I was out of bed early this morning. As I walked outside, the sun was rising. Breaking over the horizon. There was a light gray cloud bank. It muted the bight orange ball to a radiating pale yellow.

A beautiful sight! I was a lucky man.

Bicycle riding on the newly paved Boulevard is an item under much discussion by locals. To a person, everyone thinks it is down right stupid! Don’t write and tell me it is the law. I understand. It makes no difference. Bicycle riding on the new road is an invitation to disaster.

The ten foot promenade remains on the ocean side. Such has always been the place bicycle riders have used. Hopefully common sense will prevail and the promenade will continue to be the path of choice. It will for locals. It will not for some visitors. They will see the bicycle markings on the roadway and opt to drive in the road. Families. Parents and children. Little children. The same persons that would not ride a bike thusly back home.

Sean Kinney wrote an excellent article on the issue in this morning’s KONK Life E-Blast. You may want to read it.

My sunday was quiet again.

I had breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s. Ham and eggs. The best eggs in town. Taste fresh all the time. I know that last statement may sound strange. However, there is something to Harpoon Harry’s eggs that makes them taste better.

I spent part of the day lying around. Watched some golf. Amazing golf. Spent a couple of hours researching this week’s KONK Life column. It will have to do with the 1925 Scopes trial. The trial concerned itself with evolution and the Bible. Turns out the trial was a phony. It was rigged from the beginning.

The Key West Citizen in its Crime Report section told the story of a couple allegedly ripped off at a local adult entertainment club. Not the first time such has been reported at this particular club.

My problem is with Key West police in such a situation. Credit cards are generally involved. Sometimes a higher number is charged to a credit card. Significantly higher. There are other games played. Generally again with credit cards.

Police policy is to regard such matters as civil, not criminal. A contract is involved and one party claims the consideration was not as intended. The police advise the persons purportedly cheated that if they wish to pursue the matter, to sue civilly.

Wrong! Credit card abuse of this nature is larceny on its face. If the police were to make one or two arrests, this sort of thing would come to a glaring end.

The police should reconsider how they handle these cases.

Key West is an adult fun community in many respects, People visit here to dance to a different tune. To do what they might not do back home. Ninety nine percent of the tourist businesses play by the rules. They all should.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “A SPECIAL SUNRISE

  1. wow, I am going to keep an eye on my bill when I go to Key west to be sure I’m not charged more! I usually do not even look at it. Just pay it and add tip

  2. Its not just folks at an adult club being ripped off. A retailer at the other end of the street was doing the same or similar thing. Ya just can’t trust anyone anymore.
    It seems to me the character of the town has changed over the years.

  3. I now go with bill to register that does credit card payments and ask if I can slide it through for payment. If waitstaff or owner says no, then I watch carefully as it is done. They better not memorize anything on my card. Maintenance man at my Banana Bay Hotel tells me that his card info is stolen lots at KW bars/eateries. At most supermarkets the card owners slides the c. card on counter machine. Never touched by an employee. Safer that way.

  4. Hopefully, when the US joins Europe in use of Chip and Pin credit card technology credit fraud will be much more difficult. The US accounts for almost half of all global credit card fraud according to Bloomberg magazine. The new cards are verified at the terminal with a pin and random code from the chip while our cards have their static info transmitted for verification inviting further fraud. The new technology makes theft of credit card numbers and dates irrelevant and useless. It also means card swipers and clones are useless as well.

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