Good morning!

I am waiting for Robert and Ally to arrive. For Day 3 at Club Poppa.

Day 2 yesterday was busy. Tiring from my perspective. I am shot! God made mothers young for a reason.

The three of us swam for 4 hours. And I mean swam!

Lunch was under the tiki hut. I prepared it. Something different.

Sliced bananas, peanut butter and whipped cream on whole wheat bread. Healthy and easy. They went crazy! Washed it down with some kind of kiddies lemonade.

Robert and Ally were tired at this point. They fell asleep for 2 hours on the couch. I covered them. And then fell asleep myself.

My home is in total disarray. I am a neat freak.

The screen door to the deck is off the runner and I can’t seem to fix it. I had them color with washable crayons outside on the tiki bar top. It is white. Well, was white. Now multi colored. The washable crayons won’t wash off.

I went out last night. After Lisa took them home, of course.

I went to Grunt’s. First time. It is a bar located in a little old house on Caroline. Between Duval and Whitehead. Surrounded by mahogany trees.

A Key West tradition. What a beautiful place!

Larry Smith had a meeting of our group that is trying to put together a radio/internet show. We talked much. Progress is being made. Grunt’s is one of the sites under consideration to house the event.

Urbancowgirl wrote a couple of comments to my blog yesterday. She is a new found friend/reader

She thought it great that I was going to talk about same sex marriage on the radio show friday. She is apparently unaware that I speak about the topic just about every other week.

Urbancowgirl is partnered and heading for Key West this weekend. Today is the start of Pridefest 2010. Opening parties all around town tonight. She will be visiting for the event. Hope we run into each other.

I googled her name. Came up with some interesting things about Urbancowgirl. One is most worthy of mention.

She set forth a quote attributed to John Ray. Made about 1670. Ray is considered the father of English natural history. Botany, zooloogy and natural history were his specialties.

“They who would be young when they are old, must be old when they are young.”

Fits me to a T! I was always old when I was young. People used to suggest I was old before my time. In my actions and thoughts. Now I am young! At 74! I think young. I act young.

John Ray was right!

Golf this morning. I am going! No question! My time away from the grandkids. Lisa has the situation covered. She has someone coming to watch them while I am gone.

They just came through the door. All excited. Want to know what we are having for breakfast. We have agreed on waffles, cream of wheat and a cut up apple. Thank God for instant and frozen foods!

One last tidbit.

Ally and I were talking yesterday afternoon. We were telling each other stories. She has quite an imagination.

She told me that when she was a baby she was in her mother’s stomach. She was always kicking her mother. She told the story laughing. She thought it was funny that she was kicking her Mommy.

I have a picture of my Mother hanging in the bedroom. I pointed to it and asked Ally if she knew who she was. Yes, your Mommy! So I told her when I was a little baby I was in my Mommy’s belly and kicked her. Ally looked at me strangely. Then blurted out…..No! You are too big!

Enjoy your day!

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