We completed day 1 of Club Poppa yesterday.

A success!

Robert and Ally thrilled! Poppa dead tired!

I figured out what I have accomplished. A Club Med for kids!

We started the day with a swim. At 8 in the morning!

Then we ate. We ate all day off and on. Lisa brought snacks and I had bought some. They are sharks when it comes to eating. Ever consuming.

Late morning I drove them up to Boondocks. Miniature golf time.

They loved it!

Robert has improved. I was impressed. Ally still fumbling around. That one year makes a difference. However…..Ally got a hole in one on the last hole!

Lunch was at Boondocks. Macaroni and cheese for both. Plus a large side order of french fries.

Robert ate all his macaroni and cheese. Ally only a little. She devoured the french fries.

They love eating out with me. I permit them to cheat a bit on their mother’s rules. Lisa does not like soda for them. Will occasionally permit a diet soda. However she cuts it with water.

I let each of them have a whole glass of diet Pepsi! They loved the thought of what they were doing as well as the soda.

Of course, they both slept on the drive back.

I had to keep them occupied. So it was back into the pool.

They both swim like fish. I had them racing the length of the pool. Ally seems to be the stronger swimmer.

Time to rest. I was dead! I had them follow me upstairs. Told them Poppa was tired. They laid on the bed with me and we watched tv.

Lisa finally arrived. Just in time. My butt was dragging. This baby sitting all day is hard work.

They are back here already this morning. Seven o’clock sharp. Came through the door yelling Club Poppa!

Lisa told me they went to sleep early last night. No wonder. They were on the go all day. She also said they ate little for dinner. I fed them too much during the day.

I have nothing special planned for today. We shall take it as it comes.

Tonight is a biggie however! They are sleeping over! Me and the grandkids! It will be an experience! They have never done it before.

Neither have I.

Frankly, I think they will probably back out before it is time.

Oh…..I slept well also last night. I was exhausted!

I did sneak in a little prep time for friday’s radio show. Came up with some interesting items to discuss. Like same sex marriage, Facebook and Pakistan, and Lithuania and anti semitism.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I wish I was there to discuss Same Sex Marriage with you. A topic close to my heart.

    Will you publish your thoughts?

    Still coming – so far! Casa Marina shared with us, that if there is any problems during our stay, due to the oil spill, they will reimburse us our FULL stay (hotel room rate, not food). I thought that was first class of them.


  2. I wanted to add how timely that one of your radio show topics will be, with Pride this week.

    Although, I must wonder out loud. Is same gender relationship issues (marriage) passe' in the Keys compared to other cities/states?

    ~i am well. if you are well.


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