I finished reading Maggie Haberman’s Confidence Man yesterday. Took me 7 months. Book long. Five hundred eight pages. With all the reading I do each day, I was fitting it in a page or two at a time. Brought me back to college when I had to read War and Peace for a course. My recollection over 1,100 pages. Thought I never would finish.

Haberman’s work excellent. A first hand insight into Trump.

I want to share one of Haberman’s descriptions of Trump: “A ‘Bad’ Trump always revealed himself. That was the man who made racist comments and then insisted people had misunderstood him, giving his allies cover by which to defend him. He was interested primarily in money, dominance, power, bullying, and himself. He treated rules and regulations as unnecessary obstacles rather than constraints on his behavior.”

Netanyahu is taking heat in polls as the judicial crisis deepens.

I admire the Israeli people. They are in the streets by the thousands. Refuse to take Netanyahu’s anti-democratic authoritarian crap. They recognize freedom is precious, smell the rat, and are not going to take it.

America’s evangelical church is in crisis. Gone far afield politically. The young are drifting away. There is only one solution. Simple. Stop lying and return to Jesus and the Bible. 

The Catholic Church has been drifting also. Though not as swiftly and as far yet. Pope Francis fights constantly to thwart the movement. A tough job.

MAGA Republicans fear babies born in the United States of non-citizen parents. Congressman Matt Gaetz introduced a bill yesterday to end “unqualified” birthright citizenship for children whose parents are not themselves U.S. citizens.

He and his fellow ultra right conservatives have an “imaginary fear” of what could come in 20 plus years.

Since 1866, the 14th Amendment has granted citizenship to all “born or naturalized in the United states, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.”

Gaetz’s bill is another example of MAGAs wanting to change long established law.

Gaetz is in the news in another regard. He and his wife saw the new movie Barbie. His wife has called for the movie to be boycotted. Her basic opposition is that it is anti-man. She says the movie is “useless” and “unintelligent. Some conservatives have described it as “man hating” and “feminist.”

Whoopie Goldberg mocked Mrs. Gaetz’s comments and those of conservatives on The View saying in effect what’s the big deal, “it’s a movie about a doll.”

Enjoyed Happy Hour yesterday at the Grand with Steve and Cindy Thompson and Cindy’s sister Christine. Met Steve’s friend Eddie again. Matt, the congenial bartender. A full bar. Food good. Company excellent.

Two oddities noted as I drove into Key West for Happy Hour. It was 94 degrees. Hot! Key West was packed. Highly unusual this time of year. Then it dawned on me. Lobster Mini-Season begins today. Tourists were in town ready to dive for lobsters for 2 days beginning today.

Drugs appear to be on the rise attempting to enter the U.S. Not for use in Key West. For national distribution.

They are being found packaged floating in waters off the lower Keys. Seventy pounds were found  by a recreational boater recently. The packages had a butterfly picture on them. Cocaine. Its estimated street value $1.1 million.

The Coast Guard and Border Patrol are being kept busy.

A summer of strikes and warned strikes to come in the U.S. The Key West Golf Course experienced a strike in 1923. Laborers went on strike. Demanded their wages be increased from $2.50 to $3.00 per day. 

Citizens’ Voice this morning: “I live on United Street, where I used to be able to park my vehicle outside my house. Now the new 15-foot sidewalk, which we don’t need, prevents me from parking on the road which I do need. Who the hell approved this?”

An upset citizen who got it right.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Evangelicals (Catholic’s too) are ALWAYS more about power (and wealth) then they are about religion, ALWAYS have been. Religion is just the cover story. History (especially the bible) tells us that.

    Religion of any type is ALWAYS about forcing dogma and “beliefs” on their flock and those that are not yet their flock. You only need to know that one of the main tenants of the American constitution (and founding fathers) was a firm and clear and STRONG separation of church and state.

    Yet the political right, especially the Republican party has made it their mission to embrace and include just the opposite, using the religious zealots whose interests match their own goals – domination!

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