9/11 will never be forgotten. Seared in our memories. A December 7th.

The Twin World Trade Towers brought to the ground. Two thousand six hundred six killed. The Pentagon attacked. One hundred twenty five lost lives. The Pennsylvania field where hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into the ground with all 64 on board lost.

Yesterday a sad one for Papua, New Guinea. A massive 7.6 earthquake struck.

I have several subscribers from Papua. They have been with me from almost day one some 15 years ago when I began the blog. I pray they are safe.

Forgetfulness accompanies old age. Yesterday, September 10. A significant day in my life and hundreds of those living in the Keys at the time. Hurricane Irma struck on September 10, 2017.

I had escaped to Jean and Joe Thornton’s home in Birmingham, Alabama with 6 other Key Westers. Were it not for the photos some of my fellow escapees published on Facebook this morning, the memory would have escaped me.

None of us who shared the generosity and warmth of Jean, Joe and each other should ever forget. Sorry folks!

One of the Key West’s top restaurants is Louie’s Backyard. Steve Thompson shares his recollection of Louie’s back in the 1970’s.

Louie’s Backyard was hard to beat. Oceanfront, private, and really neat. One of the best restaurants in the Keys.

Everyone was served crudites. They had a business card I thought was funny. It said: “An inexpensive place for people with money.”

Chris and Sonya lived right next door. Chris had a leather G-string he wore. His dog, Ten-Speed hung out at the bar. Everyone knew him and the cat, Radar. They shared their beach with everyone.

Those afternoons were so much fun. Nobody ever had to go too far. And everybody stumbled next door to the bar.

I was crazy to think that beach would always be there. Now it’s a giant timeshare.

As expected, Syracuse crushed Connecticut 48-14 last night.

What a game!

Quarterback Garrett Schrader went 20 for 23 for 287 yards and 3 touchdowns. Offense and defense lines outstanding, except for the defense when it gave up 2 consecutive touchdowns. I suspect the defense were beat up on the sidelines by the Syracuse defensive coaches. The team had forgotten to “play hard ball” for every minute of the game. They heard the message. It was the end of Connecticut’s scoring punch.

Purdue next week. The first tough test for Syracuse. Purdue undefeated also.

Buckingham Palace is in the news every day due to the Queen’s death and Charles’ coronation. It was also in the news this day in 1940 when the Palace was damaged by German bombs.

During the bombing of London during World War II, the King and royal family continued to live in Buckingham Palace. They did not leave for a safer place. They remained with their people.

Putin continues playing hardball.

His decision to end the flow of gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline has caused an enormous derivatives crisis to erupt in Europe. Going to take a lot of money to fix it.

Authorities all over Europe are starting to freak out. The situation could result in a tsunami of financial panic sweeping across the entire globe, not just Europe.

The anticipated fuel shortage will make for an extremally cold winter.

Switzerland saw the handwriting on the wall. It recognized the anticipated fuel heating shortage and has taken steps to deal with it.

Switzerland has adopted new heating laws. House temperatures cannot be set above 19 degrees Centigrade/66.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Swimming pools and saunas cannot be heated.

Penalties for failure to adhere to the new rules will result in fines from $30 to $3,050. Jail time possible in addition. Up to 3 years.

Enjoy your Sunday!





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