Yesterday was a weird one! One of those days where everything seemed a bit out of whack.

My radio show was scheduled for 10 in the morning. I pulled out of the garage at 9:30 for the 15 minute drive to the station. Car backed out strangely. I had a flat!

I telephoned Lisa at work in Key West. Need a ride! Ok! She rushed out to get me.

On the way into Key West there was a police car behind us all the way on US 1. Lisa decided to take Flagler when she hit Key West. The police car followed us. It was as if the Officer knew we wanted to speed.

I got to the radio station with 2 minutes to spare. Rushed in, put on the head phones and got ready.

Six minutes into the Key West Lou Legal Hour, station owner Guy deBoer came running in. You are not on the air! I forgot to press the button so everyone could hear me!

So I had to apologize and start all over. What the hell! I told everyone about my flat, rushing and what have you!

In spite of its tardy beginning, I believe yesterdy’s radio show was the best ever. The topics were fresh, today and hit home.

Comments afterward supported my thinking.

I talked first about the economy. Unquestionably a problem. I started with Thomas Paine’s “…These are the times that try men’s souls.” Talked about Wall Street vs. Main Street. Threw in advice my grandfather used to give me to the effect that “…when there are money problems, love and happiness go out the window.”

Some other topics found interesting included the dumb lawsuit of the week. It involved a woman in Brazil in 2005 who sued her lover for failing to give her an orgasm. The Judge properly threw the case out of court.

I talked about the death by stoning penalty imposed on a woman in Iran for having commmitted adultery and the burqa ban in France.

And more. Thanks for listening and watching.

After the show, Larry visited the studio. Larry, Guy, Jenna and I talked about the previous night’s variety show at Bottle Cap. It was a good discussion. We challanged ourselves, were critical of various aspects of the show and so forth. Good will come from the meeting. We go live for the first time on wednesday August 18 at 9 pm. Live from the Bottle Cap. And will continue each week at that time and place.

This week celebrates Mel Fisher Days.

Mel Fisher discovered the Atochia 25 years ago with all its gold and jewels. Changed his life and many other lives. We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars.

The 200 block of Duval was cordoned off. Games, drinks and eats. Lots of people. A stage at one end in front of Sloppy Joe’s. It was party time!

I got there around 7. I was to meet the family. Found them sitting on a curb across from Sloppy Joe’s. They had already been there an hour.

I decided to give Lisa and Corey a break. I took Robert and Ally and we walked the area. One in each hand.

It was fun to be with them! They found the sights exciting! It was discovery time for them.

There was a pirate. With a parrot on his shoulder. And a real peg leg. Robert knew he was not not for real. Ally thought he was. She was pulling back on my hand.

Then there was Uncle Sam on stilts. He stood about 8 feet tall. Both grandkids were impressed. They could not comprehend my explanation regarding the stilts. They were hidden under his pant legs.

The best was a show in front of the Bull. A woman sitting on top of a huge barrel of water. In her bathing suit, of course. The idea was to throw balls and hit a huge black button. That would cause the woman to fall into the water.

Robert and Ally understood the concept. We waited like forever. Really about 15 minutes. No one could hit the black button so we never saw the woman take a bath.

My friend Howard Livingston was performing on the street stage. We worked our way up front to watch him. What a talent! From Chicago industrialist to premier beachcomer entertainer!

I had it by that time. Gave the grandkids back to their parents and left.

I went over to the Chart Room. A disaster! It was closed! Sign on the door said closed for the evening.

I have never known the Chart Room to be closed! A first! Turned out whoever was to bartend had called in sick and no one could be found to help.

I felt like I had nothing to do. No friends. No place to be. What was I to do? Where was I to go?

I ended up at the Sports Page Bar having a sandwich and reading the newspapers.

Robert was bartending. A nice guy. About 50. We have become friends over the past several months. Robert now lives with Kurt in Key Haven. I live in Key Haven also.

I told Robert he looked thinner. He was. About 20 pounds. Said it happened since he moved in with Kurt. Robert rides his bike to work and back each day.


Key Haven is 2.5 miles outside of Key West. Then it is another 2.5 miles to the Sports Page Bar. That is 5 miles. Each way. Every day.

Maybe I should give up my car and start riding a bike!

On the way home I decided to stop into Publix. The cupboard was bare again. Really bare. I was down to one huge tomato and a loaf of whole wheat bread the past 3 days. My lunch each day was a tomato sandwich.

Love grocery shopping here in Key West! Never did it in my other life. Would not be seen dead in a super market!

Grocery shopping in the keys is a social thing. I see my friends. Make new friends.

I feel a need to pontificate a bit. I may offend some. Such is life. We all have our own opinions and should feel free to express them. We can still disagree and remain friends.

These wars we are in take too long and are too costly.

We should never have invaded Irag. Afghanistan is now our longest war. Ten years.

Lives and money are being wasted.

No one, including the United States, is ever going to tame Afghanistan. These are tribal peoples fighting from mountain caves. They bankrupted the Russians. Will do it to us also if we continue too long. We have already contiunued too long from my perspective.

We do not fight wars as we used to. My belief is that the people of a nation as well as their armies and leaders must suffer. If a people support a despot, then inflict death, injury and damage upon them also. This being careful not to injure the citizenry does not make sense to me. It is the people of a nation that put their leaders in office and/or support them. They should pay as well and also be placed in a frame of mind where they will seek the downfall of their despotic leaders.

That is how World War II was fought. Only after Truman gave a go to the atomic bomb and destroyed two cities and their populations, did the Japanese surrender. And my recollection of Germany at the end of the war reflected a totally destroyed nation and people.

Our enemies are not as thoughtful as us. Look what they did on 9/11. Three thousand dead!

I am all for getting Bin Laden. Do it covertly. What ever happened to a CIA type involvement that quietly goes into a country in the dead of night and kills an enemy?

Which brings me to a final point.

Yesterday’s USA Today had an article on Army suicides. Our Army. The U.S. Army.

Thirty two American soldiers committed suicide in the month of June. The highest number ever! And that made for a total of 65 for the year so far.

Our guys are killing themselves!

Probably because we keep sending them back to the fighting. Many are doing their 3rd and 4th tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How much can they be expected to take?

I was surprised to read also that this is an ongoing problem. So much so that the Army has an Army Suicide Prevention Task Force headed up by a Colonel.

All food for thought.

Enjoy your day!

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