you absolutely don’t give a hoot. Much like I’m sure you feel about this post. Lol “I could care less” is a very commonly misused expression. Remember, “correct words matter!”
    Glad ur feeling better and pleased to see the website is back to abnormal!

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