Good morning!

The rainy season is upon us. It has rained off and on the past few days. Looks like it is going to rain today. After a while the rain sets into a pattern,. It rains for 5 minutes every day at 1 in the afternoon.

Last night was a blast! Different! We did a test run of the new Larry Smith variety show. When the loose ends are tied together, it will be featured on KONK 1500 AM and ustreamed also.

The show will emenate from the Bottle Cap. A perfect setting.

When I arrived about an hour before the show, the place was in turmoil. Wires hanging all over the place. People moving things around on the stage. Turmoil! Organized, however.

By 9 everything was in place and the show began.

All in all, I thought it was pretty good. Needs more work. But that was the purpose of last night’s run through. To show us the weak spots.

A big cast. Larry, Jenna, Gigi, Alex, Dr. Covan, Clayton, Adare, Kathleen, Christine, Mary and I can’t recall who else. Probably left someone out. Oh yes, me!

The singing was terrific. Over the Rainbow, Drive me Daddy, Go Lassie Go and Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace had to be the hit of the evening!

I did some weird laws of Florida and discussed the history behind Amazing Grace.

The show is off and running!

Carmello runs a great venue. Bottle Cap. I will be stoppoing there occasionally from now on.

Jill Jarvis came up to me after the show. A lovely young lady. Asked if I were Key West Lou. Yes, I am.

Turns out Jill is a KONK 1500 groupie from Minneapolis. Listens to the show over the internet. Reads my blog daily and listens to the Legal Hour also.

Jill is at the tail end of a two week vacation. Plans on returning. Works at group homes for the mentally disabled back in Minneapolis.

Also met Pamela Newton. Charming. Interesting. A psychiatric nurse here in Key West. Pamela has a sense of humor. She did an impromtu skit with our psychologist friend, Dr. Fred Covan.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning on radio! Listen in! At 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. Watch and listen worldwide at Bring up the site and type in KONK. and there I will be!

A great show this morning! Covers a multitude of world sins! One of the most interesting shows I will have done!

Rita from South Africa e mailed me this morning. Wished me good luck with today’s radio show. Thank you, Rita.

Mel Fisher Museum is celebrating the discovery of the Atochia 25 years ago. A big weekend!

Son in law Corey is Director of Archeology at Mel Fisher.

Tonight the streets around Sloppy Joe’s will be blocked off. There will be a street celebration. Howard Livingston will be peforming. My grandkids Robbert and Ally will be there. And daughter Lisa. And so will Poppa!

Come out and have fun with us!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Looking forward to the Legal Hour today! Have successfully cleared my calendar so I can close the office door and listen to it all! Sounds like a full, interesting schedule of topics!

    Who you got in the British Open? Enjoy!

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