A first for me. A Key West first.

I was getting a manicure with Tammy yesterday. A woman nearby was getting a pedicure. Her dog, a pedicure also.

The dog a tiny one. Not tiny tiny. About 2/3 the size of a Jack Russell. Lying on her (I assume) back on her mother’s lap. Feet straight up in the air.

There was a separate woman doing the dog’s nails.

I said to Tammy…..Look! She said it was nothing. Many women bring their dogs in for a pedicure. Color, too. The dog I saw was having her nails colored.

Only in Key West? I don’t know. I was not aware dogs received pedicures and their nails colored in a human’s nail establishment.

Lunch at the Cuban Coffee Queen. Cuban cheese toast and cold Cuban coffee. Ruby is back.

AAA is losing money on me. Last week a call for a dead battery. Last night, a flat.

I was on my way to Back Door. To meet Donna and Terri. I got about a half mile towards town on US 1 and I had a flat. Not just a flat. A hole the size of a golf ball in the side of the tire. I have no idea what I drove over. Back to Sears today for a new tire.

Had to wait an hour for AAA to show up. They use Arnold’s. I had to wait two hours when the battery was dead.

It got dark as I waited. Had the blinker/warning lights on. First time I have ever used them. Better safe than sorry. Keith saw the car on the side of the road. He came over. Spent most of the waiting time keeping me company.

We discussed bocce. Big game tonight against Hell’s Rangers. The match will be interesting. I plan on being there. Only as a spectator.

Never made it to Back Door. Went home instead to listen to the Trump/Clinton forum. Too late for Hillary. Picked some of her comments up later in the evenings in reruns.

Did get to see Trump. I was impressed and unimpressed. He looks good and spoke well  when questioned by Matt Lauer. Trump’s problem….He does not answer questions.

The reruns of Hillary reminded me of her negatives I have seen for a long time. She is too serious. Answers too long. She tends to ramble.

Between the two, no question Hillary the more knowledgeable. Trump lacks the  knowledge and experience required for the job.

Sometimes, public officials fail to wear their thinking hats. The third Zika case has been reported in Monroe County. Not contracted here. From out of the country.

The public official was asked where in Monroe County does the third person reside. The response…..I can’t tell you.

Note, not who, not what address, only the community/area.

The Mosquito Control Board continues to exhibit a large degree of insanity. The Board last night approved the $4.9 million construction of a new building. Such requires an immediate 41 percent raise in taxes.

Something does not make sense. The Board pushes Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquito and the new building. With vigor. Why?

The Key West City Commission voted on the side of the angels last night. Voted against a resolution to support the introduction of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Keys. Finally did something right!

Sick people out there. An Oklahoma woman was arrested for marrying her daughter. Daughter of age. Charge: Incest. Several years ago, the mother was charged with incest for having married her son. The problem went away when the son divorced his mother on the grounds of incest.

Comcast is pissing me off! No TV reception since 2 this morning. I sleep with the TV on. No TV, I have been awake since 2.

Enjoy your day!



4 comments on “A FIRST FOR ME

  1. Mosquitos. It amazes me how some people think. Keep on using a 60 year old insecticide.


    Pedicures for dogs. Don’t know about them, but heck, I don’t know any men that get them either..

    ‘He does not answer questions.’
    end quote

    And what politician does, so, it seems that he’ll fit right in. He’s a quick study. But, he does answer a lot more questions than hillary, she just rambles until one forgets what the original question was.

  2. Lou, you need to research Mediterranean fruit fly attach in California in 1989 and see how they combatted it- use of sterile males by radiation
    Similar of how they want to combat Zika

  3. Louis, now a flat tire. Get that KH house sold and move over to KW so you can walk or bus or taxi to your local bars and eateries. Dump AAA and the car. Move, I say.

  4. Anonymous on September 8, 2016 at 11:23 pm said:
    Lou, you need to research Mediterranean fruit fly attach in California in 1989 and see how they combatted it- use of sterile males by radiation
    Similar of how they want to combat Zika
    end quote

    Research ? Why research when one can just take the liberal road and listen to what others think they know.

    Sterilized male mosquitos have been explained many times including previous results. As well as the Diamond Back Moth issue and the sterilization and release by the Geneva [ Cornell] Experimental Station. As with mosquitos, moths and fruit flies the sterilization is done by radiation and a gene is then altered to change the color of the creature for identification purposes.

    Heck, I’m pretty sure the radiation treatments I’ve received have sterilized me which is OK, but, I don’t want anyone changing any of my genes to turn me a different color. I like the color I have always been.

    But, why turn to science and progress when we can continue to poison ourselves with a 60 year old pesticide.

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