Trump has a bad habit. He wants to cause pain to those who do not agree with him. A my way type guy. My way or the highway. Get even. Abuse power. Seek to punish illegally. Bring federal power down unjustly on the innocent.

Obama imposed stricter air pollution and mileage regulations. Trump is significantly eating away at the Obama standards. Effectively returning the U.S. to a time when pollutants and emissions were more deadly.

Four auto makers disagreed with Trump. Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW. Their attitude…..Leave well enough alone.

In July, California came out with tougher standards. They went opposite the direction Trump was taking. California refused to roll back standards, imposed tougher ones.

The four auto companies backed the California plan.

No problem. Suddenly, the four companies are under an anti-trust investigation.

Trump’s way!

Key West celebrating Womenfest Week. An international celebration. Lesbians and their friends come from all over the world to party.

They take over the town! Properly so.

Difficult for a guy to have fun. Especially a straight one.

I recall several years ago attending an event at Aqua during Womenfest. It was a drag show for the ladies.

Aqua was packed. The ladies all beautiful. Enjoying themselves.

Men few. Actually Louis and the drag queens.

I did not have a good time. Too many ladies dancing to a different tune. I did not belong. I left.

I share the tale with you because I now try to avoid Duval during Womenfest.

Last night, I went south. Geiger Key.

Different people. Different even from those normally in Key West.

Geiger is generally frequented by Geiger Key locals. A breed different from Key West and those who gather during Womanfest. Sort of a cross between Hogfish and Duval.

I enjoyed a fish sandwich and chatting with Geiger Key locals.

Dorian isn’t giving up! Longest hurricane I can recall.

Dorian presently between Block Island and Cape Cod. As a category 1.

Block Island and Cape Cod different type places I have enjoyed and frequented over the years. When at the Cape, I stayed at a hotel. On Block Island, rented a house.

Block Island has a flavor all its own. The small town unique. The homes rented sitting at the edge of high cliffs overlooking the ocean. My Block visits were family time. Most if not all of my children and their families. The houses rented huge. Had to be.

I have experienced a few hurricanes over the years. Three have left me with recollections of an emotionally heavy nature.

Dorian # 1. Though I did not personally experience any part, it was with all of us every day on TV. Into its second week and still going strong. The Bahamas a disaster.

Andrew in 1992 another biggie! A category 5. Ripped through Homestead. Not a building left standing.  Only an occasional wall.

I drove through Homestead 3 weeks after Andrew hit. Sad!!! Hard to believe. The Bahamas look good in comparison.

Irma I will live with forever. The trip back to Key West down Route 1 a tear jerker. Mile after mile. The boats on the streets, cars in the water, houses down like the Bahamas on TV.

Two years later, people still recovering in the central keys. For 2 reasons. The federal government and the insurance companies are moving slowly with assistance. They have failed the keys.

Concerning the Bahamas, Key West is doing its job in assisting. Key West and the lower keys always do.

Three plane loads of supplies left Key West Airport yesterday. More to follow. Every day. Neighbors helping neighbors.

Trump won’t give up with the Alabama thing. Something like 10 tweets and one or two TV news shows.

The world is laughing at him. The people of the U.S. also. He is making a mockery of  himself.

What irritates me is that an Admiral and the NOAA have subjected themselves to the President’s position and supported Trump’s Alabama is going to get hit claim.

An example of a President exercising unreasonable and improper force.

Meteorologists have generally countered the NOAA and the Admiral.

One comment is to the effect that NOAA threw the NWS under the bus. Some meteorologists are baffled and upset with NOAA’s criticism of the NWS. Federal weather workers describe themselves as “shocked” and “irate.”

If we cannot trust the President, who can we trust?

We are in the middle of the hurricane season. Bad so far! It will be a long time before another is as bad as Dorian.  At least, I believe and hope so.

There are 4 more hurricanes on the way. Just beginning. Off the coast of Africa. Ferdinand, Gabrielle, and Humberto. The fourth has not been named yet.

Gabrielle already a category 1. However without even coming close to North America, it has turned sharply north into the Atlantic. The NWS has reported no hazards affecting land are anticipated.

Skipping back to Dorian for a moment, the hurricane was at North Carolina’s Outer Banks as a category 1 yesterday. It made landfall over Cape Hatteras.

An asteroid exploded over the Caribbean yesterday. We had little or no warning.

The asteroid named 2019 MO. Small. Sixteen feet in diameter. NASA spotted the asteroid yesterday “just hours” before it entered the Earth’s atmosphere. At the time first observed, the asteroid was the size of a gnat. This is when it was 310,000 miles away.

Fortunately as with most small asteroids, 2019 MO burned up in the atmosphere.

Syracuse football today! At Maryland. Noon. ESPN.

Syracuse ranked 21. Maryland unranked.

At the beginning of the week, Las Vegas had the spread favoring Syracuse by 2 1/2 points. This morning, the spread has switched. Maryland favored by 2 points.

Highly unusual. Why?

The game will tell us.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Glad to see you went east of Cow Key Bridge to eat again. No Parking fee at Geiger Key. Just give the $4.00 to the wait staff, as it should be.

  2. Glad to see you went east of Cow Key Bridge to eat again. No Parking fee at Geiger Key. Just give the $4.00 to the wait staff, as it should be.
    Lou said it not me. Every day he knocks Trump, just a repeat.

    • Every day there are legitimate and reasonable reasons to criticize Trump. Besides, this is Lou’s blog and it’s purpose is to allow Lou to write and comment about anything he pleases. Furthermore, Donald “Sharpie” Trump provides a plethora of material, every day, for which he should be criticized, even by you.

  3. Taliban….secret meeting….cancelled by the President at the last minute….oh, and it was a very secret meeting…few if any other than Trump knew…..
    I think it is just another diversion….Trump knows how stupid he looks with his little sharpie…unbelievable..he has to change the present discussions…
    Really no scheduled meeting, but now the big story is the Taliban almost going to Camp David! I may be wrong, but…..really?

    • Yes, I think you’re right. A secret meeting in the United States with the Taliban on the day before 9/11? A meeting the Taliban didn’t even know about? Looks to me like another one of Trump’s attempt at optics over substance.

      And, I wonder how the Taliban would have got here, Taliban Airlines or maybe courtesy of the CIA airlines? Which Taliban bigwig would have agreed to go along with that? And why should they negotiate for anything, they’re winning just by not losing.

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