A forgotten fight. A U.S. war with Russia few knew happened. American soldiers sent to Russia to fight what was hoped to be a decisive war against communism.

Fantasy? Sounds like it. However, it did occur.

World War I was barely over. President Woodrow Wilson decided to send U.S. troops to intervene in the Russian civil war. The U.S. troops were part of an Allied Expeditionary Force. Thousands of Americans were sent to support the White Russians who were trying to overthrow Lenin’s new Bolshevik communist regime.

The Allied Expeditionary Force included Great Britain, France and Japan.

Not a cold war. A blood and guts for real war. Many ferocious battles fought against the Bolsheviks in northern Russia. Hundreds of Americans died. There was a second battlefront in Siberia where further American lives were lost.

The Allied effort was a half hearted one. Insufficient to prevent the communist takeover. U.S. and the other Allied forces withdrew in 1920.

The American participation was quickly forgotten in the U.S. Not in the Soviet Union, however. It cemented Soviet distrust for the U.S. Especially on Stalin’s part and is believed to continue even today in Putin’s mind. Many historians believe the U.S. participation played a significant role in helping fuel the Cold War.

Self help becoming a part of my swollen ankle/leg problem. I had a Guatemalan woman come in yesterday to massage my lower limbs and ankles. She spoke no English. I studied Spanish in college. A different dialect from hers apparently. However we were able to communicate with basics like turn over.

The woman not even 5 feet tall. What hands, however! I thought she was going to leave me with broken bones.

When she left, the swelling was significantly reduced. Still so this morning. One ankle looks good. The other though less so still visibly swollen.

I went to the internet. Diet wise, fruits and vegetables recommended. I have consumed a ton in the last 48 hours.

Sloan coming over later. I will be ordering compression socks.

Do not be critical of my self help approach which I am adding on top of what the doctor is prescribing. I have had the problem for 2 solid months with no relief. If anything, the problem getting worse.

Syracuse/Connecticut football at 4. I am excited. Syracuse a 22.5 point favorite. I cannot recall the last time Syracuse was in such a position.

Enjoy your day!

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