Meatballs and polenta! A meal fit for a King!

I introduced Steve Thompson to polenta yesterday at Rosstica’s. He will return for more.

The meatballs and polentas were buried in the finest Italian meat sauce available in this area.

Polenta is a dish of boiled cornmeal. Soft and creamy. 

A northern Italian dish. I became enamored with it during my several summer trips to Courmayeur which is located in northern Italy some 15 miles from the French border. Every meal ordered when dining out came with a bowl of polenta. A large round bowl set in the center of the table.

I had never had polenta in the U.S. Took me time in Italy to become accustomed to it. Finally it got to me. Turned me on. I enjoy it frequently now at Bobby Mongelli’s Roostica. The taste is superb! Especially when buried in a good red sauce.

Steve loved it!

It has been announced the PGA Tour will compensate non-LIV defectors. I believe it is wrong.

Those who turned down the LIV made a dual judgment. A business and loyalty one. It does not require financial recognition. They made a decision, one to be respected in most instances. Nothing further is required.

There was an economic reward to those who did remain loyal, however. The PGA purses became significantly higher.

There is another viewpoint to be considered. We all have made “judgments” in our lives. Some right, some wrong. We live with them. That is how life is. One time or another, we all have let the “big fish” get away.

Another example of climate change: Typhoon hits China hard. Destroyed power lines, uprooted trees, and sparked fires.

The tropical wave in the Atlantic that the National Hurricane Center has been following has a good chance of developing into a tropical depression. Time span is next week..

Though hundreds of miles away, its effect is already being felt in the lower Keys. Key West has had unusual bursts of rain which have been attributed to the long distance rumblings of the tropical depression in the making.

The amended document indictment filed yesterday against Trump makes the case significantly more difficult for him to defeat. The original indictment placed him in deep shit. The additional charges bury him.

Tucker Carlson has published a new biography. In it, he denies being a “racist.” He claims however “being a racist is not a crime.” He refers to a “statutory crime.” He concedes racism could be a “moral crime.” He does not consider himself a racist even morally however.

I spent a month with my family in Rome some 35-40 years ago. Pickpockets were a problem. Apparently still are.

We were warned about them, how to protect against them, etc. The warning extended to jewelry also. On chains around the neck or wrist. A person would run by or on a bike and rip them off.

Based on recent news reports, the pickpocketing business in Rome is still good.

La Jolla, California is uniquely beautiful. I spent spent several days there once. It is located near San Diego.

The beach is outstanding. It was visited by two sea lions this past week. Huge ones. They charged the beachgoers who moved rapidly away. Lifeguards warned those on the beach to give “plenty of room” to them as “they were known to bite people.”

Cameras in the courtroom has developed into a major issue. Properly so. It’s time!

I spent 46 years in the courtroom. Never a camera. There should be. People should be aware on an intimate basis how the justice system works. Especially when it comes to judges who can be “tyrants.”

The reason for the sudden push for courtroom cameras are the Trump cases. People are interested, want to know, have a right to know. Trump loves notoriety. Loves being on TV. It would be a major opportunity for the world to see what a creepy bad guy he is.

The Mini-Lobster Season is two days. The first day was slower than most. The rough water, low visibility and high water temperatures responsible.

Some divers reported far less adult spiny lobsters in nearshore waters. Speculation is the rising sun temperatures have caused the mature lobsters to flee to deeper, cooler waters.

The potholes on Flagler are a problem. The sinking sewer covers on each and every block. An absolute problem without question. I use Flagler almost daily. I drive around the potholes fearing abuse to my car. Of course, every weave invites a possible accident.

We are into the turtle nesting season. Take care while walking on the beach. Keep lights near the beach out so hatchlings can find their way safely to the moon lit ocean.

DeSantis has been revealing his true self ever since announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination. His colors change from bad to worse each week. His most recent on slavery and race. A bigot, to say the least. Prejudiced. A white supremacist. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Potholes on Flagler are indeed a problem, as they are on South, United, and the incredibly shameful condition of Eaton street.

  2. Potholes on Flagler are indeed a problem, as they are on South, United, and the incredibly shameful condition of Eaton street.

  3. Potholes on Flagler and most other places in town, should be replaced with speed bumps. Fixing them properly would be safer, but allow our streets to be a speedway. Tourists are not the only ones who would abuse things. Let’s be careful what you wish for.

  4. When I was in college in Buffalo we had this Italian joint near the dorms hat served meatballs in Polenta, with a red sauce. One of the guys I dated took me there a lot. He’d call that dish “Strunes in Placenta” which kept me from ever ordering it, then or now. Funny the things you remember from med school.

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