Stories re global warming keep popping up. Those that do not believe better start believing. Our world is in danger.

The Thwaites glacier is located in western Antarctica. It has become unstable. An enormous hole has been discovered in the glacier. An underwater cavity.

The glacier itself is  two-thirds the size of Manhattan. One thousand feet tall. The cavity the size of Florida.

Due to climate change, the glacier has been melting. Climate change causes ocean water to overheat.  The over heated water eats away at the ice. Accelerates the cavity melt down. It has been determined that the cavity has resulted in 14 billion tons of ice already having melted in the past 3 years.

NASA scientists believe that melting glaciers are already responsible for 4 percent of the world’s rising sea levels. They believe that if the Thwaites glacier melts as anticipated, it alone will cause the world’s oceans to rise over 4 feet. Oceanfront properties will erode and wash away.

The weather outside…..Supposed to have hit a high of 73 yesterday. Did not. Surprised us. Went to 80 degrees. Today’s high anticipated to be 77 degrees.

Joy prevails!

Spent a couple of hours late yesterday afternoon with Laurie Thibaud. I guested on her radio show Party Time. Station 105.7 FM, WGAY FM.

Fun time! We banter back and forth. About everything. Foolish and serious. Whatever strikes us at the moment.

Finished Laurie’s show and walked across the street to the Chart Room.

Kevin and Holly seated at the end of the bar. Back from their world travels. Kevin in Ireland and Holly Ireland and Prague. Good to see them again!

Ran into one of the ladies from Don’s Place. My memory fails me. I cannot at the moment recall her name. In any event, it was good to see her again. We spoke of many things, including Don and David.

My next stop was the Blue Macaw. Spoke with Andrea and Phillip. Let me know they were joining Terri at 801 sunday for the drag show at 5. I have never seen the 801 drag show. Told them I would meet them at the bar.

Sat and chatted with Dan and Ron a while. Good people.

It was around 7. Decided my night was over. I was tired. On the way home decided I would enjoy Dion’s chicken for dinner.

For the unaware, Dion’s is the best chicken in the world. Dion’s prepares it at all their stores. The chicken parts are deep-fried. When done and warm, tender and tasty.

Bought a large breast. Delicious!

I was in bed before 9 and for some reason asleep soon thereafter.

The wall. When Trump’s history is written, the wall will be a major portion of the writing.

I question the value of a wall. Came across an interesting article this morning. Tunneling is commonplace beneath the walls already on the border.

A sophisticated one was recently discovered. The description of the wall is clear evidence the wall will not do the job Trump believes it will.

The tunnel is 60 feet in length. At its deepest point, 30 feet below the wall. The border wall 10 years old..

Apparently there was no problem in constructing the wall. An impressive undertaking. Fortified by 4 x 4’s with plywood on top and on the sides. It even had rails. Two parallel rails running the length of the wall. Purpose to move people and goods.

The tunnel is so well constructed that it cannot be taken down by shoveling or any normal method. The plan is to place explosives within the tunnel and blow it down.

Mexico refuses to pay for Trump’s new wall. Trump plans to get it done with U.S. funds from where ever he can get them. His present plan is to declare a national emergency and take the funds from those allocated to other jobs.

Borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Never pay Peter back, however.

Private persons and groups are raising monies to assist in either constructing new walls or removing the walls as already constructed and to be constructed.

Two different GoFundMe efforts are underway. One to help dig tunnels under the walls. The other to pay for ladders to climb over the walls.

A Rigo Torres started a GoFundMe account to supply tunnel builders with shovels. Don’t laugh. The GoFundMe account already has $4 million. The other GoFundMe account to thwart the walls is labeled Ladders To Get Over Trump’s Walls. Thus far has raised $156,000.

The opposition, the other side, those supporting the construction of walls has an account. The GoFundMe is titled We The People Will Fund The Wall. It raised $4 million in 3 days.

Instead of waging war with the House of Representatives for the $5.7 billion Trump wants for the wall, it might behoove him to start a GoFundMe account for the monies.

Enjoy your day!




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