A big ball of white light passed over the Florida Keys yesterday around 1 pm. Clearly visible from Marathon to Islamorada. The National Weather Service on Key  West received numerous calls from persons in the area. The Service verified it was a meteorite.

Fifteen minutes later, the meteorite landed on the western part of Cuba. Some Cubans saw the meteorite before it hit. Described it as a large fireball.

Those inside heard a big bang followed by walls rumbling and glass breaking. Most ran into the streets in terror.

There is little information this morning as I write re this visitor from outer space. Information from Cuba thus far indicates no deaths or injuries.

Word has it that Vice President Pence was in Key West yesterday. Insufficient information available also at this time. However there are several comments on the internet of his having visited.

Vaguely reported thus far is that Pence flew into Miami. He spoke at the Israeli-American Council’s National Conference at the Diplomat Beach Resort. The claim is that he then flew into Boca Chica and came into Key West as part of a caravan of cars.

There is no official confirmation of Pence’s visit.

Tennessee Williams lived in Key West for 34 years. Interestingly, Lisa and family live 1 1/2 blocks from the Tennessee Williams home.

Besides being one of the great writers of modern times, Williams was also a note worthy artist.

A close friend during his years in Key West was David Wolkowsky. The two spent much time together.

Williams’ paintings included 17 works described as especially creative and gifted. Sensual psychological dreamscapes.

Williams gave the 17 paintings to his friend Wolkowsky. Wolkowsky died recently. Prior to his death, he bequeath the 17 paintings to the Key West Art & Historical Society. They hang for public viewing in the Custom House.

See them if you can. Impressive works.

My Volkswagen Beatle is 10 years old. Has all of 41,000 miles on it. One of the front headlights went out. The front right on the passenger side.

The light may be described as two-fold. When ever the car is running, dim headlights are automatically on. The bright beams must be turned on if desired. They are when it gets dark.

The low beam died. Needed it replaced. Not simple.

It took my mechanic George 2 hours.

The Beatle is tiny. The engine on this model in front. The motor and everything else cramped into a little space.

The headlight must be pushed out from the inside. A task to do so! Took poor George 2 hours. He disassembled 25 percent of whatever was in the motor space. I got nervous. The parts kept coming out. I envisioned a large puzzle that could not be put back together.

George did it, though. I have to give him credit. He bitched and moaned, but he got the headlight out, replaced a very tiny bulb, and put everything back together. No parts sitting around.

The car worked perfectly when I turned the motor on. The lights, too.

I stood the 2 hours while George was laboring away. My back had not hurt all day. About an hour after I got home, it hurt. Like hell! Kept hurting off and on all night till 7 this morning. Mostly on.

Has not hurt since.

This disc problem is going to literally be a pain!

Today is Groundhog Day. The first groundhog day was this date in 1887. Took place at Globber’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Punxsutawney reminds me of Smucker’s. With a name like that, it has to be good.

Groundhogs are also known as woodchucks. On occasion, they whistle. Generally when frightened or looking for a mate.

They begin hibernation in the late Fall. Their body temperature drops significantly, heartbeat slows from 80 to 5 beats per minute.

In February, the male emerges from his burrow. Not to see if it is warm enough to come out. The popular conception is wrong in that regard. The wakening male is sex driven. He is looking for a mate.

Another misconception is if the weather is going to be good, the groundhog can see his shadow and does not return to hibernation. Actually whether he finds a mate or not, he returns to the burrow. Sometime during march, the groundhog leaves the burrow for good. Hopefully with a mate in tow.

Enjoy your day!


  1. “Word has it that Vice President Pence was in Key West yesterday……”

    I’m thinking, with his blind support for a man who is the antithesis of what being a good America, human being and leader should be, Pence was as close to “paradise” as he will ever be. Perhaps he should visit again in July or August, the extreme heat may be more the harbinger to the final destination in his journey. 🙂

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