Everything is Isaac this Sunday morning in Key West. Today is the day! Later in the afternoon, Isaac will hit. Probably as a 1.

I have so much to share regarding Isaac to this point.

The first thing is how to spell Isaac. The correct spelling apparently is Isaac. Up till this morning, I have been spelling it Issac. How could I have been so wrong? Easy. I am a poor speller. However, I believe everyone was spelling it my way the past few days. The correct spelling would have been obvious otherwise. I googled Isaac. Sites came up under Issac also.

Al Roker is in Key West. Saw him several times on TV this morning. Great to have  him here! Problem is they have him standing in the wrong place. He is down on the Weston Pier. It looks like the corner opposite Orvis. Normally, national television sets itself up on Duval next to the former Fast Buck Freddie’s. Each time without failure an out of town announcer would get on live TV and tell the world that in six hours 3 feet of water would be running down Duval. It never happens!

Roker should be there. Or…..at the Southernmost cone or on the White Street Pier.

Roker is located in a bland spot.

It’s 7 in the morning. Everything looks dark looking out. Supposed to be. Every window and door, except one, on my housed is boarded over with large sheets of plywood. The job was done yesterday afternoon.

I opened the garage door to go out to the front. Wind blowing about 20-30 mph. Palm trees blowing. Everything dark. Warm. Humid. Not bad. I would call it the calm before the storm.

Opened the lone door on the back of my house capable of use. Went onto the deck. Walked to the water. My deck is huge. 144′ x 40′. Then the ocean. The back of the house looked strange. Every orifice covered with plywood. My home looks deserted. Like some one just upped and left. Abandoned

The ocean is moving. Sizable waves developing. Not yet breaking. Very few white caps. Breaking waves and white caps will come.

Lisa and family arrived in the early afternoon yesterday. Lisa said Robert and Ally were already stir crazy. She had to get them out.

They arrived timely. I was getting ready to dump the deck furniture in the pool. Corey helped me. And Robert and Ally. We had a ton to throw into the pool. Four small tables, 8 chairs, 4 chaise lounges, 9 bar stools and some miscellaneous items.

This is Robert and Ally’s first hurricane. The last storm hit Key West six years ago. Robert and Ally are 8 and 7 respectively so have no recollection of a hurricane.

They helped dump the deck furniture in the water. Laughing all the time.

Before we started the dumping process, Ally took the four noodles out of the pool. She announced they should be in the garage and took them there.

My flashlights and candles are lined up. Appropriate food and water stored.

I am ready for Isaac.

Lobsterfest party last night at the Yacht Club. Big time fun! It was sort of a pre hurricane party also.

Lobsters available buffet wise three different ways. Stuffed, broiled and boiled. All you wanted. Delicious!

I had guests. Don and Christine, David, Jimmy and Joanie, Larry and Christine, and Herschel and Erika. Everyone ate, drank, and enjoyed.

Since it was my party, at the end I did something I have been doing frequently the past few years. I ordered shots of Patron Silver Tequila for every one. A piece of lime included. A toast was made and the shots all downed at one time.

Neil Armstrong died yesterday. Eighty two. The first man to walk on the moon!

I remember the event well. As I am sure most do who were alive at the time.

It was an evening in July 1969. Later in the evening,. Perhaps 11 or better.

I did at the time and still do consider the event the greatest achievement of man in my life time. It blew my mind. Man on the moon!

My four children were aged 7-12 at the time. Lisa was the seven year old.

They were in their beds sound asleep. I woke them all and brought them down stairs to watch the event on TV. I wanted them to remember it the rest of their lives.

They do not.

Nothing to do now but wait. Wait for Isaac. I will read and watch TV. At some point, the power will go off. No more lights, no more TV. That is the uncomfortable time. Flashlights and candles do not provide enough light power for anything. I have said many times and repeat now…..I do not know how Abraham Lincoln read law by candle light.

Enjoy your day! Talk with you tomorrow. Hopefully. Probably. Definately!


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  1. lou, forgot to ask you; where is captain peter? wondering about him during the storm….. he is such a gentleman! like you of course!

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